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It’s time for our 3rd Webinar in the “Facing Chaos: The Archetypal Path to getting your Shit together”-series.

This Webinar is on the Warrior archetype, we call it “Getting Shit DONE!”, and it will feature a very different energy to the previous one. 

The Warrior archetype stands for service, responsibility, carrying your load, boundaries, enduring hardship in the service of a higher calling, and yes – getting shit done.

The Warrior holds the executing force in the Sovereign’s kingdom , and unless the Warrior is governed by a healthy and mature Sovereign, the man or woman possessed by it will regress and become a force for destruction in the world.

This is the paradox of the Warrior – you need this archetype now more than ever, for our civilization is at the brink of collapse and the sense of internal chaos we’re exposed to is increasing. 

Yet you may look at what’s occurring, go “oh, isn’t it terrible,” and then return back to exactly the same life you have lived all along, as if nothing in particular is at stake.

Why? Because the Warrior in you is in shadow.

The mature and heart-open Warrior must awaken in us all now, yet you may hold all of these qualities, as did we, at arm’s length. Too aware of the trail of blood and tears in the wake of the shadow warrior, you don’t want to become destructive yourself.

Yet when you start repressing your power in your effort to be sweet and loving, you are unfortunately in the grasp of the Warrior shadow by default, and you will start projecting your disowned power onto the world and see enemies everywhere. In other words, you cannot avoid the Warrior, just like you can’t avoid any of the other archetypes. 

Your choice, as it is for us all, is to become powerful, or remain a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in times of great struggle and hardship.


The Warrior is the antithesis to all feelings of entitlement and forever groveling in the misery of needing to be seen and loved in order to do anything at all in life.

In other words, the Warrior is not about mollycoddling you, but about getting you to step onto the arena!

Is it challenging? You bet your pretty ass it is.

But the price of not taking on the challenge is far too high.

Here are some headlines

  • What is the Warrior archetype?
  • The Warrior’s paradoxical dance with the Lover
  • Establishing a domain of Order in the face of Chaos
  • Becoming an initiated Earth Warrior
  • Claiming your power and getting your life sorted out
  • The archetypal picture starts crystallizing (seeing the Magician-Lover-Warrior triangle in context)

(subject to change)


Whether you’ve just discovered archetypes through the work of Jordan Peterson (whose work operates mainly in the Warrior and Magician quadrants) or you’ve been an ardent fan of Carl Jung for decades, we promise a fascinating tour of the Warrior archetype, and are convinced you will leave this hour with us feeling inspired and with inspiration and clarity on getting your shit together! 

Register here: http://bit.ly/2Cq76tr



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We mainly work with men, though trainings for women are on the way.