• Journey to the Great Self

    8 Weeks to Discover your Genius

What is your role in tomorrow’s tribe? If you are like me, that question often dominates your quiet hours. You want to belong, to give yourself to the world in fulfilling ways. But how?

An evolutionary force is waking up in humanity that makes more and more people ask this question. For the world is changing. Signs of paradigmatic shifts in human civilization are everywhere. And you can feel it, can’t you?

On the surface, it may look like a full breakdown of our civilization is inevitable. Though those gifted with prophetic vision say the Dreamtime of the ancients is bleeding into our waking reality, and that the time of miracles is returning. So there is hope!

That hope grows every time another person finds their way home – back to their true nature and their gifts to the human tribe.

And if anything, I’m guessing that’s why you’re here.

Beta launches January 8


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Journey to the Great Self

An 8-week mythical Journey for Men and Women

From the creator of Reclaim your Inner Throne

The World’s changing

The world is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. The ways we connect, work, live and love are being redefined and the ground we stand on moves under our feet.

According to researchers at Oxford University, the next 25 years alone are going to see 47% of our jobs disappear. In other words, robots and artificial intelligence are going to put half of the world’s working population out of a job. (and that’s just the beginning)

I believe the coming changes invite us to do one thing: Look inside. 

The long forgotten art of rites of passage – practiced by only minor fringes of our culture – is about to move from obscurity to becoming an evolutionary imperative. And it’s likely to happen within a span of only a couple of decades.


Because the intuitive wisdom-aspects of the human being will increasingly be the only thing which differentiate us from synthetic life-forms.

In other words, the world where we can go to university, get a good education, raise a family and retire to a house in Florida is over. And if you don’t yet realize this, you’re not alone. 

Yet the truth is everything is changing.

And we are called to change with them.

The best part? It can be fun :)

Your Place in the Tribe

In response to the coming changes, it’s likely that many people will gravitate towards partially self-sustaining communities of co-creators; the tribe of tomorrow. Here at Reclaim your Inner Throne, we believe that the hope of humanity is that enough of these conscious tribes pop up and collaborate across the world, as one global tribe. 

Given that context, let’s return to where we started: What is your place in tomorrow’s tribe? What archetype do you naturally gravitate towards in groups? What work makes you feel truly joyful?

Are you a warrior of the new world who takes on the tyrants of the dying paradigm? Or perhaps you are a shaman who transforms people’s wounds into power? Or perhaps you are a techno-mage who creates technology to clean the oceans?

Are you perhaps a druid who listens to the arcane wisdom which speaks from the land itself? Or maybe you are a sensual purveyor of beauty, a troubadour who opens our hearts with yearning, or a trickster who keeps us all sane?

Are you perhaps a warrior monk who teaches people the right use of their bodies, a practitioner of the sexual temple arts, or an inspiring leader that moves the collective towards harmony?

In all likelihood, you don’t quite know. But I believe this to be true:  At the periphery of your consciousness, whispers of a new life are seeping into your waking hours. They point you towards something that feels new, yet somehow familiar. 

That sense of familiarity speaks of the mysterious truth that you likely already know who you are and what you are here to do. Though that knowledge is arcane, and waiting in a dimension of reality that most people have lost access to.

It’s time to change that :)

Mythological Allies

Magical characters await you on this journey. They will see into you,
ask probing questions, and help find your way home.

Your Journey Home

Every person alive has a home in this world, what poet David Whyte calls our house of belonging. But when our lives and the world become overwhelming, many of us end up living our lives out in exile, far away from the hearth of the human tribe.

Looking at the world, it would appear we need new maps to find our way home. Because the ones we have been given don’t get us there. You know it from the loneliness you carry deep in your heart. You also know it from research, where one report from Gallup shows that only 13% of the world’s working population care about what they do for a living.

This living our lives in exile – never quite feeling like we belong – has in other words become the norm in our age, and our lives are flooded with a terrible sense of meaninglessness. I would be surprised if you don’t know what I’m talking about from personal experience.

