Emmanuel Wa-Kyendo is a wonderful young man from Kenya who wants to experience Reclaim your Inner Throne starting March 28. Below is the bio he shared with us, so that you can get to know him better, and determine if you want to join our efforts to ensure he gets to experience his initiation.

My name is Emmanuel Wa-Kyendo.

I work as a public economic policy analyst. In what time I have left, I teach children to swim and write poetry. My work is centered around enriching the public debate on economics. My extra curricular work is centered around addressing and meditating on meaning through poetry and prose and equipping children with the liberty that swimming skills offer.

With our collective purchasing power and my budding skills in poetry, prose and instruction, we can educate young men and the greater public in Kenya and internationally on spiritual and material truths about conducting themselves in this life.

I lived and studied in Tunisia,  Canada, France and Ethiopia. I have seen people of all walks of life’s and faiths express themselves in the best and worst ways possible. From the Arab spring to the Ethiopian crisis, to Charlie Hebdo, I’ve seen the relationships between states and their publics challenged.

These experiences moved me to ask spiritual and material questions about life. Each time, I was lucky enough to live in a bubble, shuttled safely away from trouble. There is a level of fortune in my life.

My present life has been built out of a desire to turn this fortune into an advantage to as many people of my local and global community as possible. I work in public policy research so that I can understand the economic malaise that nations fail.

I want to know how poor nations can become wealthier. I am currently working on a project to teach high school and university students the value of classical Liberal ideals, democracy and the market economy.

I also write poetry and prose to explore concepts of human possibility. I do not know that either has great effects as of yet, or that they will, but as much as I can, I do it anyway. I also participate in my community.

I teach them to swim and tell them stories whenever I can. The desire to understand what makes a story good and true so that I can impart useful wisdom led me to the work of Robert L. Moore.

As an adult working in research in subsaharan Africa, my purchasing power needs the help of your purchasing power so that together we can magnify and promote the work of Robert L. Moore, enrich the debate on the spiritual reality and contribute to the lives of young men in Kenya, Africa and beyond.

African states and private interests spend little on research. We must rely on foreign donors to fund our work. My pay cannot cover the cost of undergoing the Inner throne training. With your help, I can complete this training.

Its effects will manifest in my poetry and prose. Not only will I be equipped to initiate young men, I will be equipped to spread these ideas far afield through creative entertainment.

I already have an isntagram page full of more than 800 poems (more practice than perfect). I will also understand the spiritual aspect of the struggles that young men face – young men I already spend time with.

I hope you can look favourably upon my circumstance and see this as the investment in possibilities of young men that it is. I don’t know how far we will go, but I am certainly willing to try.