I created the Forge to give you consistent Access to your Sacred fire. For with that Fire, you will Forge a Sword. And with that Sword, you will conquer the World.

– Eivind F. Skjellum, RYIT Founder

A new Brotherhood is forming, and you are hereby invited to join us inside of The Forge and the Circle of Fire 🔥.

As you know, Reclaim your Inner Throne is a journey of death, rebirth and sovereignty. It’s mythical, shamanic and powerful, and as an alumnus, you know that from experience. 

The Forge continues the Journey.

Inside of this Brotherhood, you will take the flame you discovered in your Reclaim your Inner Throne initiation, and nurture it until it becomes a consistent fire.

Life is challenging these days, and it can overwhelm us and make us contract. But when we claim our fire within, we expand and become bigger than the problems which face us. 

The Forge is a Brotherhood where you will be provided all the strategic, tactical and transformational tools you need to keep expanding, ensuring that even times such as these can become ones of expansion.

And most excitingly, you will be invited back into the Realm of Forgotten Kings, now transformed through the power of your initiation. You will experience rituals in the Abyss, the Mystic Glade, the Valley of the Black Knight, the Temple of Unification, and the Royal Hall. Rituals designed to give you visceral experiences of breaking through your limitations.

This is our commitment to you in the Forge, and if that’s the game you want to play, you can play that with us – for weeks, months and years to come.

In fact, this is meant to be a home for you. A home where you can engage in serious play with other committed men, in a game of life without limits.

If you are ready for that, it’s time to forge ahead, Brother! 🔥

Your Life on Fire Plan

  • Register to the Forge

  • Move through the 3 onboarding Stages called Spark, Flame and Fire to qualify as a Fire Starter (Flame) and Fire Keeper (Fire).

  • Enter into the Crucibles of the Forge, where you will start engaging with friendly competitions, Challenges with accountability systems, the pursuit of strategically established goals etc.

  • Do the Work in the Crucibles of the Forge for as long as you wish, and see yourself rising.

Join The Forge

I made significant progress during my 3-month RYIT program that allowed me to begin to transform relationship with myself, the foundation for ANY fulfillment and service I want to give.

The Forge offers a powerful environment to continue this work, with a group of men who are similarly committed to transformation and service.

The power of this environment cannot be overstated as it allows me to create a powerful and meaningful Vision, and have the highest level of accountability from other men in living it.

If you are serious about stepping into your most powerful, and playful, self, I hope you will come join us.

– Paul O’Brien, Ireland

The Mythology

Story of the Black Blade

Starting in the spring of 2021, the men of Reclaim your Inner Throne will receive the shards of a sword from the Black Knight, commanding general of the Order of the Black Blade.

This sword is in need of being reforged, yet all of the forges of the realm have gone out. 

By the end of their initiation, the men will have lit the forges of the Realm of Forgotten Kings, prince Andulin will have ressurected as the returned King, and you will bring the shards of the Black Blade into real life, where the Forge awaits.

This is the backdrop for the work you will be doing in this community over the coming months and years (provided you choose to stay that long, which we all hope you will). You are here to light the Forge, and then reforge the Black Blade, which is a process that may take you years.

Indeed, this is a practice community for life, and you can find a home with this Brotherhood.

The Domains of Life we will work within

As you can see, all of our work within the four life dimensions will happen within a context of Play.

This is where the competitions, seasonal leagues and challenges come in. We will literally compete to be the most dedicated in pursuing our own transformation, and we will have fun doing so!

Your Journey through The Forge

  • Your Journey
  • Completed: Initiation

    RYIT Rewards

    • Increased Clarity in Life
    • Brotherhood
    • Dignity and Power
    • A Foundation for kicking ass
    • Your Mythology reclaimed
  • Onboarding Begins
  • Completed: Spark

    Stage #1 Rewards

    • Tactical Tool: Weekly Compass Reading
    • Access to Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    • Metrics for your Forge work
    • 2 New Conversations
    • The Safe opens
  • Stage #2: Flame

    Stage #2 Rewards

  • Stage #3: Fire

    Stage #3 Rewards

  • Onboarding Complete
  • The Forge is lit

    Completion Reward

  • The Crucibles:
    Reforging the Sword
  • Wielding the Sword

    Completion Reward

  • Claiming the Crown

    Completion Reward

  • Council of Kings

The Forge is being constructed based on the roadmap above as we speak, and Spark and Flame are already complete.

We’re getting enthusiastic and powerful feedback and see high engagement inside the Brotherhood 🔥.

As a member of this growing Brotherhood, you will engage with Strategic, Tactical and Transformational tools that will equip you to make tremendous shifts in your life in only a short amount of time, as Paul and Olivier are already experiencing (see testimonials).

All in all, you will find here a powerful container for growth, that will support you in what bodes to be another crazy year.

Who should join The Forge?

  • Men who know that they need to keep rising in 2021.

  • Men who need Brotherhood and accountability.

  • Man who are ready to take responsibility for their own growth.

  • Men who want to make personal growth a fun game.

  • Men who want to learn to rest & rejuvenate, without turning to numbing and addiction.

  • Men who want to surround themselves with men who want to change the world.

Who should stay away?

