• Welcome to Adagar

    City of Eternal Slumber

    Preparation for your great Journey to begin

As this journey is about to begin, you find yourself – in this mythological universe – in Adagar, the City of Eternal Slumber, where a perpetual gloom cloud the faces of the forlorn figures that hobble down its cobbled streets.

We begin your tale in the Central Square, where a couple of merchants have their carts and stands set up. You catch the eyes of a man as he reaches for something you cannot make out. They’re sunken. Empty. 

You may remember a time when such eyes stared back at you from the bathroom mirror.

You may remember asking yourself “what happened to me?”

And you may wonder here as well: What happened to this place?

Why does everyone look so miserable?

Why do they seem so listless?

Whatever the case, the people here are clearly but half awake. They drift along the marketplaces, meander without purpose through the narrow alleyways that criss-cross the medieval looking town.

You observe them come to life only occasionally, seemingly animated with the promise of relief from some useless trinket that caught their eye, yet will clearly not deliver on its promise.

Is there any solace found for this city’s denizens?

As you find yourself at the beginning of your journey through these mythical realms, the city of Adagar may remind you of our modern world, where most people are sedated by useless trinkets and hypnotic spells in order to keep their misery at bay.

And consider that you are reading these words because you know your future shall be a different one. 

Outside these city gates awaits a Land of Legend. And as nightly tales over tavern tables would have it, one of these Legends tells the story of a Prince who left many years ago to find the crown jewels for his betrothed Miranda.

But the Prince never returned. And without an heir to the Throne, the Kingdom fell into ruin, and faded out of time, and into the mists where forgotten kings roam. 

And over the next fifteen weeks, not only may you come to discover the truth of what went down back then; you may come to know how this Legend has the power to set your own life in order, resurrecting the Kingdom of your own life and setting you free to be the man you yearn so deeply to become.

Your Call to Adventure beckons you forth.

Are you prepared to answer?

Welcome to Reclaim your Inner Throne
Eivind F. Skjellum
Reclaim your Inner Throne Founder

Adagar, City of Eternal Slumber

“Though you may see some signs of life,
This place feels utterly devoid of humanity.”

Welcome to Reclaim your Inner Throne

A brief Welcome from founder Eivind F. Skjellum.

Welcome to your Sneak Peak

Normally we require an application to Reclaim your Inner Throne, but if you have completed the 5 Days to Personal Power Challenge, you have been pre-approved.

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Curriculum & Challenges

Complete your Life Assessment

This is our main life mapping technology and you will fill it in now and at the end of the 3-month journey. It’s a down-to-earth and pragmatic way to assess how you are doing in life and I hope it will serve you.

Take your Life Assessment »

To complete this Challenge, go through the Life Assessment tool in your User Profile.

Explore the Flavor of your Slumber

You now find yourself in Adagar, City of Eternal Slumber, and you are preparing yourself to leave this place once and for all. And, in order for you to heed the call to adventure, you need to feel how deeply you have lived your life in slumber. You must become aware of your discontent and frustration, so that you can fuel your desire to change.

Explore the ways you lie to yourself and keep yourself sedated. This is a free-form journaling practice that will get you intimate with how you have betrayed yourself and others.

Good luck.

To complete this Challenge, journal on the ways you keep yourself dead or numb for minimum 15 minutes.

Watch Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child

When you are ready to get to the next level of understanding why we see so many men directionless and lost to addictions, watch this video below. 

You may recognize yourself in this one deeply. Know that what we do at Reclaim your Inner Throne is geared towards addressing these issues that exist on a personal level, but which also are heavily reflected in families, communities and cultures.

They are all connected. Which is why you doing the Work matters.

Good luck.

To complete this Challenge watch the video and reflect on what you saw.

Look for Archetypal Symbols

If you are ready to take this work to the next level, you must learn the language of symbolism. It is the language that is found in mythology, alchemy and your very own dreams.

Once you understand how it works, you can tap into this type of consciousness at will, and find meaning in the mundane.

With time, you may find objects that embody a certain energy or archetype and you can use it to connect to God, spirit, or the Sacred. It is not the objects that are magical, it’s your conscious projection on them that makes it magic. Use it wisely.

Start practicing this and you will find your life enriched.

Good luck.

When you've found all of your archetypal symbols, you can come back to this page and complete the Challenge. No need to rush this.

Read "Where Peasants become Kings"

This popular book by Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum establishes a powerful context for the 15-week journey you’re about to set out on. 

To complete this Challenge, read the whole book, and reflect on what you read.

Watch Rebel Wisdom's interview with 'In Shadow' Creator Lubomir Arsov

Crack up the heat by watching this video to increase your understanding of the workings of the collective unconscious and how many of us have been entrapped by a meaningless life.

Lubomir Arsov seems very familiar with Jungian psychology and has masterfully laid bare our personal and collective Shadow with brutal accuracy. 


To complete this Challenge, watch the Video and reflect on what you saw.

Archetypal Symbols

Eivind’s favored archetypal symbols. There is no right or wrong here. What speaks to you?

Intensity Levels

On the Reclaim your Inner Throne training, you can experience the initiation at three levels of intensity: Spark, Flame, Fire (see challenges in the left column).

Each of the levels gives you a powerful experience, though most men eventually go for Flame or Fire.

They do that when they realize Reclaim your Inner Throne is by far the most powerful transformational experience they've ever had, and they refuse to miss out on what it offers.

As someone who is only taking a peek into the training, all the challenge levels are open to you, and this week is simply a prep week. So it's very easy.

If you want to experience the full power of the training, apply now.

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Welcome to the Training

A brief introduction video preparing you for your journey.

Recordings of former Celebration Calls

A couple of Celebration Calls from previous rounds to set the stage for you and your upcoming initiation.

Celebration Call #10

An inspiring Call celebrating the Men of Reclaim your Inner Throne round #10.

Celebration Call #12

An inspiring Call celebrating the Men of Reclaim your Inner Throne round #12.