Community Call #19 recording

On Sunday October 22, we hosted Community Call #19 on the topic “What do Women want from Men?’.

Obviously #metoo became part of that conversation.

If you want to see men and women really meet over these things, as opposed to attack and shame each other, you may enjoy the recording.

(The first 25 minutes or so is context-setting and check-ins.)

Oh, and if you want answers to the question? It would seem women don’t really know what they want. Not with any real, unified clarity.

But some themes did emerge:

– Have interests (or you’re not very interesting).
– They want to feel a man present, on purpose, and with an open heart.
– Stand next to her and look at the world (don’t focus all your attention on her)
– Stay true to your needs and desires. Don’t let her behaviour change it. (in other words, if she doesn’t want you immediately when you want her, keep wanting her – she may just need some time)


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Eivind is a visionary writer, workshop leader, speaker, and founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne. He is committed to introducing a new paradigm of leadership, founded in principles of trust and surrender, and of helping people reclaim their Inner Thrones.

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