Book your “Wake-Up Call”

The Wake-Up Call (pun intended) is your special invite opportunity to connect with a Reclaim your Inner Throne coach for a quick and valuable 30-minute exploration of your next steps in life.

On this call, we show up entirely to serve your needs for growth and transformation, and if we see you as a match, we may share about some of the services we offer that will take you where you want to go.

Get to know your coach below, book your call and let’s get going :)

Much love and blessings on your path,
Eivind and the Reclaim your Inner Throne team

Meet your coach

Ruben Benjamin Gorseman-Mes

RYIT Coach & Course Leader

Ruben is a RYIT coach and Course Leader, besides being a certified life coach and reiki master, who works with young men to help them live in alignment and congruency with themselves.

He has been mentored by Eivind for 3 years after his own initiation and became the Course Leader for the Reclaim your Inner Throne European initiations in 2021.

Ruben embodies what it means to alchemize ‘your wounds into your greatest gifts’, as he turned his suffering into pursuing a life of meaning. He has a sharply attuned sense for the subtleties that others don’t notice, which makes him a great guide in getting clarity about what lives inside of you.

Ruben’s desire is to guide and bless others who experience the same struggles as he did. His continuous process of overcoming limiting belief systems allows Ruben to support you in identifying and penetrating your own limiting habits and thought patterns. 

Ruben looks forward to speak with you!

Wake-Up Call Testimonials

“A few calls with Ruben were enough for me to feel safe, comfortable and heard. Ruben listened with attention and care to the challenge I posed myself in the search of my best self—and was able to get quick insights on how to tap into the power of rest and slowing down to gain clarity. Thanks, Ruben, for the support.”

Hugo Pereira

“My first experience with Ruben was the Wake-Up Call. Meeting Ruben was a poignant experience of being listened to and actively understood. I felt it was easy to trust him, and bare my troubles to him. In return, he challenged me to decide on the most important thing in my life, but also to commit to it, singularly. Since my Wake-Up Call with Ruben, I have felt stronger in my ability to say ‘no’ to everything that doesn’t help me achieve my goal.”

Adam James

“Thanks to Ruben for his assistance in my registration with RYIT. He listened calmly and asked simple, but searching, questions which helped guide me to my decision. He was responsive, enthused and well-informed during our discussions. He could admit to the limitations of his age, but own his gifts with humility.

Paul Feechan

“Ruben’s warm, present and focused style of speaking and listening made me trust him right away. In a very short time, he inspired me to dig deep into my vision and purpose, and I continue to benefit from our interaction. He’s got a generous spirit and is the real deal!”

Erik Fisher

“After reading and watching Eivind’s brilliantly formatted material, I booked myself a Wake-Up Call with Ruben. It was a strangely ‘unhurried’ experience. A rare moment of reflection in my restless life. Moments of silence and deep questions resulted in the ‘kick in the butt’ I needed.”

Joris van Geet

“I got the immediate sense that Ruben is very dedicated to his work. He handled a mix-up we had with great care, honesty and responsibility.”

Joel Petterson

“Ruben possessed the empathy to hear what I was, and was not, saying, and to share insightful reflection which fed both the left and right sides of my brain. His honesty, clarity, and vision in connecting what I wanted to accomplish with RYIT’s process were invaluable in helping me to arrive at my decision to join the Evolutionary Entrepreneur Track.”

Mike Gallagher

“I find working with Ruben to be inspiring, direct and challenging. He is super responsive and helpful in navigating the territory of the journey and always offers strong and heartfelt encouragement while guiding me onward.”

Paul Steinbrecher

Ruben is a dedicated, caring and helpful person. Thanks to him, I was able to have a lot of clarity, and his help and committed support gave me the confidence to know that the investment in RYIT was worth it!

Ernesto Mateos

What I appreciate about Ruben is that he ran with me, right from the moment we first interacted, and he was able to see and reflect my level of determination. When we had our call, I felt an instant level of comfort, like I had known him for years – any minor hesitation I was feeling disappeared as soon as I heard his voice. With only an hour until the webinar to meet each other and get everything situated, he secured my success to be at the webinar on time.

Kevin Toledo

Ruben entered our call with immediate presence, awareness, and a desire to help me receive what I needed from our short time together. He opened space for me to be vulnerable, and he reciprocated by powerfully sharing his own experience and journey. I ended the call feeling motivated, excited, and ready to start the RYIT program.

Justin Bonnell