Elefanten i rommet (Norwegian podcast)

Elefanten i rommet (the elephant in the room) is a Norwegian podcast run by Håkon Svendsen og Knut Normann. They are seeking to bring awareness to the less known sides of culture, and interviewed RYIT Founder Eivind about his men's work. It was an impassioned conversation on topics such as: being a man the

Have you discovered the Walking with the Archetypes Podcast?

Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum has launched the Walking with the Archetypes Podcast. Here's the blurb: Every weekday at 3am EST, 9am CET, join Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum on his morning walks in nature, where he takes you into a world of myth, current world events and

“The Forgotten Boys”, a revolutionary Documentary

On Monday Jan 20, Reclaim your Inner Throne was featured in a documentary on Norwegian Television called "De glemte Guttene" (The forgotten Boys). The documentary, produced by Oslo-based production company Novemberfilm for Norwegian TV2, featured stories and interviews of several young men and their struggles, asking questions such as "why does nobody talk about

Reclaim your (Primal) Masculinity – Podcast

Tune in with Eivind Figenschau Skjellum on Bryan Reeve's podcast episode 24: Reclaiming your (Primal) Masculinity. Hear Eivind's story of why he started doing men's work in the first place and why he believes it's the most important work of our age. Archetypes, nature, vikings and more! Enjoy!

Journey to the Inner Throne podcast with Charles Eisenstein

In 2016, visionary author Charles Eisenstein interviewed Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum for his Masculinity: A New Story training. It was never planned for Eivind to be part of that training, but Charles was so inspired by Eivind's work that he invited him to be part of it. The rest is

Reclaim your Inner Throne at the WE-Space summit

In this dynamic conversation, Assistant Course Leaders Richard Arsic and Karl-Otto Sandvik, former Assistant Course Leader Max Warren and founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum speak about Reclaim your Inner Throne and the way that we work with the field of the WE. It's a wonderful introduction to what some call a new paradigm in men's work,

The Problem with Modern Masculinity

In this recent podcast with RYIT founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum, the excellent David Newell of Inner Truth opens up a conversation about modern masculinity, archetypes and initiation. David is a man with real depth and facilitates a wonderful and challenging conversation about shadow, archetypes, initiation, masculinity etc. We think this is an hour that will challenge

How to be a Modern Man. Eivind interviewed

Hi everyone, Broderick Boyd, a young American men's and relationship coach, interviewed me a few days back on key questions of masculinity. We cover topics such as: How to be a good, empowered man Key misconceptions about masculinity Men's distrust of men Getting men to admit they need help The problems of repressing power and

This Summer’s Podcast Interviews

I have been featured on several podcasts lately.  In the first one, I speak with Max Warren, a Reclaim your Inner Throne alumnus and assistant course leader of RYIT round #2. These days, he runs the Emergent Masculinity podcast, and we had a nice conversation on my background and the Reclaim your Inner Throne work.

Journey through the Archetypes

This is a very popular podcast where Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum is interviewed by Charles Eisenstein. In these engaging 90 minutes, Charles Eisenstein takes Eivind on a journey through the map he's created for the Reclaim your Inner Throne training.

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