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It’s time for our 4th and final Webinar in the “Facing Chaos: The Archetypal Path to getting your Shit together”-series.

This Webinar is on the Sovereign archetype, and we call it “A World where People thrive!”.

In this Webinar, all the previous webinars will be tied together, and you will start seeing the archetypal “master plan” of interconnectivity, checks and balances, polarities and paradoxes.

If you have been following our previous webinars, we promise a deeply illuminating time together, where all of the pieces will start fitting togethear, in the spirit of the archetypal Sovereign.

(more info coming)


Whether you’ve just discovered archetypes through the work of Jordan Peterson (whose work operates mainly in the Warrior and Magician quadrants) or you’ve been an ardent fan of Carl Jung for decades, we promise a fascinating tour of the Warrior archetype, and are convinced you will leave this hour with us feeling inspired and with inspiration and clarity on getting your shit together! 

Register here: http://bit.ly/2CP2yII



Reclaim your Inner Throne is an organization dedicated to “A World where People thrive”.

We work to birth that world by hosting powerful initiatory trainings that put you face to face with your shadow, to liberate you into authentic self-recognition and a courageous approach to life.

We mainly work with men, though trainings for women are on the way.


The RYIT team