As 2016 draws to an end, it seems like Pandora has opened her proverbial box. We turn on the news, tune in to our social media streams, and cannot help but feel that the dream of humanity is collapsing.

The Lord of Chaos is walking openly in the streets, and people are running scared.

Whether it’s over the election of Trump as president, the coming mass extinction, the rising sea levels, the filling of our oceans with plastic, armed conflicts, Aleppo, Standing Rock, the ever-growing threat of terrorism, humanity’s disillusionment and despair are on the rise.

The prevailing question seems to be “humanity, what are you doing to yourself?”

As we make these observations, and notice the never-ending onslaught of shocking news stories, we may notice that we stand at a precipice. It is the precipice of what was and what may yet be. Humanity has stood on this precipice before, as tribes, nations, cultures and empires – unwilling to take the leap – vanished back into the stream of history.

Never before has humanity stood here together, however. And paradoxically, as the Dream of Separation keeps building towards a nightmarish crescendo, together at this precipice, we find ourselves bound as One.

We now understand – or at least some of us – that moving backwards is no longer an option, as moving in denial back to our old ways involves the full collapse of our ecosystem and global pandemonium.

Staying on the precipice in denial and freeze is no better, however, as the monsters that are currently stirring in humanity’s Dreamtime are already dangerously close to emerging into our waking reality.

The Great Undreaming

And so it leaves us with only one real alternative, the one that humanity has never once willingly chosen: Move forward across the precipice, and into the free fall of the Great Undreaming.

What is the Great Undreaming?

It is the collective dissolution of the dream on which humanity has built its sense of self. And while that dream once gave rise to a real evolutionary upgrade for humanity – launching us from animistic tribal societies into the evolutionary race that brought us here – it now threatens to destroy us.

The Dream of Separation gave rise to human autonomy, our impetus to grow, master our circumstances, win.

As the dream got more refined, we invented democracy, science, myriad self-empowerment technologies, free speech and free trade. We learned to build a civilization in which billions of separate people could co-exist.

But we never learned to collectively see the world beyond the lens of separation. And so we failed to understand cause and effect. We refused to understand that our actions gave birth to counter-actions. And as we never surrendered our attachment to our false identity, we remained in fear.

Over the years, we learned to speak wonderful ideas about the world, but trapped as we were in the Dream of Separation, we shot down those who disagreed. (and over the last several decades, we got so absurd about it that we now censor others in the name of tolerance and free speech)

The madness and inconsistency of all parties involved in this Dream of Separation has been escalating for years now. Almost everyone is suffering, but scant few people step across the precipice.

And as we haven’t willingly proceeded into the Great Undreaming, the world around us is falling apart, for it is ready for its next incarnation.

Knowing the price of the Great Undreaming, we hedge our bets and hope for the best. For we know that in the Great Undreaming, all that we hold dear is taken from us. Everything that we used to prop up our sense of identity will burn to the ground. And the whole dream in which we lived will be torn asunder.

To the untrained eye, the Great Undreaming looks more terrifying than moving back from or staying at the precipice. But as it’s the only path which does not involve our literal death, we cannot afford to ignore it.

The Re-Dreaming

Some brave individuals have gone before us into the Undreaming, and many of them will tell you their stories of how it leads to the Re-Dreaming, a place of mystery, beauty and luminosity.

Many people speak of this place, but many do so from a lack of experience.

They speak about it because they have good hearts and want to contribute, but they do so from a lack of experience because they haven’t yet realized that the Re-Dreaming is more than a philosophical concept or a nice fairy tale – it’s a real place that presents itself only to those who have been willing to go through their Undreaming.

The Re-Dreaming is a place where man and nature live in harmony, but not at the expense of reason and science. In the Re-Dreaming, identity has become a dynamic field of potentiality rather than a self-contraction propagated through linear time and space.

And just to be clear: Saying that you like the idea of the Re-Dreaming does not grant you access to it. To arrive in the geography of the Re-Dreaming, you must go through your Undreaming, the death of your false identity.

