Another round of Reclaim your Inner Throne is over.

And as I sit down to tell you about it, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude, inspiration and hope.

It was on Thursday January 5 that we closed the call for the last time, and I’ve been digesting it since.

That evening, after ending the call, I found myself suspended in some sacred inner geography: Luminous, peaceful and radiantly alive.

The feeling I had was similar to previous endings, but more profound.

There was no thought in my mind, just a quiet, blissful feeling suffusing my body telling me that all is well, and that we are all so welcome in the world.

There is a blessed land that I’m discovering through this work – I like to call it the Land of the Risen King (Queen for women obviously) – and it’s on evenings like this that I feel myself fully inhabiting it: The world as it should be. As it could be. And, if my heart’s desire is met, as it will be.

The Winds of Change are blowing

I sit there that evening, feeling deep gratitude for three beautiful, challenging months on the road of initiation with 16 wonderful men (+ a team of 5) from around the world, and I remember scenes from that journey:

  • A man coming down from his mountain of isolation into true and radiantly alive human connection, now seeing beauty everywhere.
  • A wife thanking us for transforming her family.
  • A man defying his intense fear of rejection, dropping all his scripts in his Coronation Speech, and scoring a 5 out of 5 through the power of his naked innocence.
  • A man sharing how the company which he founded was transforming thanks to the blessing powers he discovered in this work.

There are so many beautiful stories that we could tell from this round. It honestly makes me proud.

As I see how this work changes the lives, families, workplaces, and communities of these men, I fill with hope. And I get inspired to share what we do here with more people.

And so, we’re preparing to take the next step – to reach more people, take greater risks.

And as we do so, I wonder – who out there wants what we want? Who wants to inhabit this new world that we, and people like us across the globe, are currently moving in to?

Maybe you are one of the many who right now feel the winds of change blowing? Maybe you can feel that something new is becoming possible? Maybe you can feel a new, yet strangely familiar, sense of power rise in you? Maybe you can feel that the time of the true reclamation of your Inner Throne is finally upon you?

And if you do feel these things, are you willing to make the uncomfortable discoveries and shifts inside yourself to move into this new world? (joining our training is one way to do this)

And if you don’t feel these things, how can we help you to?

I wonder about these things. I wonder about these things a lot.

Inspiring the greatness of Men

As change is sweeping across the globe, we find ourselves in the middle of getting really clear about our vision and purpose. Right now, as I write these words, the Reclaim your Inner Throne leadership team is making its way to Norwegian soil.

And tomorrow, we all travel to a beautiful cabin on Norefjell, a Norwegian mountain range, to figure out how we can maximize our impact and reach as we pursue our vision of bringing a new paradigm* into the hands, hearts and souls of as many men as possible.

Site of the Reclaim your Inner Throne Vision Retreat

And I have more questions for you now:

How can we reach you men (and eventually people, yes – offerings for women and children are coming) and empower you to become sovereign citizens of the new paradigm?

How can we meet you where you are, in your doubts and fears, perhaps cynicism and disbelief, and reach for the seed of greatness inside of you?

How can we help you heal your father and lineage wounds so you can let go of the shame, grief and pain that you may carry about being male?

How can we help you liberate all that power you have got locked away inside of you?

How can we comfort the part of you which will gladly pay the corporate machine out of the nose, and yet want everything with real value for free?

I ask these question because we need you. Our vision is huge, and it’s honestly really vulnerable to be on the vanguard of it. And so we need allies.

Maybe you are one of them?

What we’re waiting for is already here

Many of us are wondering right now how we can heal the mess we humans got ourselves into. And as we see the scope of the challenges that confront us, we may think we need miracles.

And I think we do.

But I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we must re-dream humanity’s “healing” from the realm of Utopian fantasy to present moment reality, if we are to inspire the miracles we now need.

So I say to you that the days of postponing our citizenship in what Charles Eisenstein calls the more beautiful world we all know is possible are over!

That more beautiful world is here, and all our finger-pointing, victim-stories, polarization and nay-saying only pushes it further away, and feeds the very darkness we tell ourselves we must get rid of.

When you wake up to this, through your own journey of initiation, you and I can start moving into this present-moment reality together. And that will change everything.

This is the Time (and you are already free)

Our power to impact the world is so huge these days.

And it doesn’t matter in the least if you are the president of the USA, or some random dude in Pennsylvania or some random lady in Risikesh.

For this is the era of the Inner Throne, and Trump has been brought into the world to help us dismantle the illusion of the Outer Throne once and for all.

As the move into the new, more beautiful world continues, the old world will fight back. And Trump is the perfect person to accelerate the process which is predestined to end in humanity’s reclamation of its power.

Thank you, Donald!

It’s an epic time to be alive – I couldn’t be more grateful – and you are already free, my friends. And as we embody that together, that freedom will manifest in the outer, planetary dimension in miraculous ways.

And if you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, then come closer, connect, hell, join our training! Because the new, more beautiful world is here, and we want to live in it with you.

(more information will follow soon)

With love,

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* Some of the core characteristics of this paradigm are communion with and surrender to our inner and outer Nature, deep trust, the emergence of myth, legend and prophecy in our waking reality, personal empowerment, deep community. (Turquoise in Spiral Dynamics. 5th order in Robert Kegan’s theory of human development.)