In tribal cultures, such an experience was seen as a terrible malady. And so one of the most important roles of the shamans was “soul retrieval”. When a member of the tribe was identified as being in some depressive, empty, confused, suicidal or addicted place, they assumed that his or her soul had been lost.

The shaman would take the afflicted man or woman on a journey into other worlds to retrieve their soul, or shall we say – their sense of belonging.

Journey to the Great Self is a journey that resembles this practice. It takes you into another world: The Realm of Forgotten Kings. We will travel due north from the City of Eternal Slumber into the northern territories, where locations such as Dragoncliff, Ash Grove and Rivertown await us.

As you get more familiar with these locations and characters, the magic of that world stars bleeding into this, and your daily life will start recalibrating according to the wisdom that carries over.

This approach is the same that I used when I created the 3-month men’s initiation Reclaim your Inner Throne, which has since been called a new paradigm in men’s work.

Journey to the Great Self is my first attempt at bringing this work to a wider audience of both men and women.

If you want to come with me on that journey, join me for the beta launch!

This is a BETA-program

Shape the Journey by being the first to go on it.

The fact that this is a beta-program means that the journey could develop in ways which don’t exactly fit my or your expectations. That is part of the fun.

What’s in this Training?

  • 8 weeks of journeying through the Northern Territories of the Realm of Forgotten Kings

  • Gorgeous course pages with inspiring PDF files, videos and exercises.

  • Each week features unique locations (such as Dragoncliff, Ash Grove and Rivertown) and characters (such as members of the Gatekeeper Order) that you meet, who will interview you and teach you things relevant to your life.

  • The powerful ECHO-system, where everyone who takes the training can see the tracks of those who went before.

  • BETA only: Access to Eivind’s guidance in a Facebook group.

  • BETA only: The training is created real-time through your input. This means you will be traveling through a living world.

  • BETA only: 8 weekly group coaching calls on Zoom to deepen your experience, hosted Mondays at 8pm CET, 2pm EST. This is an optional add-on and costs $150 (the same as the price of one coaching sessions with Eivind). For more info about this, check the FAQ further down.

What is a coaching call like?


The “ECHO-system”

How can a homestudy program create a feeling of being part of something greater?

Introducing the ECHO-system, an innovation in the field of online trainings. Every week of Journey to the Great Self, you will meet a mythological emissary that questions you on your intentions and your progress.

This character is the guardian of that week’s location on the map, and the course content will be withheld from you until you respond to his or her question (in a text-field). This answer will then go into the secure ECHO-archives, from where it can be accessed by all past, present and future travelers (given your permission).

Over the months and years, a wisdom archive of genuine human experience will be built, and you can share in those very real stories, even tracking those of your favorite protagonists.

You can choose yourself whether to be anonymous or not, and if your favorite protagonist’s privacy settings allow it, you will be able to connect with them at the end of the journey, forming friendships and maybe even partnerships.

My Search for Meaning

My name is Eivind Figenschau Skjellum and I’m the creator of Reclaim your Inner Throne, a body of work including a powerful rite of passage for men and an archetypal constellation work modality.

Since my first initiation at the harsh hands of life in the year 2002, I’ve been pursuing truth, depth and revelation with near-obsessive intensity.

Over the course of my journey, I’ve come to inhabit an increasingly mystical world. This has taken me by surprise, as I’m born of two academics and place rationality in high regard. And yet with time, the mystical dimension of reality has opened up, and the world has revealed many of its secrets to me.

Throughout this process, I’ve come to know how I belong to the world and am blessed to wake up most mornings inspired to pursue my path in life. For me, this is a great gift.

But it wasn’t always like this. I was once a young man who felt that my very existence was a scourge on this planet. In my worst moments, I believed that feeding me was a waste of resources, and that the world would be better off if I starved to death. I was feeling about as unwelcome in the world as could be.

Though I’ve always been stubborn. And I guess I wasn’t going to give up just like that. So I continued the fight, remaining perpetually afraid to be wrong and worried the world would reject me. I pursued spiritual revelation while hiding my vulnerability behind a shield of arrogance and competency, as only a son of academics could.

