The Death of Rationality

People often criticize me for being "too certain". That my claims are too big and confident. Yet I've often stood nervously on epistemic thresholds, feeling that I know, but failing to step across because "I don't have enough evidence". It took me a full year to start speaking out on the pandemic situation for this

The Struggle to be natural in the 21st Century

Everyone who wants to live a peak performance life knows that there are myriad health trends washing over the world that seem to provide answers: The biohacking movement, intermittent fasting, wim hof, juicing, crossfit etc. If you are anything like me, you have big ambition in life and want to live the healthiest life

Reclaim your Inner Throne at the WE-Space summit

In this dynamic conversation, Assistant Course Leaders Richard Arsic and Karl-Otto Sandvik, former Assistant Course Leader Max Warren and founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum speak about Reclaim your Inner Throne and the way that we work with the field of the WE. It's a wonderful introduction to what some call a new paradigm in men's work,

The Kingdoms of our Lives

In the previous article, released in the summer of 2016, I explored archetypal possession as well as the Shadow King and his campaign of terror in the world. Tolkien's lord of darkness Sauron is one representation of this archetype that has left an enduring impact on the collective psyche. From deep inside the barren lands of

Trump as President: The end times, or a New Hope?

It's Inauguration Day in the USA. Donald "The Trickster" Trump, is about to ascend the throne of the USA, and many people are afraid. I was experiencing a lot of stress around this possibility at the beginning of 2016. Several nights, I didn't find sleep because of my worry. But then the worry vanished. At

Happy New Year! (Video Blessing from Eivind)

Hello Friends, 2017 is here and I'd like to send you my greetings and blessings. Hope you will join us in the world of Reclaim your Inner Throne in 2017.  (the next round starts March 27, and we also have the Inner Circle membership service) Much love, Eivind

The Great Undreaming

As 2016 draws to an end, it seems like Pandora has opened her proverbial box. We turn on the news, tune in to our social media streams, and cannot help but feel that the dream of humanity is collapsing. The Lord of Chaos is walking openly in the streets, and people are running scared. Whether

The Dark King in our midst

Part #1 in the article series "Personal Empowerment in the time of the Apocalypse" from Reclaim your Inner Throne In J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth1, the human realm of Gondor is without a King. Denethor serves as its steward, but Denethor has gone mad, Gondor is weak, and the forces of darkness are stirring beyond the mountains

Tasting a new paradigm of grace-full leadership

Two weekends ago, I attended the first weekend of Circling Europe's SAS-training.Teachers John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson are my friends and colleagues, but I've felt drawn to taking them on as my teachers for six months, to learn everything I can from them.This feels important for my own path of stepping into ever-deepening levels of humility

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