I have been featured on several podcasts lately. 

In the first one, I speak with Max Warren, a Reclaim your Inner Throne alumnus and assistant course leader of RYIT round #2. These days, he runs the Emergent Masculinity podcast, and we had a nice conversation on my background and the Reclaim your Inner Throne work.

I was very tired this day, deep in fatigue, and had to really mount my energy reserves to do the interview, but I like it nevertheless. And it was particularly enjoyable for me that RYIT alumnus Colin Treiber makes a surprise visit.

This podcast covers the following topics:

  • Why we need a contemporary model for Men’s work
  • The power that is inherent in surrender and self knowledge
  • How we as men can better understand our Dark side
  • Exclusive feedback from recent alumnus Colin Triber
  • Learning how to surrender to Life in its purest form


In the second podcast, I speak with Heinz Robert of Mann-Sein, and we cover the following topics:

  • How I found men’s work
  • The 4 archetypes: King, Magician, Warrior and Lover
  • What it means to Reclaim your Inner Throne
  • Movies for personal development

Finally, I was interviewed by Johannes Romppanen for his podcast “Love is in the Air”. I expected to be interviewed on Reclaim your Inner Throne, but ended up being asked essential questions about the nature of love. I think this is my favorite of the podcasts. Johannes and I had a very rich and peaceful conversation on the the couch in my home in Oslo, and that quality comes through in a beautiful and relaxing way. Among other things, Johannes and I touch on:

  • What love is for me
  • What it’s like for Johannes to be dad to a child with severe cerebral palsy
  • The challenges of stepping into leadership (and do you need formal training to do so?)
  • Men not speaking about their inner lives
  • How I discovered my work after years of spiritual bypassing
  • Generational differences amongst men
  • What is the role of psychotherapy?
  • My controversial take on “safe space”

(here’s the Youtube talk I mentioned: “The Evolution of Psychotherapy: An Oxymoron“)

Hope you enjoy these podcasts!

Let me know what you think below.