"I have been through and staffed some of the great men's work trainings available, and Reclaim your Inner Throne is the tip of the spear. If there is greatness in you, it gets exposed on this training."

– Thomas Kelley, men's coach at Open, Deep and True

Why this training?

Because it's become fucking hard being a man. All of the identities, roles, and career paths that used to be safe ways for us to create decent lives are collapsing.

The world is changing. Fast. And we men, quite honestly, are falling behind.

And when we dare be humble and say we're struggling, other men, in their own insecurity, often mock us, and women often tell us to stop whining and remember our privilege.

This is the world that many men live in.

Fortunately, we know of a different world. And we'd like to take 3 months of your life to show it to you.

Reclaim your Inner Throne shows you a world where all of you is needed. Where your authentic self is desired. Where men and women are allies. And where there is hope for you and humanity.

We want to show you this life. We want to show you this world.

And by the end of this training, we hope that you will want that too, and pay it forward. Because we're not just about changing one man's life.

We're about healing the world. And it starts with you.

... until we start ...

If you want in for the next round, which starts March 27, get in now.

We expect to fill ahead of time.

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RYIT is profound. A stepping stone for my process of walking my path, speaking my truth and living my purpose. Seldom, if ever, have I seen such depth and richness in material presented – and I’ve seen a lot. But also, seldom have I met both requirements and dedication so deep. This path is not for the faint-hearted.

Tomas Friis

This training forced me to face my demons, and guided me to a way more empowered and relaxed place in life. RYIT helped me towards wholeness. It made such a big difference in my life that I decided to join the team.

Karl-Otto Sandvik

As a direct consequence of the course, I’m no longer afraid of the dark places in myself. They’re simply no longer an issue for me.

Nicklas Kolman

I used to be so trapped in my head, ruminating over the past. Along this journey, and after much difficulty, I discovered a new freedom: The peace of presence. My life is very different now.

Tim Dienes

What can you expect?

Typical experiences for men who go through Reclaim your Inner Throne. (These are based on the experiences of prior participants. Results may vary.)

  • A path to integrating vulnerability and power
  • A confrontation with your bullshit in service of your gifts
  • Deepened intimacy with yourself and others
  • Knowing in your bones you are a man
  • Feeling way more, of everything
  • An inner "emotional revolution"
  • A deepened sense of purpose
  • A feeling of being more "whole"
  • Increased gratitude for life
  • Feeling at home in yourself and in the world

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The "hard facts"

  • The training lasts for 13 weeks.
  • It happens entirely online (we have proven that real journeys of initiation can and indeed do happen in this "virtual medium")
  • All of the contents are presented beautifully in an easy to use course portal.
  • Each week includes two live calls. One for teaching and one for coaching. They are both recorded.
  • Every week includes inspiring reading, teaching, exercises, group work, triad work, expert interviews, and deep bonding.
  • All participants are present on all calls, apart from your triad calls.
  • 4 extra calls (each) will be set up for the Americas and Asia timezones if necessary.
  • The training includes a forum, which gets very active (last round ended at 3700+ posts total)
  • The leaders are highly active on the forum, essentially giving you consistent access to high-level coaching and support for three months.
  • Wives and girlfriends of men on the training are held by a sisterhood support group (lead by the partners of previous alumni and female experts)
  • We have an expert on our team who works with empowering kids. And we will creatively offer support for any kids you may have too.
  • We experience a very high participant engagement throughout our trainings. Dropouts are rare.
  • The team consists of leader Eivind F. Skjellum, assistant course leaders Karl-Otto Sandvik and Richard Arsic, as well as other men that are invited on a per-course basis.
  • The training is highly dynamic and will respond to each group's and individual's unique needs.
  • We are the world's most committed team! (OK, ok. We admit we can't prove this, but it may well be true! :-))
  • Want to know about time and dates? See our course calendar (you may need to manually turn to the relevant months)

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey?

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The Fellowship departs March 27.

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What does it cost?

We're going to skip all the classical marketing BS where we build up your excitement and then announce the price with fanfare.

Straight to the point.

Reclaim your Inner Throne costs:


(3-, 6-, and 9-month payment plans available. 9-month by application only)

We're not going to speak at length about why that is cheap for what you get (even though with the level of support we offer, it is).

Because frankly, we're not here to convince you in that way.

But we are here to tell you that this is your first gateway.

We love helping men who are serious about transformation. Pay us $2479 and you prove it to us.

You give us money, we give you all of the expertise, love, power, wisdom, care, compassion, challenge that we have to offer.

If that's a fair trade in your book, then let's play.

Though take note that we don't promise anything. We don't trust marketing promises and we don't expect you to either. So many of you have been scammed by sleazy marketers in the past.

Promising an outcome to a journey into the unknown would be nonsense. You're likely to have incredible life-changing breakthroughs that will forever change how you be in the world, but we don't promise it.

What we do promise is that we'll fight for your soul every step of the way in ways few will ever be willing to. And if experience is anything to go by, you will give up on it way before we do.

We want you to be free. From the depths of our hearts – we want you to soar, brother.

If you're ready to take a chance on life, book a free enrollment call below. If we agree you are ready, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you this March.


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