Elefanten i rommet (the elephant in the room) is a Norwegian podcast run by Håkon Svendsen og Knut Normann.

They are seeking to bring awareness to the less known sides of culture, and interviewed RYIT Founder Eivind about his men’s work.

It was an impassioned conversation on topics such as:

  • being a man
  • the primal masculine
  • the history behind Authentic Norway, Europe’s first authentic relating community
  • feeling alienated by your own culture
  • how to become authentic
  • how Eivind’s chronic illness lead him to create Reclaim your Inner Throne
  • how the fight against “toxic masculinity” creates “toxic masculinity”

And around 51 minutes in, Eivind unleashes one of his most impassioned Braveheart-style monologues in a long while on the red, white and black knight and what they mean to our culture, academia and gender relations.

The podcast is in Norwegian.