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    Reclaim your Inner Throne

    The Men's Initiation that liberates your Potential & Uplevels your Life!

Why this Training?

Because it’s time for us men to find our way in a rapidly changing world. As a man, this is a confusing time. All of the identities, roles, and career paths that used to be safe ways for us to create decent lives are collapsing.

The world is changing. Fast.

Can you keep up? The truth is this: Most men can’t.

And if you are one of them, you may feel that the ground you stand on is dissolving. This is challenging territory for any man.

And when you dare be real and say you’re struggling, you risk being mocked by men for being “a pussy”. And women may tell you to stop whining and remember your privilege. This is the world that many men live in.

Fortunately, we know of a different world. And we’d like to take 3 months of your life to show it to you.

Reclaim your Inner Throne shows you a world where all of you is needed. Where your authentic self is desired. Where men dare be powerful & open-hearted. Where men and women are allies. And where there is hope for you and humanity.

We want to show you this life. We want to show you this world.

And by the end of this training, we hope that you will want that too, and pay it forward. Because we’re not just about changing one man’s life. We’re about creating A World where People thrive.

And it starts with helping you Make your Life of Meaning, waking up each morning, knowing who you are and where you’re going.

Are you ready for that? Then we have you covered.

Your initiation begins here.

Early Bird rates still available
Fellowship departs Feb 22 2021

Core Team

Ruben Gorseman
Ruben GorsemanLeader in Training
Eivind Figenschau Skjellum
Eivind Figenschau SkjellumFounder and Course Leader
Tess van der Putten
Tess van der PuttenLeader of the Women's Team
Meet the whole Team

What can you expect?

Typical experiences for men who go through Reclaim your Inner Throne. (These are based on the experiences of prior participants. Results may vary.)

  • An increase in your power

  • Deepened intimacy with yourself and others
  • Finally knowing “I am a man, not a boy”

  • Reclaiming of your heart and emotions

  • Greater clarity and revenue in your business

  • An end to any lies and manipulations you have become used to.

  • More joy and beauty in your life

  • Much deeper inner peace

  • Deepened sense of Purpose
  • A huge reduction in feelings of shame

  • Better sex and better relationships

  • Powerful habits of growth and transformation that will carry you through the rest of your life

  • Membership to a powerful Brotherhood where men support each other with powerful tools year after year to kick ass in life

  • Turn Confusion into Clarity

Support Team

Carl Wild
Carl WildLeader in Training
Dan Silberberg
Dan SilberbergLeader in Training
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel FigueroaLeadership Apprentice

The “hard facts”

  • The training lasts for 13 weeks.

  • It happens entirely online (we have proven that real journeys of initiation can and indeed do happen in this “virtual medium”)

  • All of the contents are presented beautifully in an easy to use course portal.

  • Each week includes two live calls. One for teaching and one for coaching. They are both recorded.

  • The teaching call starts with an hour-long webinar shared by the initiation and VIP Tracks. The two tracks then split apart into different Zoom groups, in which they also stay in the coaching calls.

  • Every week includes inspiring reading, teaching, exercises, group work, triad work, expert interviews, and deep bonding.

  • All team members and participants are present on all calls, apart from your triad calls.

  • The training features an online community with support for live videos etc (and no, it’s not a normal Facebook group).

  • The leaders are active on the community, essentially giving you consistent access to high-level coaching and support for three months.

  • We experience a very high participant engagement throughout our trainings. Dropouts happen, but are rare.

  • The team consists of leader Eivind F. Skjellum, course leader Seppi Garrett and assistant leader Ruben Gorseman.

  • The training is highly dynamic and will respond to your needs.

  • We may be the world’s most committed team! (OK, ok. We admit we can’t prove this, but it may well be true! :-))

  • Want to know about time and dates? See our course calendar (Phase #2 has not been fully planned yet. It will start in September.)

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey into Clarity, Courage & Connection?

Then apply now by clicking the button below. 

Tess van der Putten is the manager of our incredible women’s team, who come in to serve the men at crucial parts of the journey.

Inspiring Experts #1

Sweigh Emily Spilkin
Sweigh Emily SpilkinSomatic psychotherapist
Sweigh uses her personal experience to guide us into the territory of initiation. This is the “uh-oh” moment!
Jordan Luke Collier
Jordan Luke CollierHead coach of Ars Amorata
Jordan, the expert for the Lover archetype, will teach you to enjoy the finer things in life.
Sean Wilkinson
Sean WilkinsonCo-founder of Circling Europe
Sean is the expert for the Magician archetype, and will help you see Gandalf in a whole new light.

The famous podcast with Charles Eisenstein

In 2016, visionary author Charles Eisenstein interviewed Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum for his Masculinity: A New Story training.

It was never planned for Eivind to be part of that training, but Charles was so inspired by Eivind’s work that he invited him to be part of it.

The rest is history.

The interview became exceptionally popular and has inspired men ever since. Now it’s your turn to be inspired, and listen in to this conversation on the map of the Realm of forgotten Kings.

