• Stand your Ground, Brother!

    Most men alive today are numb and lost because they repress their power. Cut the crap and stand your ground, Brother. For without power, your life and this world burn to the ground.

Feeling depressed?

Stop repressing your Power!

You say yes when you mean no. You smile when you are angry. You open the door when you want to smash it shut. Wonder why you are depressed? Why you feel shame and undignified? Then look no further. You are repressing your power. And it makes you despise yourself.

Many of the men we speak with have no idea what “stand your ground” means. They go blank when we ask them how they do it.

“Standing your ground” is Warrior work. It involves setting healthy boundaries against intruders from the outside, who would gladly abuse you and your loved ones if only you let them. Standing your ground is also an internal process, continually drawing a line against the destructive voices that live inside your head.

Standing your ground means protecting and nurturing your self-respect by doing the things you say you will do.

It means honoring your values and principles even when it is inconvenient and uncomfortable. It means having self-discipline and fighting for what you believe is important. (And in the new paradigm, it means doing all these things from a place of trust and surrender. But that is a very advanced teaching best saved for later.)

And remember – a good Warrior always works in service of a higher calling; you will only be a free man when you have dedicated your life to something greater than yourself. 

Does this sound appealing? Does this sound like something you want to aspire to? Then welcome to the dojo of your life, Warrior. Your first lesson starts below.

The Way of the Sword

A sword is a Warrior’s weapon of choice. Sharpen your edge and become like the sword. A free man embraces his ferocity.


We will start by sharing with you the Bushidō Warrior code of the samurai, as described on Wikipedia. Its eight virtues are:

Righteousness ( gi)

Be acutely honest throughout your dealings with all people. Believe in justice, not from other people, but from yourself. To the true Warrior, all points of view are deeply considered regarding honesty, justice and integrity. Warriors make a full commitment to their decisions.

Heroic Courage ( )

Hiding like a turtle in a shell is not living at all. A true Warrior must have heroic courage. It is absolutely risky. It is living life completely, fully and wonderfully. Heroic courage is not blind. It is intelligent and strong.

Benevolence, Compassion ( jin)

Through intense training and hard work the true Warrior becomes quick and strong. They are not as most people. They develop a power that must be used for good. They have compassion. They help their fellow man at every opportunity. If an opportunity does not arise, they go out of their way to find one.

Respect ( rei)

True Warriors have no reason to be cruel. They do not need to prove their strength. Warriors are not only respected for their strength in battle, but also by their dealings with others. The true strength of a warrior becomes apparent during difficult times.

Integrity ( makoto)

When Warriors say that they will perform an action, it is as good as done. Nothing will stop them from completing what they say they will do. They do not have to ‘give their word’. They do not have to ‘promise’. Speaking and doing are the same action.

Honour (名誉 meiyo)

Warriors have only one judge of honor and character, and this is themselves. Decisions they make and how these decisions are carried out are a reflection of whom they truly are. You cannot hide from yourself.

Duty and Loyalty (忠義 chūgi)

Warriors are responsible for everything that they have done and everything that they have said, and all of the consequences that follow. They are immensely loyal to all of those in their care. To everyone that they are responsible for, they remain fiercely true.

Self-Control (自制 jisei)

Warriors do not allow their passions to run away with their dignity. They exercise restraint when needed, and do not use violence needlessly. A Warrior is measured by his capacity to be a master of his own impulses.

We will now look at the ways you repress yourself. Assistant course leader Karl-Otto Sandvik has mapped out three reasons men fail to stand their ground:

  1. Fear (of speaking your truth)
  2. Guilt (from not owning your desires)
  3. Shame (from lack of power)

The men we talk with often juggle with these three different obstacles. When they get in touch with them, and feel the awkward sting of reality, they often just grow a thicker scab on their wounds and pretend everything is OK.

You mustn’t show weakness or vulnerability, you know? Yet when you go on a journey with us, you will be faced with all of your conditioned beliefs. And when you do, you may get confused, because you may find that your “reality” is but an empty, fabricated illusion.

You may discover that you have placed your Inner Throne outside yourself, and that you live in the illusion that if you blame others for your misery, everything will change for the better. It’s a humbling discovery. It is for us all. Including the founder and all the team members.

So the price of reclaiming your Inner Throne is not $2479. No, it’s not about money. The price you pay is your precious false identity. You have to let go of it. Then you can stand your ground. Then you can be yourself. As you are now in reality, not in the fake story about who you’d like to be. And we hope that matters to you.

Men numbing out and consistently fleeing from the truth of their lives is a huge cultural challenge. We’re not talking about a minority here. We’re talking about the vast majority – more than 90%. Honestly, we’re most likely talking about you. (we’ve been there too!)

And so our world is on the brink of collapse, because men (and women too) won’t allow themselves to be genuinely human. Allowing the full spectrum of the human experience to flow through you unfiltered is too vulnerable, and it takes too much courage. 

But if you’re going to stand your ground in a wholesome way, you have to stop repressing yourself. You have to develop the courage to face off squarely with reality and begin to remember who you are!

We have all taken this journey and we now invite you to. Join us!

The vulnerability – power Paradox

Research into human consciousness concludes that the higher levels of human development displays a greater level of comfort with paradox. Life does not have clear cut answers.

For men, the primary paradox seems to be around power and vulnerability.

How can power and vulnerability co-exist? How can they be allies? When we approach that question, we approach the most important question for the healing of our political climate. For conservatives subscribe to a Warrior code, whereas liberals subscribe to a Lover code.

What describes them? The Lover wants to enjoy life and merge beyond all separation. The Warrior wants to protect boundaries, be singular, and serve the moral code.

When you move right politically, you want to close and protect borders. When you move left, you want to open and expose borders.

These two polarities can’t stand each other – until they realize that they need each other. This is a key component to the process a man goes through with Reclaim your Inner Throne.

The very thing we have developed mastery at facilitating for you individually is the same process that we need to experience collectively if we are to heal.

I used to think that there was something outside of me that was suppressing my power. RYIT helped me drop that idea. Now I’m allowing the fullness of my expression more and more every day. It still feels like I’m just scratching the surface of who I truly am, but I’m on the journey for life. And if You want to go too, RYIT will take You there. You are more powerful than You’ve ever imagined. Allow Yourself to emerge from the shallowness You have become. I’ll meet you in the depths.
Ian Altosaar, 'Ask Ian' podcast host

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