12-Month Therapeutic Coaching /w Ruben

Work with Ruben on this intensive, soul-warming journey that takes you through your deepest parts and helps you find peace in your heart.

With the use of depth-psychology, therapeutic questioning and a sharp awareness of what is moving in you, emotionally and energetically, Ruben will guide you safely down into your deepest parts. With the use of guided meditations and somatic exercises, you will come face to face with your fears, that may still haunt you to this day, and he will help you connect to your Inner Child, who may be desperately longing for your embrace.

Because of his deep understanding of the working of the unconscious, through the use of archetypes, mythology and psychology, Ruben can help you understand your interior and support you in moving from Confusion to Clarity. Based on your own experiences and insights, you will move closer to forming a cohesive narrative of your own life, so you can find a greater sense of meaning, purpose and peace. 

Over the course of 12 months, you will have 52 sessions with Ruben, each one hour in duration. Because of the person-approach in this highly therapeutic work there can be no given amount of sessions to demarcate the transition into the various phases. Hence, there can only be an indication of intentions that you can read in The Sequence below. These transitions will be determined as you go along your own journey. (Remember: there will always be space to revisit old wounds to find greater healing)

The Sequence

Through your inner work, you will:

  1. Explore your wounds, face your fears and connect to your Inner Child.
  2. Assess and process your unconscious (I.e. beliefs, habits, trauma)
  3. And, finally, experience greater meaning in life, by having a deeper sense of peace in your heart. 


  • 52 1-Hour Sessions on Zoom or WhatsApp Call
  • Quarterly Progress Assessment
  • Formulate your Personal Goals of Healing
  • Personal Approach – Protocol Free
  • Explore your Interior
  • Connect to your Inner Child
  • Find Forgiveness
  • Experience More Meaning

5 Principles

1. Find your Wounds 
2. Face your Fears
3. Work on Trauma
4. Find your Peace
5. Become more Whole


  • Connect with your Inner Child
  • Find Peace in your Heart
  • Integrate your Past
  • Give Meaning to your Life


  • From Fear to Love
  • From Denial to Acceptance
  • From Confusion to Clarity
  • From Despair to Hope

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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

Ruben Benjamin Gorseman-Mes
Ruben Benjamin Gorseman-MesRYIT Coach & Course Leader

The aim of working together with Ruben is to find peace and become more whole.

You will do this by assessing and healing your wounds, and processing your unconscious through answering therapeutic questions, doing somatic exercises and connecting to your Inner Child. 

Then you will work towards forgiveness for yourself, your Inner Child and the people that hurt you, so that you can integrate your lost life force. 

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