Hi everyone,

Broderick Boyd, a young American men’s and relationship coach, interviewed me a few days back on key questions of masculinity.

We cover topics such as:

  • How to be a good, empowered man
  • Key misconceptions about masculinity
  • Men’s distrust of men
  • Getting men to admit they need help
  • The problems of repressing power and sexuality
  • The broken tradition of masculine lineage transmission
  • Healing the father-son relationship
  • “Toxic masculinity”
  • The Warrior archetype, boundaries and psychological health
  • The dance of Masculine and Feminine in intimacy
  • Does “shit-testing” in the intimate sphere relate with the #metoo-movement and women’s repressed longing for trusting men?
  • Bridging the Warrior and Lover-archetypes
  • The importance of initiation
  • Moving from being entangled with to serving women

Hope you enjoy it.

(BTW, I personally don’t consider James Bond a healthy model of masculinity, even if it’s the cover shot of this video.)