Preview of the Training

This is a recording of an introduction to the training that founder Eivind F Skjellum and course leader Karl-Otto Sandvik offered on March 25 2018,

Watch a Celebration Call

Watch the Celebration call for the men of round #12 to see the massive results that you might experience on this training.

Discover Community

Meet Brothers such as this wonderful bunch :)

Watch & read more Testimonials

I leave the training feeling extremely happy and with more energy and enthusiasm than I have ever known. My life is more peaceful, my relationships with women are thriving and my business is booming. What’s happening feels magical.

Robert Powell, Managing Director, UK

As a martial arts instructor, I found new layers of authenticity in my teaching, and it lead to me tripling my income. I also saw dramatic improvements in my family life and the way I connect with people in general. Highly recommended!

Darryl Collett, Martial Arts Instructor

In the middle of the training, I could feel how an immature part of me was starting to die and a new part was getting born, a man who was a leader and was dedicated to serving the world. This is hands down the most powerful self-development training I’ve ever done.

Stephen Whiting, Nutritionist

I have been through and staffed some of the great men’s work trainings available, and Reclaim your Inner Throne is the tip of the spear. If there is greatness in you, it gets exposed on this training.

Tom Kelley, Open, Deep and True
RYIT was a true rebirth experience for me. For the first time, I am able to embrace and allow my full spectrum of emotions and experiences and be fully in life. Thanks to that, I am now giving myself to the world in new ways, and it has transformed my family and my business.
Joseph Frankl, CEO JFrankl Associates

Uplevel your Life Plan

  • Apply for Reclaim your Inner Throne

  • Discover with us how we can best support you and if we’re a good fit.

  • Register for the Training with link we send you

  • We guide you on a 13-week Quest which will Uplevel your Life

  • You face your life with new clarity, courage and energy

Inspiring Experts #2

Lynn Kreaden
Lynn KreadenSomatic psychotherapist & energy healer
Lynn helps us energetically connect our balls, cocks and hearts. We love that shit.
David DiFrancesco
David DiFrancescoNavy Seals trainer
David is the expert for the Warrior archetype, and challenges us to endure hardship in service of our purpose.
Terry Patten
Terry PattenAuthor, teacher and luminary of the Integral Movement
Terry is the expert that introduces us to the King archetype. He also doubles as an RYIT elder.

Frequently Asked Questions

We feel we have adequately addressed this elsewhere on the page. Please check out the “What does it cost” lists of features just below, and Eivind’s short video on the difference between the tracks further down still.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpdesk.

It’s hard to tell.

In our experience, a lot of men are more capable of facing challenges than they think they are.

Part of the magic of going on a deeply challenging journey like this one is that you get to know that you’re strong enough to do so. That in and of itself is likely to create a feeling of empowerment for you.

But you may not be that committed. You may prefer comfort over truth, TV shows and potato crisps over integrity, beer and porn over cultivating presence. You may be a creature of habit. You may prefer blaming others over claiming responsibility yourself.

If you do, then this training will likely be too challenging for you. This training will peel off your protective layers and expose all of your broken life strategies. Trust us, it will.

And so if you are not yet ready to see the truth of who you are, then we recommend you postpone your journey with us until you are. Until the pain of the current is greater than the fear of change.

It’s ok – take your time. We’ll be here.

No, it doesn’t.

On our training, all coaching and connecting happens in groups.

But over the course of the journey, you will receive much attention on these calls. You will likely experience this as more vulnerable than one-on-one coaching, but also way more transformative.

NB! You will have access to coaching at discounted rates over the course of the journey.

Yes, they are.

Most – but not all of our alumni are heterosexual white men, but this is not by design.

You see, we pride ourselves in having a training that is alive and adaptive.

What that means is that every round of our training arises uniquely in response to the men who have come to participate.

In other words, whether you are black and gay or white and heterosexual, we will look beyond the surface to get to know who you truly are (which will always include, but not be limited to, your ethnicity and sexual orientation).

We are committed to ensuring that every man is honored for who he is. Black and gay men are no exception.

Tony Fonderson, a man of Cameroonian descent, says “I experienced no racial issues whatsoever. Black men need not be afraid of joining Reclaim your Inner Throne.”

The gay men who have been on our training will also confirm that no discrimination is present. Reach out to be connected to one if you desire.

Probably not.

There’s always a risk when a man goes on a deep journey of change that the outer circumstances of his life will change.

Whatever shifts you choose to make after Reclaim your Inner Throne will however be from a much deeper place inside of you, and you needn’t be afraid that your life is going to fall apart (unless you want it to).

We do not believe that deep change is as simple as changing jobs or relationships. Such changes may happen, but generally only if the life you currently live is dramatically out of alignment with who you are.

It may comfort you to know that past participants have healed their relationships and found more joy at work

Frankly we cannot answer that question, only you can.

Though the fact that you are looking for the answer could be the first step of your journey.

