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Hello and welcome!

You’re minutes away from making a decision that can – and most likely will – dramatically change your life for the better; we have a track-record of facilitating major breakthroughs in the lives of our participants.

But Reclaim your Inner Throne yields fruit based on your investment. And we only want men to join who believe that what they want is possible. Essentially, we deliver results, but only for the man who is sick of suffering, playing it small and going it alone.

So to ensure that we’re right for each other, here’s a checklist for you.

*Don’t* proceed if you:

  • Just want to “try something new”
  • Don’t fundamentally believe that you can change
  • Are likely to give up on yourself or rebel if things get intense
  • Prefer playing the victim over learning from experience
  • Don’t believe in anything that can’t be observed with scientific instruments
  • Want to solve everything on your own

*Do* proceed if you:

  • Are looking for real change in life
  • Are committed to being the best you can be
  • Place truth and liberation over comfort
  • Are fed up with trainings that don’t leave a lasting impact
  • Are ready to take the plunge into the deepest parts of yourself
  • Believe in the power of conscious Brotherhood

Need more information about the training?

Alright, coming up!

  • We have teaching calls every Monday at 8:00pm CET (Paris/Oslo).
  • We have coaching calls on alternating Thursdays/Sundays.
  • Find our course schedule in our calendar.

  • If necessary, we will offer some extra calls featuring US and Asia-friendly times (we negotiate this in the group).
  • After week 3, you will also be in triads with other men.
  • You will be added to a training platform with a course curriculum and membership forum / social media platform.
  • We run our calls on the excellent Zoom video conferencing platform.

If you haven’t read the full page on the
initiation, you can do so here.

Money back policy

  • If you pull out of the training earlier than a week prior to the start, we keep 10% of the course fees.

  • If you pull out the last week before course start, we keep 20%.

  • Up until day #28 of the training, we will keep 30% of the course fees. At this stage, we cross The Point of no Return.

  • No refunds will be given after crossing The Point of no Return on the map.

Why do we keep some of the money?

Our policy is designed to be an integral element of your journey. We no longer offer full refunds, as it can lower the commitment and thus depth of transformation for some men. Plus it devalues the integrity of what we do. We have found it to be lose-lose.

This financial contract creates the commitment that helps men stay the course and get what they came for. For there is a very real possibility that your defenses will be triggered on this journey, and that you will start lashing out. (we’ve been there ourselves!)

This will start happening around the four-week mark at the earliest (if at all). Leaving at this stage of the training is dangerous. So you need to commit.

Our policy is designed with these considerations in mind.


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