The Master Key

The Master Key is a new teaching from Eivind Figenschau Skjellum, founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne.

It crystallizes all of the Reclaim your Inner Throne work in a simple model, that outlines how all of the challenges in life and in the world are conflicts along a dichotomy of active and passive modes of being, or yang/yin, Warrior/Lover if you will.

It also shows how you can go about to bridge this polarity through ritual process and shadow work (seeing what’s been hidden), uniting the sensitivity and intimacy of the Lover archetype with the autonomy and thrust of the Warrior archetype.

These teachings will be a core part of our work going forth and so there will be much more on this page soon. For now however, we welcome you to watch the Master Key webinar replay below.

Watch a Master Key webinar replay