Karl-Otto Sandvik and Richard Arsic are the assistant course leaders on the Reclaim your Inner Throne training.

Karl-Otto joined the team after completing the beta launch and has been assisting Eivind as course leader ever since.

Richard joined the team after completing round #3.

I will gradually step down my involvement with the core men’s initiation in the coming years, and Richard and Karl-Otto will take on more and more responsibility.

So I want you to get to know Richard and Karl-Otto better. 

In this dynamic series of conversations, you’ll get to know them, their experiences with going through the training themselves, and their experience offering the journey to other men.


Video #1: Background

In this video, Richard and Karl-Otto speak about a past of addiction, how they got to know Eivind and their experience with being on the training.

Video #2: Surrendered leadership

Surrendered Leadership is a style of leading where the leaders let go of their strategic leadership role and instead trust the emergence of the field. We do this in our own way in RYIT, and in this video Richard and KO talk about it. 

Video #3: Demons & dragons

In this video, Richard and KO talk about facing your demons. Then they lose track and start talking about a lot of stuff. But it’s fun nevertheless! :)