This is a retreat for the man who’s ready to embrace the next step of his life. It takes courage, it’s thrilling, and it will send you home with a clear plan of action that will be inspiring to follow. Welcome!

  • Our 2018 Summer Retreat is here!

    Brotherhood & Nature

    We gather in Norway July 3 – 8

The time is here again: The second annual Reclaim your Inner Throne summer retreat is coming up!

After a legendary 2017 gathering, we’re ready to continue the tradition and welcome men from the whole world to come have a very unique experience.

We have designed this week to be a retreat, a workshop, a holiday, a taste of the future of brotherhood and conscious tribe. It’s a staff in the ground for our purpose in this world, both as individuals and as a group.

It’s a journey into empowerment, becoming a more magnetic man, feeling more at ease and at home in the world.

It’s a daring lion’s roar, emerging from the boldness of believing we carry answers to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

It’s an experience of nature – human nature and Norwegian nature. The setting is Lampeland, Buskerud, close to the same vistas of last year’s convention: Not steep, craggy monoliths, but beautiful, rolling hills. Landscapes to let your soul rest in.

You will arrive Tuesday as you are and leave Sunday, clear, inspired and with a concrete plan of action for the next steps of your life.

Will you join us?

The scariest, most thrilling and profound experience of my life. It got me out of my depression and on track with my life and art.

James Roper, Artist

Videos from Annual Convention 2017

We made a little video diary last year. Watch our videos here.

I saw miraculous things this week.

Robert Powell, Business Owner


Like last year, our program is loosely based on the arc of our initiation, which involves mapping out who you have become, letting go of the old, hitting the core, and rising with energy and eros towards the man you are becoming.

The program is a skeleton structure with strong intentionality and commitment, yet room for the organic truths emerging in our brotherhood.

In other words, what is alive in the group is always more important for us than sticking to the program, but we believe we have something really good planned for you.

This program is subject to change, as we’re still in the planning stages of this retreat.

  • Day 1: We arrive and get to know each other. Check-in before bed.
  • Day 2: Clearing and confessions. We get real about who we have become as men and explore our trust and judgments of ourselves and each other. Open time between lunch and dinner.
  • Day 3: Going deeper with it. Take our present identity for a walk in the mountains with the brotherhood. Come back to the cabin and let it go in a ritual that we co-create.
  • Day 4: A co-creative day of “work”. We may do Reclaim your Inner Throne process work, work on dearmoring the body and getting the energy flowing etc. We will deal with sexuality and life force. The day will end with a long shamanistic ritual that will take you into the Underworld where you may receive visions and blessings.

  • Day 5: Debrief the ritual. Work on clarifying your vision and a plan of action. May involve outdoor activities.

  • Day 6: Completion ritual where you announce your vision and plan. We must leave the cabin at 1pm, but weather permitting, we will go into nature before we leave. Estimated arrival back in Oslo: 5pm.

See the venue

How to get there

Fly in to Oslo and take the train to Kongsberg.
We will pick you up from there @ noon and 6pm local time on July 3.

Norwegian trains

Eivind’s phone number is +47 97111926

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