Yet it would take a 5-year rite of passage through chronic health challenges to sufficiently humble me to discover the gift that I am here give. In losing my father, my lover, my health, my hope, and most of my money and worldly roles, I was forced to realize that what I had inside was good enough. For there wasn’t much else left.

I had to discover the hard way that not only do I belong to the world, but I can take others on that same journey of coming homeAnd so it was that in facing the death I had once desired, I found the seed to new life.

And with Journey to the Great Self, I hope to pay it forward to you.

So is this Journey right for you?
Let’s find out!

Do join if:

  • You want to make a greater contribution to the world.

  • You want to know how you belong to the tribe of humanity.

  • You want to find meaning in the struggles you’ve faced.

  • You recognize that the world is changing and want to prepare for what’s coming.

  • You are open to mythological narratives of transformation.

  • You are tired of quickfixes, empty promises and superficial new-age fluff.

  • You are a human being between 20 and 80 years of age.

  • You have recently had an unexpected health problem that changed your life.

  • You are ready to do the work.

Don’t join if:

  • You expect to have a detailed outline of your life purpose after 8 weeks (this training is about discovering your archetypal design and the way in which you belong).

  • You just want a sweet and fluffy process designed to make you feel good.

  • You are looking for another quickfix that will magically transform your life into a paradise just by using some clever psychological tricks.

  • You are more identified with being a divine being than you are a human being (this training is about belonging more, not less to humanity).

  • You believe that science alone can describe the world.

  • You are attached to either maintaining or ignoring your sense of victimhood.

  • You’re looking for a guru.

Frequently asked Questions

The BETA of one of Eivind’s trainings is always a unique experience. Since he doesn’t believe in pre-designing a journey without input from the people who will go on it, it is actually a realtime creative process. The journey is created as you’re on it.

This means that your input will directly impact the journey you go on. So a BETA-launch is more unpredictable, but you also get unprecedented opportunity to form the journey that hundreds, if not thousands, will experience after you.

The BETA also gives you access to a Facebook group and Eivind’s direct input in it, plus the opportunity for very cheap group coaching.

Since the journey is so unpredictable, there is a chance of delays in the course delivery from time to time. That is just part of the nature of a BETA.

If anything, Eivind is committed to that adding to and not subtracting from the process

Of course.

First of all, group coaching happens once a week on Mondays at 8pm CET, 2pm EST. It lasts for two hours.

Whether you should choose to invest in it or not depends on what level of intensity you’re ready for, as this option is bound to bring you into a deeper process than merely participating in the program and the Facebook group.

Ever since the conception of Reclaim your Inner Throne, Eivind’s specialty has been hosting powerful group processes online. The depth and power of these calls has deepened over the years and the transformation that men go through on these calls is often humbling (though Journey to the Great Self is also for women of course).

If you choose this option, you will be part of such a group process, where the mystical mixes with the practical, and the group field develops its own intelligence that works on and transforms us all.

These calls may represent a completely new and unique experience for you, and for only $150 – the price of one coaching call with Eivind – you can experience these calls as a powerful support structure in your life for a full 2 months.

This offer will not be available when the course launches properly, and is exclusive to the BETA.

So you have already traveled in the Realm of Forgotten Kings, have you?

Welcome back, it’s good to see you again :)

If you would like to explore these mythological lands once more, know that the Northern Territories have opened up (we travel due north from the City of Eternal Slumber), and places like Dragoncliff, Rivertown and Ash Grove will meet you with their characters and powers.

This training is definitely a great opportunity to deepen the work you did on RYIT. You will be ahead of the game of course, but I am sure you will enjoy the journey, the new insights, and especially the ECHO-system, where you will have access to the echoes of past travelers.

It is fun, and we think you’ll love it.

For most people, it would make sense to do the home-study program before Reclaim your Inner Throne

Reclaim your Inner Throne is a very intensive process which will dominate your life for three full months. Journey to the Great Self is not like this, and will give you a taste of our work in a more casual and much cheaper way.

