Archetypal Constellation Work

A 1-hour breakthrough process

The Reclaim your Inner Throne constellation work modality was born in 2012 when RYIT-founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum and friend and colleague Paal Christian Buntz discovered it under mysterious circumstances.

After the two delivered a few workshops together, Paal left for the world of tantra and Eivind kept on developing it alone. Since then, he has delivered the work in both Europe and the USA, with stellar receptions everywhere.

As a constellation work modality, it is completely unique and represents a whole new wisdom stream into the world. The theoretical foundation of the modality is Neo-Jungian, and inspired by the work of Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette.

Participants typically say it’s some of – if not the – most powerful work they’ve ever done. And people with a background in family constellations have so far unanimously expressed that the hugely different RYIT model is significantly more powerful.

Eivind is now ready to start sharing this work more widely with the world, and is planning to travel the world with it in 2018, starting a certification program towards the end of the year.

The process offers unusually strong breakthroughs and our hope is that it can serve the empowerment for thousands of people in the coming years, for the world truly needs empowered people.

Expect workshops in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Netherlands, London, Oslo and the United States in 2018, giving you the opportunity to determine if you want to be part of the first wave of facilitators for this new and hi-octane constellation work modality.

More information coming soon.