Celebration Call Round #16

Reclaim your Inner Throne #16 was an intimate round run entirely by course leader Ruben Benjamin Gorseman. It started with 6 men, and ended with 4. In this joyful and authentic celebration call, the men share their stories. Note that two men arrived an hour into the call, so if you want to hear

Meet Emmanuel Wa-Kyendo from Kenya

Emmanuel Wa-Kyendo is a wonderful young man from Kenya who wants to experience Reclaim your Inner Throne starting March 28. Below is the bio he shared with us, so that you can get to know him better, and determine if you want to join our efforts to ensure he gets to experience his initiation.

Celebration Call Round #15

On December 22, we celebrated the men who just completed their initiation. It was a heartwarming and hopeful meeting, showing what is possible when a group of men comes together to transform, even in challenging times such as these. If this should inspire you to experience your own initiation with us, Americas #1 starts

Celebration Call Round #14

On July 15, we had another heart-warming and inspiring love-fest as a new round of Reclaim your Inner Throne completed. This was the first round where I wasn't the course leader, and Ruben Benjamin Gorseman & team did a great job running it autonomously. We recorded the call for you, and you can watch

Moving beyond Protocol: My Mankind Project Story

Let me address the Mankind Project.   Sharing what I love about the organization.   Sharing why I'm glad I was involved.   Sharing why I no longer am.   And sharing why I created Reclaim your Inner Throne as the answer to the problems I saw in MKP.   My own MKP experience

Community Call: Integrate Anger to Heal Trauma

On Sunday June 20th, we gathered the community of men to explore the "red force" of anger and rage and the consequences it has for our health and lives when we repress it. We also explored a brief ritual container where we worked on integrating it. Are you interested in

A beautiful Story of Father & Son

I would like to tell you a wee story about Fatherhood. It's a story of a wee boy suffering from separation anxiety, and a concerned father, wanting his son to find his feet. This father wanted to toughen up his boy, readying him for the real world, without using scolding, shaming or aggressive methods.

Happy International Men’s Day 2020

Happy International Men's Day, dear Brothers across the whole world! I'm happy today to see that November 19 is finally starting to gain some traction as a symbolic day of celebration for and of men. Posts celebrating the day have flooded across my Facebook feed today, and that is truly heartwarming. We men are not

Celebration Call #12

Dear friends, In this remarkable recording, more than 50 people gather to celebrate the incredible achievements and breakthroughs of the participating men in Reclaim your Inner Throne Round #12. You’ll hear stories of men kicking medication, rising out of depression, conceiving, starting businesses, finding their partner, doubling their income,

“The Forgotten Boys”, a revolutionary Documentary

On Monday Jan 20, Reclaim your Inner Throne was featured in a documentary on Norwegian Television called "De glemte Guttene" (The forgotten Boys). The documentary, produced by Oslo-based production company Novemberfilm for Norwegian TV2, featured stories and interviews of several young men and their struggles, asking questions such as "why does nobody talk about

Celebration Call #11

Dear Brother, Join us this replay to experience firsthand how Reclaim your Inner Throne transformed the lives of the men in the Fellowship of Round #11. Witness the connection and the deep love in this brotherhood through their stories, and be inspired to take the necessary steps to live

Community Call #25

Hey guys, Welcome to our Community Call about the Role of the Feminine in Men's Work, hosted by Eivind and featuring Sarah Poet. If you would like to see more content, be sure to check out our calendar for more events like these, like our Reclaim your Inner Throne official Facebook

The Time for Truth – 3 Reasons to stop lying

Living truthfully is hard. Yet if you are a man who wants to respect and value yourself, you need to tell and live the truth. To the very best of your ability. Always. Now, if all we were talking about here is ceasing conscious deception, it wouldn't be so hard. As far as I can tell,

The Warrior must *rise*

Eivind Speaks column This blog post is taken from the Reclaim your Inner Throne Tribe group on Facebook. If you want weekly access to content such as this, join the group now. As I work with men, I see recurring patterns. And lately, one pattern has become very loud. Ready for a challenging read? Then

Do Women have a place in Men’s Work?

One of the recurring themes around Reclaim your Inner Throne is women asking if they can join our training. Or if there will be a similar training for women soon. I enjoy these questions. I enjoy them because they indicate that women recognize the quality of the RYIT work and want to experience it for

A Presentation of the Training

On the 25th of March, Karl-Otto Sandvik and myself gave an introduction to the Reclaim your Inner Throne training, mythology and course platform. We attach the video below for your viewing pleasure :) Enjoy!

Meet Richard and Karl-Otto, our assistant course leaders

Karl-Otto Sandvik and Richard Arsic are the assistant course leaders on the Reclaim your Inner Throne training. Karl-Otto joined the team after completing the beta launch and has been assisting Eivind as course leader ever since. Richard joined the team after completing round #3. I will gradually step down my involvement with the core men's

Reclaim your Inner Throne round #2 in numbers

Reclaim your Inner Throne Winter 2015/2016 has come to an end.Here's the journey in numbers.12 men started the journey.10 men completed the journey.3 men reclaimed their inner throne.7 men got close1455 forum posts were madeThe men rated the training 8.6/10.Average growth on life wheel (1.3; based on only 4 data sources)*On a life wheel of

Stop trying to be Superman, you Idiot!

When I work with my men on Reclaim your Inner Throne, one of the core concepts I bring to them is the Hercules Complex and how debilitating it is. The Hercules Complex (coined by James Hillman AFAIK) is the tendency in men to think we need to be strong, to muscle through it, to exert heroic