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    Do you have the courage to let go of your hesitation, your excuses, your masks, so you can finally face reality on its own terms? You will only be free when you stop lying to yourself. That's where we come in...

Coaching with Eivind

Founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne

Coaching with Eivind

2-month, 6-month and 12-month options 

My coaching has become known for facilitating deep change in the men who experience it. When you are ready and feel the desire to change, I would love to meet you there, and make it happen.

I only work with 5 men at any given time, creating real breakthroughs on your path to living your purpose.

Instead of me sharing a ton with you here, why don’t you reach out to me, tell me what you want to work on, and we’ll take it from there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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About Eivind

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum portrait

As the founder of Reclaim you Inner Throne, I go very deep with my clients. Working with me is stepping into a fire that will burn away your bullshit. Though I can be gentle as well and always bring a healthy dose of humor to our sessions together.

My clients typically experience:

  • Increased personal power
  • A reclaiming of their lives
  • A new richness and life in their relationships
  • Profound connection to themselves
  • Insights into the ways they sabotage themselves
  • Increased courage to be themselves and give their gifts
  • A feeling of being at home in themselves and the world

Time with me will confront you with the unknown, your disowned parts (gold and shadow), and things you could never expect. My style of working is often unfamiliar and strange to my clients – creating moments of “glitches in the matrix” – yet it’s very common to notice how the work we do mysteriously starts to bleed over into the rest of your life.

That’s why I’m here. That’s what I’m committed to. And I’m good at it.

Coaching with Eivind is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of men’s work! He brings deep knowledge, piercing insight, a bullshit-free efficiency, genuine warmth, and a relaxed sense of humor to his sessions. After my coaching I notice deepening self-knowledge, self-honesty, and self-compassion, as well as greater authenticity in how I relate to others in my personal and professional life. 

Audie Alcorn, Teacher
Coaching with Eivind was a challenge, but the good kind. I was impacted in ways I did not foresee and the sessions brought uncomfortable things to light, diminishing my shame. It helped me regain a more passionate stance in life and I feel more powerful in my day to day being. Eivind has the right tools to help an individual become more whole and mature.

Dieter DeKerf

Coaching with Assistant Course Leaders

Richard and Karl-Otto at your service

Inner Trust Coaching Package

Start the journey back home

How are you doing? Are you proud of yourself? Being a man these days is not that easy. Life throws challenges in your face and they seem to pile up. Decisions need to be made and fear of change keeps you trapped and drains your energy.

Do you want to change? If not. We salute your masculine leadership and wish you the best.

Have you suffered enough? If yes, perhaps a new path is in order, one that will put you face to face with your demons and help you claim your place in the world! We know you have lots of love to share and many masculine qualities to offer the world. All men do, and you are no exception. 

But something seems to be holding you back, buried and stuck somewhere in the past.  Your bubble is about to burst and the pressure is devastating. You are sick and tired of it and you want to change.

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you” Joseph Campbell.

Learn how to face your reality and feel more in touch with who you really are. Take charge and and make decisions based on your truth, not fear.

This 6-hour package includes deep talks, exercises and homework where you:

  • Get a realistic view of your life and step out of your illusions.
  • Face your limiting believes, own your stories and your truths.
  • Learn to trust your power and your feelings.
  • Deepen your relationships on many levels.
  • When you in this way deepen your inner trust- you learn how to connect with your desires and your vision- In an authentic and more powerful way.

We are offering you a 30 minute free introductory call. Let’s see if we are a match and how we might be of service to the inner growth you desire. Choose your preferred Assistant Course Lead* and book your package now. 

*You will be given the option to choose after paying.

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Karl-Otto Sandvik

Karl-Otto portrait

I don’t know what you want and maybe you don’t know either? Maybe you go blank and think it over and you go blank again? And yes, you could have all kind of ideas about what your world should look like. Who you would like to be and with?

Let’s dig in, and see what’s under the rubble. Let’s uncover your hidden agendas and get real. I love to excavate and take on the adventure of finding you truth. Let’s reunite with your demons and embrace their power. Let’s climb the mountains of beliefs and dive into the lakes of hidden feelings. Let’s recreate a path that works and unleash all that’s good in you.

I have walked many roads and seen many men fall. I have helped them own their hearts and their shit. Dropping their masks and shared their vulnerability. Becoming men of dignity with solid warrior hearts.

I love my work and I am deeply committed to walk this path with you. Wherever it goes.


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Richard Arsic

Richard portrait

I want to help you sit on your throne. It has been too easy for you to abdicate, hide and play small. “Someone else will make a difference. I’ll just do what I do and get by” Fuck!

Could you imagine our world if everyone abdicated their power like that? I need you. I need your gifts, your family needs your gifts, the world needs your gifts. Let’s take a good hard look at what is holding you back from stepping into the life you desire. Let’s look at how you are giving your gifts and let’s also look at where you are falling short.

Through a co-creative process we will enter a space together that joins us on an emotional level. Where our feelings will guide us to the truth that awaits you within.

Your journey to self awaits you…are you ready to make your own path into the forest?


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Coaching with The Community

Our alumni offer some great tools too!