• Norway July 6 – 12 2020

    Kings of the North#2

    The Vikings return to Noreting

In the summer of 2019, 28 men from the whole world traveled to the Norwegian mountains for a remarkable week.

Heeding the call of the vast, open landscapes of Norway’s ancient mountains, the men showed up full of desire for Brotherhood and transformation.

For seven days, they went on break from their daily grind, put away their phones and screens, and stepped into the mythical world of Kings of the North.

They were there to seek an end to lies, limiting beliefs, loneliness, emotional numbness, addictions, and playing it small. In a time when so many of us have become utterly domesticated, their presence there was a revolutionary act.

These men must have felt that deep nutrients for their masculine soul awaited them among the mountains, lakes, rocks and trees. They must have wanted to reclaim the primal parts of them, reclaiming the positive parts of the brave and brutal northmen who once inhabited these lands.

So they shut off those damned phones that keep adult men slaves of their impulses and dove into presence, looking for more in life. 

And more in life they found.

Kings of the North is a different kind of men’s retreat. Not merely a remarkable and life-changing week, it gives you a seat in Noreting, the democratic gathering and council of men, modelled on the Viking thing of old.

In this unique building, men laugh and get rowdy, settle conflicts and pass laws. You will be challenged, blessed, celebrated, while being surrounded by irreverent men who will remind you of the joy of living.

You will review the Brotherhood code and laws established by last year’s participants, and amend or adjust them, as you see fit.

In other words, Kings of the North is a lineage, an ongoing interactive experience in creating a new men’s culture, one which embraces both the gentler and fiercer sides of life. 

And that may be needed, for as 21st century men, so many of us are lost. No longer needed as warriors or breadwinners, men’s well-worn paths to lives of purpose are all but lost.

Now, we are supposed to be vulnerable, but not too much. Strong, but not too much.

In fact, if you listen to the world’s definition of who you should be, you’ll be completely scr*wed, for a shared vision of what makes a good man no longer exists in our culture.

And without a clearly defined vision, we lose our sense of purpose, pursuing what little glimpses of joy life provides. Yet you may have noticed that few things ruin your self-respect more than living for yourself only. And if you try, you’ll be addicted out of your mind to compensate for how undignified and meaningless your life has become.

Author Warren Farrel calls this terrible situation the purpose void, and most of us on some level feel it. That pit in your belly, that void in your heart, those claws that dig into your sense of dignity late at night.

Our masculine lineage roots are rotting, and most of us are doing nothing about it.

But times are changing.

Kings of the North 2019 was intense and profound for me. Well organized and structured, the retreat had me laugh and cry; it got me face to face with my demons, broke my heart open and connected me to deeper insights around my life purpose. I’m fresh to this kind of work, but now I simply can’t get enough. The location is stunning, the food fantastic, and the men inspiring. Take the leap of faith. I know you won’t regret it!

Carl Wild, Kings of the North 2019

The world as we know it is dying. Everything we have come to take for granted is collapsing. The cultural roles of men are no exception. Everybody seems to know what men shouldn’t be, but hardly anyone has a vision for who we can become.

And that is why Kings of the North represents a metaphorical “journey West”, like our Viking ancestors of old, to a new world of plenty. 

Of course, you could go raiding or fishing – take your pick – along familiar shores. You could pray that you can keep doing what you’re doing without changing a thing, and that it’ll somehow be okay.

Yes, you could do that.

Or, you could build an inspiring life of meaning, brotherhood, impact. A life where you wake up in the morning, somehow knowing that your life matters, and that the world needs your gifts.

And so this July 6–12, we return to the Norwegian mountains and Noreting, where old and new friends and allies will support you in making it happen.

I didn’t expect the retreat to be a walk in the park but I definitely wasn’t ready for the depth, intensity and sensitivity it held for the entire week!  I laughed like I hadn’t since I was a child, listened to other men speak from the depths of their hearts and fought in tug of war like my life depended on it 🙂. It astonished me how quickly trust built between the men present, and altogether it was an experience so emotionally and physically uplifting that I kept feeling it in my body (and closest relationships) for months after.

Lauri Semevsky, Kings of the North 2019

A Quest for Freedom

You’ve traveled far, and for the last hour, the simple, natural beauty of Norwegian countryside has embraced you.

It’s 6pm on July 12th, and you arrive on site with 30+ other men from far and wide. They look excited. Some of you see familiar faces. From Reclaim your Inner Throne, Wildman Program, last year’s Kings of the North retreat.