Most of the men we talk to are unwilling to pay the price it takes to create the change they need. The price that stops them is not a price of money, but the price of losing touch with who they are.

They are afraid.

If you have tried different trainings, men’s groups, therapy and you continue to behave in a dishonest way that violates your core values and dignity, you have to dig deeper. You have to let go of your attachments to your fear and limitations and take a leap of faith.

Here are some questions for you:

  • Do you have the guts to surrender into the unknown and let go of your fake identity bullshit?
  • Have you suffered enough now?
  • Do you want to become a mature man who is dedicated to a life of service?

If you can answer yes to at least two of these questions, we believe this training is for you.



Every teaching call is on Mondays at 7pm CET (CEST in summer), 1pm EST.

Coaching calls alternate between the same time of day on Thursdays and Sundays.

Set aside two hours for each call.

Check the course calendar for more information.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do for you here, but let’s explore this a little further.

Reclaim your Inner Throne was founded in Norway, and all calls are placed at 7pm in Norway’s time zone (Central European Time).

This does create challenges for some of our participants, as men from the USA will have to get on some of the calls in the middle of their work days, and men from Asia need to get up ridiculously early.

We get that this is not ideal, and yet many men have already chosen that it’s worth it.

We had one man from Seattle call in from his car in the company parking lot on his extended lunch break. Other men from Australia have come on the calls with their sleep barely rubbed out of their eyes. We find that these men get excellent results from the training, as their commitment to the work needs to be powerful, which translates to powerful results.

We also tend to find that when men realize how powerful this journey is, they clear their calendars and prioritize the journey.

And yet, you may feel that this is a very real obstacle for you. Especially if you are in the VIP group, we will expect you to be participating in most, if not all of the calls.

So if this is a big obstacle, we’re sorry. Maybe things will change in the future.

That said, all calls are recorded, which mitigates this problem somewhat.

Yes, it is.

Though many men that we speak with don’t believe us.

Are you one of those men?

Reclaim your Inner Throne is at the cutting edge of using Internet technology to create deep transformation.

With Zoom, the video conferencing technology that we use, we get to look each other in the eye.

But we don’t have physical contact. And so you won’t be able to wrestle or hug your Brothers. If that is absolutely essential to you, then this may not be the right training for you.

Yet, there is a magic possible online that you are likely not aware of, and that is the magic of realtime integration of the work.

What do we mean?

Well, there’s something about Reclaim your Inner Throne that makes the experience permeate all areas of your life with the feeling of ritual space. We’re proud of that.

When you do a weekend workshop, or even a longer on site training, you go away to some retreat location, have a wonderful experience, and then return home to try and integrate what you experienced. You will likely experience the infamous rubber band effect; the experience of your habits and inner world snapping right back to where they were prior to your training.

With Reclaim your Inner Throne, that is no longer as big of an issue, as the training contains the process of ongoing integration. Since you won’t experience the strong separation between a retreat location and your home when you do RYIT, some magic that you probably haven’t experienced before starts taking place.

On many levels, we believe that this makes Reclaim your Inner Throne more powerful than residential trainings.

If you don’t believe it, check out our testimonials or a celebration call. They speak for themselves.

If you have a different question, contact our helpdesk!

What does it cost?

Early Bird rates for February 22 2021 are still available! Expires January 12 :)

Standard Group

  • (standard rate is $1749)
  • Cutting-edge course Platform
  • Always-open social platform
  • Strong team engagement on social platform
  • 13 x 2 hour Teaching sessions with RYIT team
  • 13 x 2 hour Coaching sessions with RYIT team
  • Bigger group
  • Integration Program available as upgrade
  • 1-on-1 coaching available as upgrade
  • Life-altering breakthroughs
  • 3- & 6-month payment plans available
  • Powerful Curriculum & Practices

VIP Group

  • (standard rate is $4479)
  • Cutting-edge course Platform
  • Always-open social platform
  • Strong team engagement on social platform
  • 13 x 2 hour Teaching sessions with Eivind & VIP team
  • 13 x 2 hour Coaching sessions with Eivind & VIP team
  • Intimate group with high level VIP participants
  • 3-month Integration program
  • Two one-on-one coaching calls
  • Life-altering breakthroughs
  • 3- & 6-month payment plans available
  • Powerful Curriculum & Practices

In short: The VIP track is for you if you want access to a hand-picked group of high-impact Evolutionary Entrepreneurs and founder Eivind F. Skjellum as your coach.

Which Track should you Choose?

Inspiring Experts #3

Alanja Forsberg
Alanja ForsbergTrauma expert and founder of the Avalon training
Alanja brings in her abundant energy, in service of your empowerment. Always fun.
Bryan Reeves
Bryan ReevesRelationship Coach
This popular blogger and podcast host speaks with us about intimacy and relationships.

Ready to get going?

The Fellowship is departing on February 22, 2021 and you are invited for a deeply transformational journey. If you’re ready for real change and are tired of surface polish, then stop investing in your fear and take a leap of faith.

We’re expecting you.

Want to explore more first?