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    Do you have the Clarity to know where you're going? The Courage to let go of your excuses? Is it time to finally face reality on its own terms, in ways which serve those you love? Who knows how truly *great* you can become?

Coaching with Eivind F. Skjellum

Head Coach & Founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne

Coaching for high-performance Men

Is it time to make an *even bigger* Difference in the World?

RYIT founder Eivind F. Skjellum’s coaching has become known for facilitating deep change in the men who invest in it.

With Eivind as your guide, you’ll find your Clarity (knowing exactly where you’re going and how to get there), Courage (dare to go for what you want and conquer the demons of unworthiness, shame and fear that stand in your way) & Connection (making sure you have love and support in your life).

As Eivind is deeply committed to your total and radical breakthrough, he only works with 5 men at any given time (reach out to check if he has availability). These men are high-performers, men who already know what they want, and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

For Eivind, his decision to work with high performing men is about bringing maximum service to the world: To ultimately reach as many people as possible (one million is his aim), he chooses to work with the men who have already done enough work on themselves to now be focusing on helping and serving others.

If you are the purposeful, high-performing man who needs to face your own limitations and fears together with a qualified guide – so that you can bring your gifts to the world and be handsomely compensated for it – then apply for coaching with Eivind.

As you have probably already seen or listened to some of his videos, podcast appearances, or articles, we won’t share much more here. Instead, please reach out to us, tell us where you’re headed and what support you need in getting there, and Eivind will find his earliest opportunity to explore stepping forth as a guide for your particular Quest.

Eivind says: “I’m excited to work with you and can’t wait to get to know the man you’re intended to be”.

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About Eivind

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum portrait

As the founder of Reclaim you Inner Throne, Eivind’s knowledge of transformation is vast and spans many paradigms and perspectives.

Working with Eivind has been described as “drinking from a firehose”, and change can happen quickly.

Eivind will work with you to find Clarity, Courage & Connection in your life, enabling you to have the meaningful, ass-kicking and connected life you are meant to have.

He can’t wait to work with you, and make your visions become reality!

Eivind has an uncanny ability to crystallize my issues, place them in a larger context, and support me in creating a plan of action for moving forward. As a new business owner, I was able, with Eivind’s guidance, to move out of my comfort zone and address habits of overwork and of undervaluing my gifts and contributions. As a result, I have moved towards greater work/life balance, have stronger bonds with my wife and stepson, and am able to ask for and receive fair compensation for the top value I provide for my clients.

Audie Alcorn, Teacher
Coaching with Eivind was a challenge, but the good kind. I was impacted in ways I did not foresee and the sessions brought uncomfortable things to light, diminishing my shame. It helped me regain a more passionate stance in life and I feel more powerful in my day to day being. Eivind has the right tools to help an individual become more whole and mature.


Dieter de Kerf

Coaching with Ruben B. Gorseman

Young Men’s Coach in Training

Purpose and Empowerment Coaching Package

Are you ready to give what it takes to step up your game?

Since Ruben’s own Reclaim your Inner Throne initiation in 2018, he pledged himself to men’s work and personal development and became a Young Men’s Coach in Training under further tutelage of Eivind and Karl-Otto.

Equipped with a growing array of skills in psychology, mythology and the art of questioning, he will challenge you to get real with yourself and ask yourself who you want to be. He will hold you accountable through your victories and defeat, to increase your inner sense of authority and power. And that’s what working with Ruben is all about.

Do you want to find clarity where you feel lost and courage where you feel small? Do you wonder why you feel so DEAD inside, sometimes? Where is your heart, Brother?

With the practice of ‘leaning into the future’, he will challenge you to take the steps you can make right now, so that you can step into becoming the man you want to be. There is no better moment to start making the choices that will lead you to a better life. An empowered life. A life in which you’re serving a beautiful vision for the future. With the passion and purpose to just do it and: Make. It. Happen.

The choice is yours.

Do you have what it takes to step up your game? Book a 30-Minute Call with Ruben to find out!

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Ruben B. Gorseman

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum portrait

Ruben, an educated music therapist and certified Reiki master, initiated at RYIT in Spring 2018 who is since then apprenticed to Eivind Skjellum.

He will help you find clarity, direction and purpose. He has experience working with grandiosity and worthiness, enabling you to find out what is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Are you ready to give what it takes?

Coaching with The Community

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