• Reclaim your Inner Throne

    And so, in the dormant city of Adagar, 's big Journey began...

The Journey begins

Welcome to this powerful online initiation experience. I’m confident that this journey will give you keys to the transformation you’ve been wanting.

Lessons will be made available shortly after the Teaching Call that happens every Monday at 7:00pm CEST which is 1:00 pm EST).

It’s exciting to have you with us on this adventure to Reclaim your Inner Throne.

Stages of your Quest

You have arrived in Adagar, The City of Eternal Slumber, for your pre-training week.

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Remaining weeks will show here when they are ready!

Video Tutorial

Origins of this work

This rite of passage is a synthesis of the seminal work done by neo-Jungians Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, many schools of thinking, and the spontaneous revelations resulting from my own two decades of committed inner work.

This dharma arrived through grace in the autumn of 2014, as I created/channeled the training real-time as part of the beta launch. Never strategically planned, this training arose as a living entity.

With Reclaim your Inner Throne, I wanted to create something that goes beyond the archetypal men’s work that already existed out there. I wanted this because I had observed that men involved in men’s work often got more hung up on the ritual and the creation of “safe space” than the transformational process itself. It felt off to me.

And while I would claim to understand the importance of ritual space more than most people, I saw then that when ritual process became crystallized into permanent structures, much of the transformative power and life force leaves them.

So many men learn tools and techniques that work beautifully inside the container they love building, but that have little use outside them, where a facilitator and shared context for human interactions are rarely present. So Reclaim your Inner Throne is based on the vision of creating something way more than a training full of rigid structures and an obsession with “safe space”.

In short, this journey is not a hiding place from a dangerous world; it’s a training arena for life. When a man creates a separation in himself between “deep work” and the rest of life, I think he has lost his way. On this journey, you will discover that your life IS your deep work, and that it remains forever wonderful and messy.

To deal with the challenges of a life that is lived in full embrace and from a place of Sovereignty, a deeper kind of grounding, alchemy, trust and surrender are required. Our vision is to provide you with that in these coming months.


Eivind Figenschau Skjellum,
RYIT founder

The Team

Ruben B. Gorseman-Mes
Ruben B. Gorseman-MesCourse Leader
Carl Wild
Carl WildAssistant Course Leader
Eivind Figenschau Skjellum
Eivind Figenschau SkjellumRYIT Founder
Dan Silberberg
Dan SilberbergLeader in Training
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel FigueroaLeadership Apprentice

Meet the Experts

Sweigh Emily Spilkin
Sweigh Emily SpilkinHealer, mentor, soul guide and somatic psychotherapist
“Paths of Initiation”
Terry Patten
Terry PattenAuthor, workshop facilitator, activist, teacher of Integral Spirituality
“King archetype”
David DiFrancesco
David DiFrancescoProfessional Navy Seals Trainer
“Warrior archetype”
Sean Wilkinson
Sean WilkinsonCo-founder of Circling Europe, former elite tennis coach, mystic
“Magician archetype”
Jordan Collier
Jordan CollierLover of women, nomad of the heart, CEO of Ars Amorata
“Path of Beauty”
Lynn Kreaden
Lynn KreadenBody-centered psychotherapist specializing in sexual trauma, breath work and core energetics.
“Breath of Fire”
Bryan Reeves
Bryan ReevesRelationship Coach
“The Mystic Glade”
Alanja Forsberg
Alanja ForsbergFounder of Psychodharma and the Avalon community
Wild Card ;)
Eli Buren
Eli BurenEmbodiment Trainer
“Valley of the Black Knight”