But if you are impatient, and want the deepest transformation possible, the full Reclaim your Inner Throne journey is unparalleled in its capacity to give you profound breakthroughs in life.

Of course, this might be true. And the training should be flexible enough to accommodate for that reality.

But let’s look at it honestly a little. Many people find it hard to choose a path in life. They have so many talents and so many ideas and possibilities, and they never end up choosing.

Based on personal experience and working with many people over the years, at Reclaim your Inner Throne we believe this is very often because choosing a very deliberate path for yourself is a death process which requires letting go of many of your youthful, naive dreams.

Yet for most of us, growing up and becoming self-sustaining in what we do involves making a clear choice.

Time in our lives is limited, and while having many talents is appreciated in your life as a civilian, in your professional life, it is the one talent you chase and refine that will sustain you.


—– For advanced students —–

To make matters more complicated, a feature of higher levels of human development is that our sense of self starts becoming more fluid and context-dependent. 

Some individuals can take this experience to mean that they must embody a huge range of different roles depending on context. In fact, we believe this is an incorrect conclusion.

We work from the belief that we all have at least one unique gift to bring to the world, and that a life of purpose involves getting increasingly connected to this gift – which is typically (but not always) connected to our wounding and/or lineage patterns. 

We realize that there are teachers and bodies of work out there which take a more radical approach, and argue that purpose and meaning will never be anything more than an ongoing process of interpretation.

As Reclaim your Inner Throne is an organization that lives inside the tradition of depth psychology, we take a different approach. 

On this training, we instead work with the assumption that it’s more fulfilling for individuals (and more effective for the tribe) to discover the pattern of our deep Self – and then give our gifts from that place – than it is to believe that there is no inherent structure or intelligence to life and the universe.

Yes, making this choice is often uncomfortable. But not nearly as uncomfortable as living a whole life confused about “what you’re going to do when you grow up” and supporting it with advanced spiritual teachings on the not-self or non-dualism.

If you wonder about this, you are already advanced and likely have a very conscious relationship to the maps of meaning you use. And so you wonder what our map of meaning is. 

Journey to the Great Self is closely connected to the tradition of depth psychology. This means that we place more emphasis on the structure of the deep psyche and the huge impact of archetypal energy on our lives than we do on e.g. non-dual perspectives.

We acknowledge the impact of family systems, epigenetic markers, karmic patterns etc, which means that we reject the notion that all meaning is subjective and created, and propose that a lot of meaning is created, but that some is inherent. 

Let us explain this further:

When we are born into this world, and receive wounds and epigenetic markers through forces outside of our control, blocks to our free expression of life force are formed. These blocks and wounds are not just a problem, they are also a curriculum to our core competency. It is in healing and untangling these wounds that many people discover their true purpose in this life. 

So to wrap up, the idea that meaning is created speaks to the fact that we are free to interpret everything as we wish. This is a powerful perspective and is particularly potent in overcoming the victimized self narrative. 

The idea that meaning is inherent speaks to the fact that we receive imprints from birth and childhood which are completely outside of our control. In our tradition, we see alchemizing these imprints into gifts as the true hero’s journey, and it forms the basis of all that we do.

In our experience, clinging to either of these exclusively tends to lead to spiritual bypassing, and we therefore hold them both as true.

Out of all of the wisdom traditions which influence our trainings here at Reclaim your Inner Throne, the tradition of archetypal psychology, pioneered by CG Jung (who called it analytical psychology) is the one which has influenced us the most.

The particular map we use here comes from the neo-jungian psychologist Robert Moore. 

Together with Douglas Gillette, he has taken CG Jung’s work and formalized it in the most cohesive and accessible system of archetypes that we know – the King/Queen, Warrior, Magician, Lover system.

Inspired by Jung and Moore, we hold that these archetypes are the fundamental building blocks of the deep psyche – structures of the deep psyche that are shared by all human beings.

While it is important for us all to develop a mature relationship to these four archetypes, depending on our unique psychological makeup and personality profile, we will tend to gravitate to some archetypal patterns more than others when we gather in groups/tomorrow’s tribe.

