About us

Reclaim your Inner Throne is a men’s initiation, a powerful process work methodology, and a community dedicated to bringing a new paradigm of thriving to the world.

Our work and philosophy are based on Jungian archetypal theory, Circling, mythology, Integral philosophy and a spattering of other sources that intrigue and inspire us.

We’re committed to moving beyond polarity, which means that we include both the masculine and feminine, science and spirituality, East and West, power and vulnerability, left and right in our work.

We realize that the Outer Throne paradigm, which is currently going through its apocalypse in the world, is all about building identity around who we disagree with, and then fighting against them. This is a very disempowered way of living and operating in the world, which is why it always leads to conflict.

Our work is about something different; we aim to empower people to be agents of change, serving the world into a new paradigm. This involves stripping away false identity structures and ideologies that are based on blaming others.

So if you are ready to move out of disempowerment for what is wrong with the world and with your life, and become a true force for good in the world, then you are very welcome here.