“I’m going to kill you!”

She wasn’t happy.

I had left dental floss at the side of the bathroom sink before guests came.

My transgression was trivial, but she was a hot-blooded slavic goddess with a vicious temper. It was in her nature to breathe flames.

And while I hated these quarrels, there was in fact something inside of me which wanted to die: My lies. My half-truths. All the ways I was playing small.

That’s why I had chosen her. Sexy, petite, and full of rage for all of my weak spots.

It was doomed of course, a stepping stone to my present blessings, but served as a potent reminder for how much I wanted the fires of transformation.

I hated my lies.

And so do you, don’t you Brother?

You hate your bullshit and want to burn it to the ground so that you can be free, and get to know the man that you deserve to be.

You want to identify your worst sedating habits, so that you can kick them in the ass.

I think you do. Otherwise, you may be in the wrong corner of the internet.

With us, you will find Truth.

And in the fires of Truth, you will find Power, as well as the depths of your Vulnerability.

There is a death in that. That’s why we call it an initiation.

Just like Gandalf fell, so will you. And re-emerge a different man.

This cannot wait any longer, and our times call for your courage, dear Brother.

Can you hear the calling to rise?

It’s time to rise, Brother!

Welcome to Reclaim your Inner Throne.

We’re a powerful men’s initiation and a growing community of Warrior Poets and Magician Kings.

Our training takes place over 3 months, it happens online, and it peels off all of the crud that holds you back in life, so that you can reclaim your Inner Throne.

It’s intense. It’s vulnerable.

It often changes the lives of men in ridiculously powerful ways.

And we bloody love it. (want to join the next round?)

And who are you?

We’d like to think you’re a man who feels something more is possible. Your dayjob is OK, but it doesn’t turn you on. Maybe you hate your boss or find the job meaningless. Whatever the case, you’re increasingly desperate to give your gifts in deeper and more significant ways, because deep down you know the world needs them.

You are also looking for ways to improve your social life, find brotherhood and experience more joy, passion and connection in your relations with your intimate partner.

If you’re a dad, you’re concerned, as you want your kids to have a living planet to live on. Sometimes you feel down, worried. Nothing is really messed up, but you want more. And you are tired of lies and bullshit. So goddamned fucking tired of bullshit. Your own and that of others.

Does this sound familiar? Then Reclaim your Inner Throne is for you.

So let go of your excuses now and your endless attempts of weaseling your way through life unscathed.

You know more is possible. In the arena of your life, great stories shall be told.

And your journey to your Inner Throne can begin right here, right now.


Eivind Figenschau Skjellum
Founder & CEO

Fellowship departs September 13 2021

Only seats remaining

I leave the training feeling extremely happy and with more energy and enthusiasm than I have ever known. My life is more peaceful, my relationships with women are thriving and my business is booming. What’s happening feels magical.

Robert Powell, Managing Director, UK

As a martial arts instructor, I found new layers of authenticity in my teaching, and it lead to me tripling my income. I also saw dramatic improvements in my family life and the way I connect with people in general. Highly recommended!

Darryl Collett, Martial Arts Instructor

In the middle of the training, I could feel how an immature part of me was starting to die and a new part was getting born, a man who was a leader and was dedicated to serving the world. This is hands down the most powerful self-development training I’ve ever done.

Stephen Whiting, Nutritionist
I have been through and staffed some of the great men’s work trainings available, and Reclaim your Inner Throne is the tip of the spear. If there is greatness in you, it gets exposed on this training.
RYIT was a true rebirth experience for me. For the first time, I am able to embrace and allow my full spectrum of emotions and experiences and be fully in life. Thanks to that, I am now giving myself to the world in new ways, and it has transformed my family and my business.
Joseph Frankl, CEO JFrankl Associates

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You *can* LIVE with Power & Love

For the past many years, we’ve been speaking about the urgency for good men like you to uplevel your life to better serve the world. For Course Leader Seppi Garrett, that looks like ensuring his grandchildren have a planet to live on. For you, it may look slightly differently.

Though we can all sense the urgency.

As a world-leading men’s initiation, we have the missing key to getting your life on track. What we have found repeatedly is that to step into your greater Purpose, you must find a way to wield Power with Love. Most men don’t know how to do this.

We have seen it in hundreds by now: We close down our Love when we step into Power and we disconnect from our Power when we open to Love. You probably do as well.

What you need to know is this: We know what to do. We will show you that a life of Power, Love & Purpose is possible.

And quite frankly, we don’t believe you can wait any longer. You must stop letting fear guide your hand now, because our future hangs in the balance. You can make money, experience profound love and deep meaning WHILE being an inspired Agent of Change.

And if you’re finally ready to become a part of the solution, it may be time to uplevel.

Uplevel your Life

Free gift: 30 minutes to explore with us

Reclaim your Inner Throne is not for everyone. The approach may not gel with you or you may not have the commitment required to go on the journey. We experience that a lot of men contact us with excitement, but fail to follow through.

So let’s just be clear here: If you choose to accept our offer, we expect you to follow through. No-shows are unacceptable. We seek men of commitment. And if you’re one of them, this journey is likely to change your life in ways that you cannot imagine. It’s what normally happens, so it’s likely it will happen for you too. If you put in the work, there’s no question it will. But how noone knows. Yet. So let’s start finding out together!

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What to expect

What can you expect to experience as a result of joining our 3-month initiation?

  • A massive increase in your sense of empowerment
  • A completely new relationship to men
  • Deepened clarity on your life purpose
  • Better sex and deep attunement to the Feminine
  • Radical increase of beauty in your relationships
  • A new relationship to your body
  • Feeling whole and at home in the world
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Improved finances in your business

  • A framework for kicking ass in life

Uplevel your Life

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