All of you have come for change and adventure, and your experience is about to begin.

Why do we gather?

There is a powerful awakening happening. Men across the world are flocking to men’s groups, trainings, workshops, to discover who they are and where they’re going.

Some of us realize that the future depends on men finding new ways forwards.

As our Brothers do so, some will take a detour into politically correct “toxic masculinity”-nonsense, filling up with shame about their gender, sex and power.

But we all know that greatness comes when we are exposed to a vision for our greatness, not to a warning against our depravity.

And to those of our Brothers who are on a temporary journey of self-shaming, you need not apply for this retreat, for here your masculinity will be celebrated.

Let’s explore who this is for:

Do join if:

  • You believe men and masculinity are part of the solution, not the problem.

  • You are willing to go offline for a week.

  • You are ready to show up fully in service of your greater life.

  • You are alive to offer service to the world.

  • You are willing to give and receive feedback in a mature way.

  • You have a deep and abiding yearning for more in life.

Don’t join if:

  • You think “masculinity” and “toxic” are two words that belong together.

  • You are incurably distrustful of men.

  • You are unwilling to open up and share about yourself to other men.

  • You feel a sense of shame around being a man, and you kind of enjoy it.

  • You are unable to collaborate with other men.

  • You prefer to blame others for your problems over taking responsibility.

As a man looking to find your place in these strange times, you can no longer live a one-dimensional life, pretending to fit into the tiny molds of “traditional macho” or “postmodern progressive man”.

To become happy, on purpose, and powerfully alive, 21st century men must embrace our full selves, vulnerability and power both.

As Nordic men, living in one of the most politically correct regions of the world, that means paying our respects to our Viking roots.

Roots which are dark and brutal, but also full of light, beauty, vision, arts and crafts, honoring of both sexes and democratic rule through the tradition of the Ting.

With an amazing venue, beautiful surroundings (which we will take good time exploring), a dedicated kitchen staff, and connections you will treasure, this is set to be a hell of a summer week that’ll touch you in ways you will never forget.

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3 Viking Keys

Clarity, Courage & Connection

You may have read about the 3 Viking Keys, which form the framework that we use at the Kings of the North Retreat.

What are the 3 Viking Keys, why do we use them and how? Download the 3-part report that reveals the exciting answers to these questions below.

Access this 3-part Report immediately by clicking the button below.

What awaits you

Retreat Program|July 6 – 12

  • Day 1: Gathering. Arrive at Noreheim at 6 PM. Check in at your clan quarters, have a light meal and join our first gathering in the Main Hall for the opening ceremony.

  • Day 2: Brotherhood. Get more clarity on who you are, how you relate to yourself and to other people. Opening of the Thing.

  • Day 3: Power. A day at the battlefield. Explore your relationship to power, engage in ritual war (the fun way), and get your Warrior on. Owning your Courage.

  • Day 4: Surrender. A day closer to your masculine heart. Embrace beauty and nature, explore your relationship with sexuality and intimacy. Explore taboos & desires. Ritual healing work. Connection.

  • Day 5: Death and Rebirth. The dark night of Ragnarok. Sacrifice, transformation and commitment. Increase Clarity through Death & Rebirth. 

  • Day 6: Rise of Kings. The Clarity of Vision, purpose, values and strategy. Accountability and celebration. End the day with a feast.

  • Day 7: Homecoming. A day of Honoring Brothers of the new era. Intentions and declarations. We sett out to conquer new frontiers and create new beginnings.

This is last year’s program. As this year’s retreat plans progress, changes are likely.

This was an amazing retreat and experience that challenged me to dig deep, face my fears, learn to love and accept myself and ultimately let go of my old limiting patterns and replace them with new tools/skills/mindsets to move forward in my life in a more grounded, clear and powerful way. A truly unique retreat which I highly recommend to other men.

Daniel Figueroa, Kings of the North 2019

Prices & Registration

So what does this powerful week in Norway this summer cost?

We have three price levels for this retreat, depending on when you register (An application is mandatory. This helps us ensure that the retreat becomes an amazing experience for everyone).

Hop on before February 29 for the Crazy Bird price, wait a little longer and grab an Early Bird before May 31. After this, you will have to pay the full price.

Prices are all inclusive (amazing food*, comfortable accommodation, towel & linen).

* world-class fully vegetarian food provided. In the Saturday feast, meat will be added to the menu.

