We’re through. The men have arrived in the land of the Eternal King, ascended the stairs to the Throne Room of their Interior Castle and reclaimed their Inner Throne*.

Oh boy, what a ride we’ve been on!

I could not have anticipated the level of intensity that I have experienced in these 3 months. In the role of initiator, I would expect to end up in the midst of a lot of intensity, but I didn’t expect that it would get this hot.

One participant got so riled up by the process that he went on a crusade, accusing me of abusing him etc.

For a while, I was afraid we had created a monster that would spend his life gleefully sabotaging this work (which was my shit). For a while – and against my better judgment – I got sucked in.

But me and the team didn’t back down. We stayed with what we saw, and offered our flavour of REAL love, not mushy fake shit.

And this man displayed a deep, ongoing willingness to confront some dark shit, even in the midst of rage.

Thanks to our mutual stubbornness and Grace, he had a breakthrough that changed everything. And today, he seems to be the most grateful of all of the men.

The alchemy has worked him and I feel so grateful to witness the result.

The lesson is to trust the process.

This may well be the proudest moment in my working life. I don’t want to take too much credit for it, as this happened through Grace and this man’s commitment to staying with it more than anything, but it was crazy powerful. 

Other participants experienced deepened intimacy to their kids, their partners, new work opportunities, self-love, self-acceptance, the experience of coming alive, addictions disappearing etc.

The fact that a process like this is even possible on an online training is something I have to keep reminding myself to believe in. It’s what I have committed to, and it’s my promise in the advertising, but there are myriad naysayers out there who are eager to tell me what I’m doing is not possible.

Well, they’re wrong.

And I now have a whole group of men who are ready to back me up on that.

We’re truly creating something new together here.

And in an incredibly exciting development, highly trained women who have been through Circline Europe‘s SAS-training have started pouring into the work. We now have women offering their services as part of the Reclaim your Inner Throne body of work. I feel a surge of energy as I write that.


Joy and excitement! :D

For me, it’s back to planning the next stage, the world of marketing and all of those things which are necessary, though often – for me – uncomfortable.

If you’re starting to get excited at the opportunity to join the next round (start date in October will be announced soon), then stay tuned. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I like to reward loyalty and action and am in the process of cooking up something.

I don’t know exactly what is happening, but I feel that this is going to get big (mainly because participants say they want it to).

So jump on early if you like what we’re up to. I imagine you won’t regret that a few years from now :)

With love,

* Words directly from the Inner Throne mythology. On the training, we have a map of this geography. I may share it with you soon.