Community Call #26 Grassroots Men’s Work to transform Communities

In this rich and beautiful call, the 20+ men present shared about their experiences with and desires from men's groups. We also explored Reclaim your Inner Throne's work in Pennsylvania in August, as an example of how to motivate communities. And the tragic and untold story of men across the Western world (and particularly

Celebration Call Round #10

Watch this replay of the Celebration Call of round #10 for a heavy dose of inspiration and heartwarming smiles. Our mission is to help men make lives of meaning, so that the next generations can grow up in a world of prosperity. Will you join our movement? Will you be the change in

Community Call #25

Hey guys, Welcome to our Community Call about the Role of the Feminine in Men's Work, hosted by Eivind and featuring Sarah Poet. If you would like to see more content, be sure to check out our calendar for more events like these, like our Reclaim your Inner Throne official Facebook

Community Call: Transforming your Relationship to Money

Community Call #23 happened on October 21 on the topic of Money (about time, eh?). Special guest Charles Eisenstein joined us for the first half and shared his wisdom with us. We did breakouts on our relationship to money and supported each other in growing up our relationship to money.  It was an interesting call

Celebration Call for Round #8

Hi everyone, here's the recording from a delightful Celebration Call for the brave men of Round #8 of Reclaim your Inner Throne. I hope you enjoy it. And if you get inspired, our early bird runs out EOD July 29 PST. Welcome!

Community Call: The Master Key

Community Call #22 finally happened and featured Eivind's presentation of his new work "The Master Key". It was a big call which featured some lively debate and back and forth afterwards. Thanks everyone for coming! I loved it and felt honored that you were interested. (and you will hear more about this work soon) Eivind

Round #7 Celebration Call

Reclaim your Inner Throne round #7 has just ended, and the we hosted a Celebration Call in honor of the new Kings on December 14. The men brought their partners and came to share stories about their struggles and breakthroughs. It was a heartwarming 2 hours and several people shared that the experience gave them

Community Call #19 recording

On Sunday October 22, we hosted Community Call #19 on the topic "What do Women want from Men?'. Obviously #metoo became part of that conversation. If you want to see men and women really meet over these things, as opposed to attack and shame each other, you may enjoy the recording. (The first 25 minutes

Community Call #16 recording

We had a nice community call on Men and Power yesterday. Many women joined us for it, so clearly it's a topic of great interest to them. One woman shared about her need for women to show willingness to be fiercely angry and protective of her. Another spoke of how it seemed almost inconcievable for

Community call #13

Hello everyone, This most recent community call was an intense one. It shows clearly how we as human beings tend to hide our most vulnerable parts and avoid expression, even when the desire to express has driven us to the edge. We had the privilege to witness one courageous man as he stepped over that edge,

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