The Men of the Alumni speak

Coronation Speeches and Testimonials from the Fellowship

These Coronation Speeches are from the end of round #4. This ritual occasion is an opportunity for each man to address the Royal Court (the men they journeyed with), declaring his intentions of service to the Kingdom.

Tom Kelley

The men’s Coach who claimed his Heart and Purpose

Neil Giddins

The interfaith Minister who healed his Lineage.

Jeff Wulfman

The Integrative Holistic Physician who
emerged from the Underworld.

Colin Treiber

The King who brought his Queen.


Paul Barker

“I feel blessed to have done it”

Max Warren

“RYIT can’t be missed!”

Thomas Winther

“RYIT has helped me feel free”

Ian Altosaar

RYIT is life-changing”

Jason Tilley

“My life is completely different”

Stephen Whiting

“Most powerful Training I’ve done”

In the middle of the training, I could feel how an immature part of me was starting to die and a new part was getting born, a man who was a leader and was dedicated to serving the world. This is hands down the most powerful self-development training I’ve ever done.

Stephen Whiting, Nutritionist

Having been part of this process has been profound. A stepping stone for my further process of walking my path, speaking my truth and living my purpose. Seldom, if ever, have I seen such depth and richness in material presented – and I’ve seen a lot. But also, seldom have I met both requirements and dedication so deep. This path is not for the faint-hearted.

Tomas Friis, Coach, therapist & group leader

This work feels archaeological in nature. If you want to take on some demons in service of yourself and how you show up in the world, this is the training for you.

Ewan Townhead, Coach & Entrepreneur

After the training, my friends kept saying to me how different I seemed to them. Reclaim your Inner Throne turned me into a man.

Dimitri, Student

Reclaim your Inner Throne had a profound impact on me. For the first time in years, I felt my soul could breathe. This training changed my life.

Christian Westli, Archaelogist & city planner