  • Men who prioritize being right over making progress.

  • Men who are looking for a quickfix.

  • Men who are ready to both give to and get from the Brotherhood.

  • Men suffering from a serious psychological condition.

  • Men who don’t want to be early adopters of a community and curriculum that is in the initial stages of creation.

  • In other words, if you’ve been through RYIT, you should be good.

Members of The Forge share their experience and invite you home.

The 3-month Initiation was a powerful wake-up call, and The Forge helps me do the continuous day to day work to keep moving ahead.

Since I joined, I have found alignment where I was previously confused, leading me towards doing things I’ve never been able to do before: Improving my home and relationships, planning my next 3 decades, giving my gifts to the world in new ways etc.

And this is after only a few weeks! So come join us inside The Forge, Brother! I look forward to meeting you.

– Olivier Alibert, France

What is included?

  • Weekly Group Calls on Tuesdays at 7pm CET. Alternates between Fire Circles (strategy & goals) and Ritual Circles (visceral transformation in a workshop environment)

  • A powerful curriculum of transformation and expansion. (Move through seven stages on your journey to Sovereignty)

  • A comprehensive toolkit for strategic, tactical and transformational work. Includes the “Charging Station”, the “Daily Compass Reading”, the “Weekly Compass Reading”, several facilitated archetypal conversations etc.

  • Strategic planning workshops and goal-setting systems. Experience the Vision your Victory workshop quarterly, and pursue powerful goal-setting systems with support and accountability.

  • Facebook Workplace group to share and grow. Many memberships are dead inside. But this one is alive and active. I think you’ll love this Brotherhood.

This service is still in development, though we have a tentative timeline for the service that looks like this:

Q3 2020

  • Weekly Coaching Calls with
    1. Eivind
    2. Dan
    3. Tess
    4. The Leadership
  • A lively group in Facebook Workplace
  • Membership tools
    • Improved goal-setting tools on inner-throne.com (some of this already implemented)
    • Elevated tracking of your progress (updated life score measurement system etc)
    • New protocols for planning your day and week
    • New systems for self-assessing your life
    • New systems for archetypal self-inquiry, accelerating your growth further
    • Productivity protocols
  • An elevated sense of 🔥 in the community brought about by the ongoing transformation of the RYIT leadership

Q4 2020

  • Live expert interviews (if desired)
  • Membership tools
    • Protocol for accessing your inner child at will
    • Protocol for accessing your red knight at will
    • MOVES-protocol progress tracking (not as an App yet)
    • improved accountability systems
    • Reading list
  • Introduction 

2021 & beyond

  • App for the MOVES-protocol, self-inquiry, goal-setting and completion etc
  • Clan Wars: Gamified personal development
  • Protocols for inner child, red knight and shadow work gamified
  • Book Club
  • Curated video library
  • Much more to come
Register Now

Note: The Forge is for Reclaim your Inner Throne alumnus only. This is subject to change, but for now, we will refund you if you register and are not an alumnus.

The RYIT journey was invaluable in helping me to reframe my perspective on life, including: my self-acceptance and relationships; my authority to act and pursue my passions; and my desire to serve The Forges is supporting the integration of those lessons by reframing my day-to-day behaviours.

Its power lies in its great brotherhood of like-minded men, sharing experience, laughter and learning, reinforced by a potent array of tools for visioning, planning and capturing key insights.

If you want powerful integration within a whole-hearted community, come and join us.

– Paul Feechan, United Kingdom

What is the Investment?

Join our Brotherhood

  • Access to biweekly Fire Circles (Strategy)
  • Access to biweekly Ritual Circles (Transformation)
  • Seriously Powerful Curriculum
  • Quests to carry out in Nature
  • Systems of daily practice and goal-setting
  • Accountability & Buddy Systems
  • Weekly Meditations, Inquiries & Reflections
  • An accelerator for human development

Tier #1

$49/ month
  • Watch livestreamed Weekly Coaching Calls*
  • Foundational Forge experience (Spark, Flame, Fire)
  • Powerful systems for transformation
  • Inspired community of men
  • Systems of daily practice and goal-setting
  • An accelerator for human development
  • Important: Read info about later tiers, coaching calls etc below

Tier #2

  • Participate in Weekly Coaching Calls*
  • High Level Forge experience (The Crucibles)
  • Powerful systems of transformation + Challenges
  • Inspired community of men
  • Systems of daily practice and goal-setting
  • An accelerator for human development
  • Important: Read info about later tiers, coaching calls etc below

* The Tiers are currently being developed, and Tier #1 will be completed Q1/early Q2. Tier #2 ($79) will be developed once Tier #1 is complete. Before Tier #2 is initiated, all participants will have access to all tools and services inside of The Forge. YOU will choose whether to upgrade to Tier #2 or not – it will not be automatic.

Register Now

Important #1: No Charge made until Trial Period is over

Important #2: Only Reclaim your Inner Throne Alumni need register.

Welcome to The Forge!

This is an exciting new opportunity to join a powerful Brotherhood of men who have shared your experience of Reclaim your Inner Throne.

A powerful experience of expansion awaits you inside, and whether you choose to stay only for your 14 days of trial or for life, we are excited to welcome you among us.