So getting familiar with the way the archetypal building blocks are mediated through our more surface personality and psychology is at the root of this work.

Yes, this is a good question.

Being in the depth psychology tradition – which is essentially a path of “magic” – we are indebted to people who have been traveling in similar realms before us. People like CG Jung, Robert Moore, Joseph Campbell, Marie-Louise von Franz, Jordan Peterson etc.

The wounded healer concept is attributed to Jung himself and suggests that a therapist/shaman/alchemist is only truly effective if they themselves have been effected by the malady.

This perspective suggests that purpose is innate and relates to our personal path of wounding. But we also recognize that this kind of purpose is a feature of the archetypal Magician.

If your role in the tribe is that of a Warrior, you will likely find your purpose through observing something you care about being threatened. In other words, your purpose will then be created as you engage with life and discover what your heart wants to protect.

If your purpose lives mainly inside the archetypal Lover, you will likely find it through your pursuit of joy, passion and pleasure, creating it as you go by following your sense of aliveness.

If you naturally gravitate towards positions of leadership and the archetypal Sovereign in group situations, you’d be well served to integrate all of these qualities inside of your being (as would we all).

In other words, depending on the particular archetypal configuration of your purpose work, your path can be a mixture of created and innate meaning.

These are all just words and concepts anyway – just approximations of things we can never hope to describe through language. (that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, however)

What does it cost?

Journey to the Great Self BETA costs only $179 (with the optional add-on of 8 group-coaching sessions for the small price of $150, the same as one normal coaching session with Eivind). This is a powerful opportunity to work with Eivind at a price that will not return for a long time, if ever.

Participation only

$179/ one payment
  • Participation in the training
  • Inspiring course pages
  • Powerful journey with ECHO-system
  • BETA only: Facebook group with access to Eivind
  • Does NOT include coaching

With Group Coaching

$329/ one payment
  • Participation in the training
  • Inspiring course pages
  • Powerful journey with ECHO-system
  • BETA only: Facebook group with access to Eivind
  • Weekly group coaching calls

3-month payment plan

$119x 3 payments
  • Participation in the training
  • Inspiring course pages
  • Powerful journey with ECHO-system
  • BETA only: Facebook group with access to Eivind
  • Weekly group coaching calls

NB! No payment plan is available for basic participation.

About the Creator

Over the years, Eivind has become known in some small circles for innovative approaches to transformational processes utilizing a unique mix of archetypal psychology, spirituality, shamanistic ritual, mythology, and integral philosophy.

If you don’t know what that means, think of it as a guarantee that this training stands on the shoulders of many powerful knowledge streams and is such rigorously cross-referenced.

Eivind started his public work with Masculinity-Movies.com, where he wrote about men and masculinity in the movies. Inspired by his own confusion around the topic of masculinity, he used his own work as a coming of age process, using archetypal and mythological frames to unpack the wisdom of popular culture.

He then developed Reclaim your Inner Throne, a powerful 3-month rite of passage for men, in autumn of 2014. Since then, he has focused on spreading a new paradigm of men’s work in the world, and has taken around 100 men through the process.

Eivind’s deeper dedication has always been to help all people uncover and give their gifts to the world, however. Journey to the Great Self is Eivind’s first attempt at bringing his work to a bigger audience.

Like Reclaim your Inner Throne, it takes place in the mythical Realm of Forgotten Kings, and if you like worlds like Westeros and Middle Earth, he believes you’ll feel right at home, and assures you he will do everything in his power to make the journey worthwhile for you.

Closing reflections

If you feel that something needs to change, and (if you are a man) you don’t have the money and/or trust to invest in a full Reclaim your Inner Throne journey yet, then this is an excellent place to start.

Here at Reclaim your Inner Throne, we are well known for creating a new foundation in the lives of participants, and we will do everything we can to make that happen for you with this training as well.

If you are inspired, like the idea of being part of an experimental BETA-training, and the timing is right, then join us!

Register now!

The Journey begins on January 8, 2018.

The training is now full.

0 places remain on the BETA

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