Deep rituals for embodiment, nervous system regulation and emotional resilience.

There is a place below the mind, where your deep psyche and soul live. It is a place which runs your life. Yet you may not know how to access it.

In Sanctum, that is about to change.

The rituals inside of Sanctum will bring you into the nurturing space of Tess van der Putten, who brings her deep care and commitment to this work to help soothe your nervous system, regulate your emotions, and become a self-responsible adult.

This more “feminine” work is a prerequisite to the fires of Forge, where you will be challenged to burn away the lies that hold you back, and it is precisely because this is a membership crucible where you will truly start to come home in yourself.

In our ritual space, you will find that a powerful, sacred magic starts working in your life.

Magic which enables you to transform in ways that your mind will never understand, and which are way more sustainable.

Not only will the deep alchemy you experience in our rituals give you powerful state experiences which grant you peace and a sense of belonging, but you will start to feel a harmonic frequency start to ripple through your life, connecting you to yourself and to all creation.

As you come more and more home to yourself and to life, a new ease and sense of connection starts taking hold in your life.

If you are committed to deep change, all the way to the root of your being, then this may be for you.

Note: This membership is now called Sanctum and is focused on embodiment, nervous system regulation, and emotional mastery.

A year inside of Sanctum

Q1: Winter – The Magician Archetype

Q2: Spring – The Lover Archetype

Q3: Summer – The Warrior Archetype

Q4: Autumn – The King Archetype

“How was yesterday’s Lover Archetype ritual with Tess, Brothers?”

Sanctuary Vision

Sanctuary is an architecture for body, mind, spirit. It is a vision of a place of thriving that exists beyond the darkness we now see in humanity.

This thriving is for you personally and for humanity as a whole.

The totality of this vision is presented in the Seeds of Sanctuary ceremony, which some of you may have already experienced.

But for those of you who haven’t, it is a vision of new life where all archetypes work together.

Where you have a field that surrounds you – an energetic dome – which protects you against propaganda, manipulation, psycho-spiritual invasion and archetypal takeovers.

You may want to try feeling that around you right now.

The vision further involves warriors standing just within this dome, ready to protect that which is within it: A beautiful grove of trees that represent all which is beautiful in your life, and at the centre a mighty oak, which has grown in the soil of your past selves.

Every person who deepens in this vision becomes a Sanctuary unto themselves, who then links up with all the other sanctuaries as a grid of thriving and life in harmony with nature.

Finally, you will come to feel how this emergence of “new earth” potentials are blessed by spirit and how you have access to communion with the universal love and knowledge which is always already present.

Inside of Sanctuary Rituals, this vision will start to become a reality for you, month after month throughout the year, so that your life falls into harmony with nature and the life-giving natural frequency of Sanctuary.

Sanctum contains

This unique combination comprises our “Secret Sauce”

Rituals membership

$$66–88*/ month
  • *price varies based on pre-existing Sanctuary membership
  • Two Sanctum Rituals per Month
  • Community Group on Sanctuary platform
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Emotional resilience
  • Embodiment
  • Minimum 3 months is required

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