Let me address the Mankind Project.
Sharing what I love about the organization.
Sharing why I’m glad I was involved.
Sharing why I no longer am.
And sharing why I created Reclaim your Inner Throne as the answer to the problems I saw in MKP.
My own MKP experience started when I was initiated in my New Warrior Training adventure at The Comb, Northumbria in 2011.
During that weekend, I experienced for the first time a true blessing from an elder, and the experience cracked my heart open, leading me in turn to set up the first iGroup (MKP men’s group) in Norway.
That group eventually became instrumental in planning the ongoing work for MKP Nordic, which I’m happy to say has been doing well since.
I’m proud of the work we did back then, and the role I played in it. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.
And while I want to live in a world where Mankind Project exists, I want to get clear on one thing:
Mankind Project is entry level men’s work, and it doesn’t provide the resources required for men to become truly empowered agents of change.
The MKP work, as it is typically facilitated, is strictly regimented and very reliant on streamlined processes.
There are standard processes printed in manuals taught at leadership trainings, as well as the more organic “carpet work”/GUTS modality.
There’s a wealth of knowledge in those manuals, and the carpet work is a beautiful thing to both experience and facilitate.
Though there’s a cultural challenge here, which I believe comes from what made MKP good in the first place: The streamlining and standardization of processes, leading to the work turning formulaic, and with time also politically correct.
MKP culture, as I know it, leads men to apply the same solution to a wealth of different challenges we men face in life: Follow protocol and pick a process from the manual.
But after going through the same process again and again, in ways that felt absolutely unoriginal, I realized I found myself inside a culture where I could “game the system”.
I realized how very easy it would be for me and indeed anyone to manipulate the MKP protocol to convince himself he’s “doing the work”, get validation for “doing the work”, while not actually doing the work.
When I saw this, I balked. My soul found it suffocating as hell to be in a culture where my ego could run the show.
(My reports suggest that this culture still persists – though I’m aware MKP is working to transform).
The problem, as I see it, is that MKP has turned into a “green meme” trauma and vulnerability-oriented culture which is designed to respect a man’s subjectivity as the ultimate authority.
That means you can’t really challenge or hold a man accountable without being told you’re projecting and that you need to do shadow work.
This generates a flatland culture with a fairly low evolutionary glass ceiling, where the “stars” who are pushing the edges of the culture are pulled back down in order for the rest to remain comfortable.
I remember when the penny dropped on this one for me.
I was stood face to face with another man in a training, and was encouraged by the facilitators of that weekend to see the shadow in a statement I had made.
It was standard procedure as I had triggered another man (which I often do due to my relentless pursuit of truth) by identifying a pattern he was running.
As I stood there, I *knew* in my heart and soul that there was no shadow in what I had said.
I had clearly revealed a pattern in another man that he seriously needed to work with.
And rather than unpacking the pattern which I had flagged, the MKP process protected this man from doing his work.
The facilitators, who I otherwise really liked, were making my light and my fucking genius WRONG and did nothing to prevent the man from victimizing himself with the truth that I had just spoken.
It wasn’t personal. It was simply protocol.
My experience left me with a big “YUCK!”, and it was at that moment I knew I would have to find something else.
Lately, more MKP men are coming to me. They report feeling unfulfilled with their experience there.
They often display a lack of vitality. There’s a heavy and lethargic air about many of them.
And I cannot and will not condone men’s work that allows men to languish in such states without having them named or challenged.
MKP has some serious work to do to clean up this culture.
Men’s culture MUST celebrate the masculine vital force!
It DOESN’T MATTER that a man has some ideas on shadow and archetypes – and can speak his mission and animal name – if he cannot get himself ALIVE when it matters.
When Reclaim your Inner Throne finally came through me in 2014 – I was ironically dead as hell with chronic fatigue.
And while the work which came honours and respects a man’s wounds, vulnerability and beliefs, my soul would not permit me to create a culture that could be gamed using victimhood consciousness.
And so the RYIT culture places truth over comfort, which means that men cannot abuse the culture to defend themselves from truth and their own liberation.
Men who are liars HATE that.
But those who seek their true selves love it.
In our trainings, we support men in connecting with their instinctual self.
We support them in reclaiming not just their innocence and vulnerability, but their anger and rage.
They have to fucking OWN that energy.
Claim DOMINION over the rage.
Claim DOMINION over the desire to destroy – even kill.
They need to become so comfortable with this energy that they are no longer run by it.
For when they are not, it TURNS ON THEM, and kills THEM.
And that’s the issue: That lethargic, domesticated man who comes to me from MKP has had it suggested to him that this “red force” is bad.
MKP protocol has often protected him from integrating it, in effect facilitating his lethargy and depression.
Few MKP men have been lucky enough to be in an iGroup where there was a culture which embraced this red force (though there are some outstanding exceptions).
So let me repeat – MKP is great work. Until it isn’t.
My general recommendation is for anyone to experience the New Warrior Training Adventure, simply because it’s a well crafted experience.
But I know there are so many MKP-men out there now who are watching the world burn and realizing they have learned nothing from MKP that is relevant for addressing the situation.
No, you cannot spend half an hour smudging every conversation partner with sage in order to feel safe enough to be real with them.
This is NOT the way forward.
We need more from you now, Brother.
It’s time for you to expand.
To reclaim your inner beast and greatness.
To embody your inner magician and alchemist, and wield those capacities as a powerful, sovereign being.
To leave destructive political correctness behind and experience the next level of archetypal men’s work.
Come to us.
Our processes are less streamlined, which has its own share of problems (it is HARD to teach).
But it will enable you to discover YOUR sovereignty, and not mine.
YOUR genius, and not just what the process manual says.
I have had ENOUGH of seeing men who have done men’s work for years look like they’re about to check out.
Men’s work HAS to be more than this.
So Brother, go to Mankind Project for entry level men’s work – it’s still beautiful work.
And while I’m concerned that it may be going woke, I believe it is for now still very much worth your time.
(As it was for me)
And then, when you’re starving for a culture which cares more about your thriving than your trauma, come to Reclaim your Inner Throne.
For we have moved beyond MKP protocol.
And we are ready to show you just how high the ceiling goes.