People often criticize me for being “too certain”. That my claims are too big and confident.

Yet I’ve often stood nervously on epistemic thresholds, feeling that I know, but failing to step across because “I don’t have enough evidence”.

It took me a full year to start speaking out on the pandemic situation for this reason.

Moving through enormous amounts of information that challenged my belief systems.

Biding my time for fear of betraying my mostly rationalist background in ways I couldn’t justify with data and external authorities.

Even though somewhere inside, I KNEW the narrative was off.

This inner conflict is one that I know many of you recognize by now.

It is a conflict between two epistemic traditions, and it is tearing through our culture.

One is the masculine tradition of rationality, and it relates to data, science, statistics, external authorities.

The other is the feminine tradition of intuition, premonitions, subtle energetics, somatic attunement, inner authority.

The former is based in the mind, the second in the body.

Our whole “civilized world” is built on the first. We have been trained to see it as Truth.

The second is fringe. We call it magic. Fairy tales. Shamanism. And increasingly, we call it “conspiracy theory”.

Yet both of these traditions run straight through my being, and they are closely connected to my father’s and mother’s respective lineages.

My father’s epistemic tradition has had my loyalty for most of my life, yet for at least two decades now, a different kind of knowing has grown in me.

During this time, I’ve had several strong premonitions of future events.

Many of them have come true by now.

And I guess the remaining ones will.

Yet this phenomenon has remained fringe in my inner life.

Until recently.

Watching the breakdown of rationality over these last two years has led me to shift my allegiance.

As we’ve been witnessing the scientific community as well as sense-making itself commit a public harakiri, it has become incumbent on truth-seekers to find an epistemology more loyal to reality.

I only just realized that I have found that in feminine epistemology – as I described it above – and which we could also, perhaps, call “transrationality” (There’s another version of it which is pre-rational. We ain’t talking about that one).

The school of rationality is in full on decay, and the principles of its founding fathers have been utterly betrayed.

And I believe this cultural moment is revealing why: The school of rationality is but a thin layer of masculine structure over a vast cauldron of unregulated emotions, instincts and revelations.

And as this masculine structure is crumbling before us, anyone with a low degree of self-regulation is falling apart, while remaining absurdly loyal to their identity as a “rational human being”.

And so strangely, where “rationality” is now invoked, it is often the limbic and lizard brains that are doing the talking.

Truth be told, I’m sad to see this tradition crumble.

And I would likely never have moved beyond it in this way unless it had betrayed us first.

But with rationality dying right before our eyes, feminine epistemology will have to take us through this civilizational transition.

And if you choose to shift allegiance – at least for the moment – to an inner authority, you may want to contemplate with me: Were all of the great scientific breakthroughs of history really products of masculine epistemology?

Or did the foundation stones of Western science come through gateways of intuition and revelation?

Stories would have it a falling apple caused Newton’s theory of relativity; a warm bath caused the Eureka! of Archimedes; an open and misplaced petri dish resulted in Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin.

Are these the productions of a mind crunching through problems to arrive at a remarkable solution, or manifestions of momentary access to a deep wellspring of poetic revelations drawn from stratas of the psyche below the conscious mind?

As our so-called outer authorities appear to collectively be losing touch with objective reality, consider that in the future, our experts will likely have one thing in common: They will have cleaned their bodies of distortion, turning themselves into tuning forks for universal mind.

No longer, I believe, will our future experts build sand castles of “reason” on top of mountains of dysregulation.

Rather, they will move towards becoming undistorted channels of a truth, drawing consistent brilliance from the same waters as did Archimedes.

Not INSTEAD OF applying rationality, mind you, but MOVING BEYOND it.

And with this present paradigm of masculine epistemology dying, it is incumbent on us all to source ourselves in the sense-making tradition which is proving more reliable, and then collectively nurse a mature masculine epistemology back to life, enabling a true synthesis between these two traditions.

As for whether I’m too certain?

It’s not an interesting inquiry to me.

Life gives me a good whack every time I’m off, but the more important thing is that you’re not obliged to trust me.

See, we’re entering the era of the inner throne, and now the game is to purify your vessel and then to trust your inner authority.

And if these words don’t feel right in you, discard them.

If they do, however, you can keep them.

And if you feel inspired to, feel free to come along for the ride. (come to Seeds of Sanctuary this Sunday; see links below)

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