Celebration Call #12

Dear friends,

In this remarkable recording, more than 50 people gather to celebrate the incredible achievements and breakthroughs of the participating men in Reclaim your Inner Throne Round #12.

You’ll hear stories of men kicking medication, rising out of depression, conceiving, starting businesses, finding their partner, doubling their income, and completely changing their lives to such an extent that their friends can’t believe he is the same man.

I suggest you pay close attention. For if your heart should stir, next time, the story told could be yours.

Warm regards,
Reclaim your Inner Throne

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About the Author:

Ruben is an Evolutionary Entrepreneur with the mission to help men find their passion and purpose. He is working closely together with Eivind at Reclaim your Inner Throne, where he is an Assistant Course Leader and coach, to create a World where People Thrive. Ruben is a certified life coach and reiki master and is trained in music therapy, Neo-Jungian psychology and mythology.

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