Early Bird

  • Includes food, lodge, towels & linen
  • Printed retreat material provided
  • 10 tickets available at this level
  • Order before May 31

Crazy Bird

  • Includes food, lodge, towels & linen
  • Printed retreat material provided
  • Only 6 tickets available at this level
  • Order before February 29


  • Includes food, lodge, towels & linen
  • Printed retreat material provided
  • 8 tickets available at this level
  • Order before July 3

Money Back & Corona Virus Policy

Core Team

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Eivind is the founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne. A long-time student and leader of archetypal men’s work, he brings a vast and comprehensive map of human transformation to his work, and his visionary message inspires men to take their life to the next level.

Working as a coach, inspirational writer, community leader, spokesperson, training director and entrepreneur, his mission is to awaken one million men to become change agents in his lifetime.

Bryan Reeves

A former USAF Captain, Bryan’s viral blog, “Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her),” has been read by over 30 million people. Having survived multiple dark nights of the soul, he is now a Life Coach & Relationship Coach to men, women, and couples worldwide. His books and courses, including “Boundaries: Relationships Suck Without ‘Em!” have helped thousands of people make sense of love and intimacy’s bewildering senselessness.

Clan Leaders

Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad is a best Selling Author, Emmy-Nominated Producer, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur. He leads a community of over 80,000 men and women on their quest to create love and a bold, inspired life.

Jørgen Husbond

Jørgen works as a consultant with Transformational Leadership & Organisational Development. He has been involved in men’s groups since 2000 and more recently Rite of Passage work for teenage boys, as well as father-son weekends.

Further team reveals soon.

Clan Leaders

Søren Stistrup

Søren has facilitated men’s groups in Denmark for nearly a decade, and works as a psychotherapist and counselor for individuals and couples.

Seppi Garrett

Seppi Garrett was born and raised along the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, USA. He is a permaculture designer, Assistant Farm Manager at Urban Edge Farm in Lancaster County, PA, a Licensed Massage Therapist and leader in training for Reclaim Your Inner Throne. He has spent nearly 20 years working with at risk boys as a group facilitator, wilderness guide and counselor.

James Kyson

An exciting & versatile actor, voted by Buzzfeed as a Top 10 Asian-American Leading Man, James is known from shows like AMC’s Preacher, CBS’ Elementary and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, FOX’s Sleepy Hollow and NBC’s Heroes. He is an Evryman group leader, specializing in emotional mastery and men’s work, and an athlete recognized for his physique.

Jørgen Husbond

“Jørgen works as a consultant with Transformational Leadership & Organisational Development. He has been involved in men’s groups
since 2000 and is part of the team leading a Rite of Passage ceremony for teenage boys in October. He also offers weekends for parents and their children to deepen and strengthen their relationships and bringing out the strengths in the children.”

The Support Team

Ruben Benjamin Gorseman

Ruben is a certified Reiki master and young men’s coach in training from the Netherlands. After his own initiation in Spring 2018, he apprenticed himself with Eivind and has since then collected a keen understanding of the 4 archetypes.

He brings clarity and an unwavering sense of loyalty in support of Eivind’s vision: “Creating a world where people thrive.”

When Eivind invited me to participate as a Clan Leader in KOTN 2019, I felt a clear call “yes” deep inside. Having fallen in love with Viking culture through the titular TV show, it was a no-brainer. The week itself was powerful, and I had more fun with this inspired group of men than I can remember having in a long time. As a leader in the men’s personal growth field, I’ve found few other men who lead such work with great integrity, and in ways that deeply resonate with me. I’m honored and delighted to serve on the core team for KOTN 2020.

Bryan Reeves, Writer, Relationship Coach & Podcast Host

How to get there

Public transportation to the site is limited and we are currently working on organizing transportation from Oslo to Norefjell around 3pm on July 6.

If you come by car, we ask that you make your car available for some of your Brothers (reach out and let us know please).

We recommend that you arrive in Oslo July 5 to acclimatize and connect with some of the other retreat participants, though early July 6 is also possible.

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Early Bird

  • Includes food, lodge, towels & linen
  • Printed retreat material provided
  • 10 tickets available at this level
  • Order before May 31

Crazy Bird

  • Includes food, lodge, towels & linen
  • Printed retreat material provided
  • Only 6 tickets available at this level
  • Order before February 29


  • Includes food, lodge, towels & linen
  • Printed retreat material provided
  • 8 tickets available at this level
  • Order before July 3

Money Back & Corona Virus Policy

Kings of the North

Norefjell, Norway

July 6 – 12