Core Leadership team

The core team responsible for delivering the Initiation

Ruben B. Gorseman-Mes
Ruben B. Gorseman-MesCoach & Course Leader
Ruben is certified life coach and reiki master and is trained in music therapy and depth-psychology. He is currently studying at the Jungian Institute Nijmegen to become a Jungian analytical therapist. He works with people to help them integrate unconscious material. Ruben became involved with RYIT after years of addiction and suffering as the result of being raised in a fatherless home. He became fiercely loyal to Eivind and his mission after his own initiation in 2018, which was a turning point in his life. It is his passion and purpose to help men become the best version of themselves and to create a world where boys can grow up to become the best men they can be.
Eivind Figenschau Skjellum
Eivind Figenschau SkjellumRYIT Founder
Eivind created RYIT while in the midst of a profound initiation due to chronic health issues, death of family members and the loss of everything that had given his identity form. He then discovered how to take men on a similar journey in just three months, suspecting that it may change their lives. The rest is history. Eivind is a recognized expert in the field of archetypes and masculine psychology, a true visionary and trailblazer, and a leading figure in burgeoning men’s movement.
Tess van der Putten
Tess van der PuttenLeader of the Women's Team
Tess van der Putten is a men’s and women’s coach, sensual flow teacher and intuitive singer who shares her healing sounds with fierce love and grace. She has worked closely with Eivind since the beginning, and is a key player in the conception story of how this training was created.
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Extended Leadership Team

Leaders in Training & Assistant Course Leaders

Daniel Figueroa
Daniel FigueroaLeader in Training
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Dan Silberberg
Dan SilberbergAssistant Course Leader
Dan has a 40-year business background as CEO, serial entrepreneur and Global 2000 executive. As a leader, Dan has led turn arounds and increased top line revenue rapidly as an adept strategist. He is also a coach who works with clients to thrive and realize their human potential.
Carl Wild
Carl WildAssistant Course Leader
Carl is based in the United Kingdom and has held a variety of leadership positions in FTSE 100 companies over the last 25 years whilst actively pursuing his personal and spiritual development. He is a graduate of RYIT round 11 and was also a Leader in Training supporting the men in round 12. Carl is committed, empathetic, intuitive and is always ready to help serve other men on their own journey’s of personal transformation.

Support Team

Membership services and support functions.

Juan Carlos Dunick
Juan Carlos DunickSupport & Community Organizer
Juan Carlos has had a life of crazy adventures, from a being a Cowboy in central Australia, deep sea diver, doing plant dietas in the Amazon and even living in a Shaolin Temple. He grew up with an absent father and a mother unable to set healthy boundaries – a youth without good role models. Born in New Zealand with Peruvian blood he brings to the table all his life experience. Working in Men’s work for the last 2 years after realizing the power in brotherhood, his aim is to be the role model that so many men are without.

The Women of RYIT

This team of incredible women come in to support the men as they leave the Underworld.
They are trained in the Circling modality, and also bring their own unique expertise and talents to the table.

Deborah Scherz
Deborah ScherzNetherlands / Belgium
Shara Sebastian
Shara SebastianUnited States of America
Ellen Waenink
Ellen WaeninkNetherlands
Marysia Pstrokonska
Marysia PstrokonskaUnited Kingdom / Poland