• The Breakthrough Process

    The Constellation Work Modality that will rock your World

“With the Reclaim your Inner Throne breakthrough process, I frequently see transformations equivalent to years of therapy take place in just one hour. What I’ve seen has blown me away, and it’s time for me to tell the world about it. Welcome to a new kind of constellation work!”

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Reclaim your Inner Throne founder

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Introduction to this Work

The Reclaim your Inner Throne constellation work modality is a cutting edge psycho-technology based on insights from the Jungian tradition.

Inspired by the work of Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette on the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover archetypes, this new modality translates the concepts into an entertaining, challenging and life-changing process.

Moore & Gillette theorized that each of the four archetypes constellates as a pyramid structure, with the two points of the foundation line serving as a symbol of a bipolar shadow complex and the apex point serving as a symbol of synthesis of the active and passive shadows.


Their observation was that a fragmented psyche offers inadequate containment for archetypal energy, and that it will take on predictable patterns of dysfunction around the four archetypal themes of nurture & leadership (King/Queen), knowledge & transformation (Magician), assertiveness & autonomy (Warrior), intimacy & communion (Lover).

They saw how the human psyche organizes around a psychological Center, symbolized in mythology by the Sovereign on her throne. From this poetic imagery comes the idea of an Inner Throne, which must be reclaimed from the shadow forces which govern it. When polarities are harmonized, the Tyrant usurper is cast aside and the King returns.

The RYIT constellation work is an outer manifestation of these theories, that enable this whole process to play out – from fragmentation and shadow to harmony and integration – in a mere 1-hour timeframe.


What makes this Work unique?

Whereas existing constellation work modalities reveal hidden relational dynamics in families and groups, the RYIT Breakthrough Process is designed to heal the fundamental split in the psyche.

In the Breakthrough Process, one member of the group serves as the Tyrant Usurper for the person working, while the remaining group participants serve as the “royal court”; people who double as both a mythological representation of the citizens who want the return of the good King/Queen and as the voices of the person’s inner psychological fragments.

Inside a beautiful ritual circle governed by a facilitator in his Magician aspect, the process works to build and integrate the Warrior-Lover arc, which is an archetypal tension arc which correlates to the most fundamental polarities that we know: Autonomy/Merging, Penetrate/Receive, Masculine/Feminine, Active/Passive, Yang/Yin, Order/Chaos, Ascend/Descend, Reason/Feeling etc.

Learning to live with these polarity pairs is the challenge of a lifetime, and it’s our incapacity to do so that creates the inner fragmentation that in turns leads to anxiety, loneliness, depression, or in extreme cases severe psychopathology.

In this process, the Magician, Warrior and Lover archetypes join forces to constellate the good King/Queen and take back the throne from the Shadow Sovereign. It’s a mythological play of alchemy, power and vulnerability that happens both externally in the room and internally in the man or woman working.

As the polarity is bridged internally in the “initiate” and externally in the room, (s)he goes through radical transformations in both cognitive awareness, emotional permeability and embodied power.

The sum total is a one hour tour de force of human transformation that may rock your world to its core and leave you forever changed.

The Master Key

This illustration shows the whole map of human transformation. The RYIT Breakthrough Process is an embodied version of this map.

(I will record a video describing this soon)

The Background for this Work

The Reclaim your Inner Throne constellation work modality was born in 2012 when RYIT-founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum and friend and colleague Paal Christian Buntz discovered it under mysterious circumstances.

After the two delivered a few workshops together, Paal left for the world of tantra and Eivind kept on developing it alone. Since then, he has delivered the work in both Europe and the USA, with stellar receptions everywhere. 

As a constellation work modality, it is completely unique and represents a whole new wisdom stream into the world. Participants typically say it’s some of – if not the – most powerful work they’ve ever done. And people with a background in family constellations have so far unanimously expressed that the hugely different RYIT model is significantly more powerful.

Eivind is now ready to start sharing this work more widely with the world, and is planning to travel the world with it in 2018, starting a certification program within a year or two.


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Aron’s testimonial

Sweden, April 2018

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Sweden, October 2017

Erin’s testimonial

Boulder, Colorado, 2014

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Boulder, Colorado, 2014

Pontus’s testimonial

Sweden, April 2018

Archetypal Energy meets Voice Dialogue meets Family Constellation, [the Breakthrough Process] is alive and has a dynamic flow that I have not experienced with other modalities.

This work is extremely powerful to see, move, and release ourselves from contractions, old beliefs and agreements.

Ashleigh Sinclaire, Coach, Boulder, Colorado

After doing this work, I feel a clear direction on what I have to do… A lot of the confusion in my head has disappeared and I am filled with an inner spirit that let me know that I am on the right way!

I’m impressed that the one-hour long RYIT process could give me this breakthrough, when years of therapy could not.

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Andreas Röyem