Where the boy becomes a man through upleveling his relationship to the feminine.

Sanctum is a unique membership quite different from most offerings in the world of men’s work.

Men’s work has developed into two main branches.

Branch 1 is composed of sensitive men who play out shamanic rituals and work to be “good men” by integrating their inner feminine.

Branch 2 is composed of hyper-masculine men who seek to crush it in their physical, mental and business game and dominate their weakness and inner bitch voice.

Sanctum is neither.

In this membership, more than integrating your inner feminine, you will learn to hold the feminine.

That means that in this work, you will learn to hold your own emotion, connect with your unconscious, and attune to the electric currents of your nervous system.

You will learn to be with intensity without being thrown off your game.

In no way will this work make you feminine, but it will bring you into a world where you no longer see the feminine inside and outside of yourself as a threat.

Whereas men in branch 1 tend to be consumed by the feminine and men in branch 2 tend to feel threatened by it, in Sanctum you will learn a third option of relating with it as a partner and ally.

This attitude combined with the powerful rituals you will participate in will begin to radically recalibrate your relationship to women, upleveling your inner peace while activating more eros with your wife or girlfriend.

For at the end of the day, a true man is one who has learned to be accountable to and in service of the feminine, without spending a second groveling to her in order to get mommy’s tit.

The rituals inside of Sanctum will bring you into the nurturing no-bullshit presence of Tess van der Putten.

The work in L2: Sanctum is a prerequisite to L3: Forge, as men who want to do high level work without learning to hold the feminine just end up in distorted compensation strategies, mental entrapment and endless arguing over intellectual details.

It’s fucking BORING, and it isn’t for us.

So if you are committed to deep change, my brother, all the way to the root of your being, Sanctum could be for you.

Note: This membership is now called Sanctum and is focused on embodiment, nervous system regulation, and emotional mastery.

Who is Tess van der Putten?

Tess and Eivind have worked together for almost a decade. She was instrumental in the origin story of Reclaim your Inner Throne, and has been involved ever since.

As a leader of the women’s team on the Reclaim your Inner Throne initiation, and a team member on in-person retreats, Tess’s contribution to this body of work has been invaluable.

A beautiful singer, clothes designer, coach and group facilitator from Netherlands, Tess has strong priestess vibes. However, she is no newage “goddess” bullshit artist, but a true earthly woman, mythically connected to ancient lands, on a quest to serve men in rising into their greatness at this critical juncture of our human story.

Tess is a nurturing ally, and she will challenge you on any flakey, boyish, entitled attitudes you may throw her way.

As Eivind’s close associate, her work is designed to permeate the field with energetic calibrations and get us men right with our bodies, souls, hearts, nervous systems, and indeed women.

Tess walks a fine line between being a facilitator of Sanctum and being a woman wanting to be served by the masculine. This is a dynamic that you will gradually come to discover as well.

What this means is that you DO NOT join Sanctum to be in the presence of a beautiful woman and take her energy for your own selfish needs.

No, you come to Sanctum to both give share yourself with Tess and receive from her, so that you can finally get into right relationship with women.

And for that, you need COMMITMENT.

Commitment binds you

Let’s just get real. We no longer spend any energy on flakey, uncommitted men in our spaces.

What that means is that there are clear requirements that you need to satisfy in order to be welcome in Sanctum.

One is that you show up, share yourself,  and do the work.

More specifically, this means that within each quarter of work in Sanctum (which typically features 6 biweekly rituals), you can be absent from maximum two of them. If you are about to be absent a third time, you will need to sit the rest of the quarter out and return the next quarter, while paying for your membership.

Also, we expect you to show up as a man committed to truth, integrity, transparency and growth.

No bullshit in this space. No hiding.

We want your very best, and if you do not, this is not for you.

A year inside of Sanctum

Every quarter inside of Sanctum is a distinct unit of time with its own unique themes.

These themes are picked based on a reading of what the larger field of Sanctum needs, which means that you will have a customized thematic experience inside of this membership.

This could look like spending a whole quarter on deepening your commitment, your focus, your play, your sex, based on these themes being relevant for many of you in your lives.

Sanctum has developed into the energetic core of our men’s guild, and as a member of Sanctum, you will be a part of keeping the focus and intention of the whole brotherhood strong and meaningful.

Sanctum contains

Purge your entitled boy and claim the man

Sanctum membership

$$66*/ month (ex vat)
  • *requires $22 Guild membership for a total of $88
  • Two Sanctum Rituals per Month
  • Community Group on Guild platform
  • Minimum 3 months is required

Note: You can only leave Sanctum at the end of a quarter, and you commit to minimum 3 months at a time.

If you were to e.g join on July 10 (10 days into Q3), that means you are committed to Dec 31.

If you join e.g June 25, you are only committed to September 30.

Who should join Sanctum?

Let’s get clear on who should be part of this membership, as it’s not for everyone.

You are a man who…

  • … has solid integrity.

  • … are willing to lean into a new group of men as if you belong.

  • … are energetically responsible. This involves that you do not suck on Tess’s energy to feel better about yourself like a boy wanting stimulation or entertainment.

  • … committed to your work.

  • … understand the requirements as they have been presented.

If this sounds compelling to you,
then apply today.

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