Passion & Purpose Coaching /w Ruben

Work with Ruben for 3 months to find your Passion and Purpose.

Join Ruben on this intimate, soulful and revelatory journey, and, over a period of 3 months, you will find out which of your wounds will lead you towards your greatest gifts.

By using penetrating questions and his sharply attuned senses, he will guide you ever deeper into yourself. Ruben will help you will come face to face with your past and you may just see how it continues to shape your life to this day. Once you get clarity on your past, you will be able to actually live the life that is waiting for you.

The Sequence

Through your inner work, you will:

  1. Find and heal your biggest wound (or make a start in that process)
  2. Assess your mission statement (I.e. “I want to help people feel safe in this world.”), which will be based on your biggest wound.
  3. And, finally, you will determine how you are going to fulfil your mission. (I.e. “I want to help people feel safe in this world through yoga and meditation“)


  • 12 1-Hour Sessions on WhatsApp Calls
  • Formulate your Personal Goals
  • Personal Approach – Protocol Free
  • Explore your Interior
  • Connect to your Inner Child
  • Find Purpose in your Past
  • Pursue a Life of Meaning

5 Principles

1. Find your Wounds 
2. Face your Fears
3. Heal your Trauma
4. Take up Ownership
5. Become a Leader


  • Taking the Next Steps
  • Direction
  • Passion
  • Purpose


  • From Resistance to Flow
  • From Self-Sabotage to Self-Love
  • From Confusion to Clarity
  • From Lethargy to Living

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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

Ruben Benjamin Gorseman-Mes
Ruben Benjamin Gorseman-MesCoach & Course Leader

The aim of working together with Ruben is to formulate and crystalize your purpose.

You will do this by assessing and healing your wounds, and by evaluating which ones are most impactful in your life.

Then you will determine in which ways you want to bring your gift into this world and what that would practically look like for you.

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