How I see this new dream aligns fairly well with what Harvard psychologist Robert Kegan calls “5th order consciousness” (widely misunderstood in many of the articles and videos I’ve seen about it). In the Spiral Dynamics model, it starts manifesting at the stage referred to as “turquoise”.

When Reclaim your Inner Throne came to me (which is a ritual 3-month process of taking men through their own Undreaming), it emerged after my own Undreaming had sufficiently decimated my sense of self. Most of who I knew myself to be had changed or vanished, and out of the smoldering embers of who I once was came a transmission of grace from who I was about to become.

It was an absolutely terrifying time, yet what I found was worth the price.

What did I find?

I found a Kingdom, an archetypal home for you and me.

I found a powerful training, that changes the lives of those who come in just three months.

I also discovered some deep, mystical truths about the Undreaming. I saw that the Magicians and Priestesses of the world are guides through our Great Undreaming. But Magicians and Priestesses alone cannot manifest the new paradigm; the Re-Dreaming itself requires the presence of the Trinity.

The Return of the Holy Trinity

What makes someone a true Magician or Priestess is their going through their own personal Undreaming. And as their false self leaves them, they develop skills required to hold space for the process of the Great Undreaming. Furthermore, they start accessing the magic to summon the Trinity back into this world.

What is this Trinity?

It is the King and the Queen cradling the Divine Child. It is the meeting of masculine and feminine, divine and human, father and mother, line and circle, in service of play, wonder and innocence. It is an alchemy that can happen in us all, and it’s a template for families of the new paradigm.

Empowered by the sense that the Trinity is now returning, people across the globe are currently gathering in the Re-Dreaming, summoning the Trinity back into the world using their own unique voice. We know that the blessing power of the Trinity is required to restore order, beauty and love to this world.

And as Christmas now draws closers, our summoning will be even more powerful.

Because Christianity has given us a template that we can latch on to. They got the Holy Trinity right, but as they were not yet really comfortable with the feminine back then, they called the Queen “the holy spirit”.

The Christian trinity excluded the feminine from Creation, and the widespread environmental impact of this prior mistake is now facing us in full force.

Answering the Invitation

If you currently stand at the precipice, facing the knowing that this epoch of humanity is about to be over, yet not knowing what comes next, then I want you to know that it is premature for you to start weaving the new Dream into being.

That’s not your job. Because the new Dream of humanity cannot by dreamed into being by the false self that predates your Undreaming.

Your task now is to proceed into the abyss, and fall into the vulnerable territory of your own Undreaming.

In service of that, I encourage you to use this Christmas time to understand the image of Jesus on the Cross. Like Jesus, you must surrender your false self on the cross of grace, dissolving the one you currently know yourself to be in service of who you really are. 

And when that process has completed, grace will carry you forwards into the Re-dreaming, from where you will be empowered to join our ranks and sing the Trinity back into this world.

I suspect that unless millions of people are right now willing to fall into the death of their false identities, humanity may not make it through this initiation. The Great Undreaming will instead turn into a Great Purge. 

So my friends, I believe the Great Undreaming is coming, and my preference is that it becomes a good one. And how can humanity as a whole endure the death of its false identity if you, with all of your resources and talents, can not?

And so the question I will leave you with is this: Would you rather enter your own personal Undreaming, and be initiated and empowered with the skills required to take humanity into a whole new paradigm of beauty? Or would you rather risk it and hope that this storm blows over?

I hope you choose the former. Because there is no doubt in my mind, dear friends: This storm is the end of this epoch. Yes, these are the endtimes (not quite in a biblical sense, however). And the second fall of humanity is upon us.

But this time, instead of a fall from grace, it could be a fall to grace. And I still believe that it will be. Because I believe in you. And I believe in me. Yes, I believe in us.

This Christmas, let us collectively plant the seeds for this process of humanity’s renewal, let go of our petty differences, and allow ourselves to fall into the arms of the Trinity.

Happy Holidays.

PS! We will soon start enrolling for the next round of Reclaim your Inner Throne, which will take you through this process in three months. It opens March 27. (you can join the Waiting List on our front page)