• A World where People thrive

    It's time for a new story of the World to come into being. For that to happen, the old one must first die. Let's start the letting go right here, right now. Welcome to our vision of "A World where People thrive".

Where are we going next?

To where Dreams are made

Stories form the filter through which we experience life. So if we want a better world, we must change our stories. As we focus on the story of a World where People thrive, it will emerge.
It is the way of things.

The world is in a real mess. The clash of cultures, religions, and worldviews have reached fever pitch, evident in the chasm between liberals and conservatives. Everything is falling apart, yet noone seems to admit responsibility for it. How did we get to this?

By blaming. Numbing. Running away from rather than face ourselves.

And somehow, we thought that this meant being powerful. Being in denial, repressing vulnerability and fear, attacking without looking inwards first, pretending to be strong even when we’re not – all of that in the name of strength.

Is it time to start telling a new story about power? About what it means to be strong? We believe so.

In Reclaim your Inner Throne, we show you how true power includes vulnerability. For the power which does not is a bypass. It’s a denial of reality. When a man bases his sense of power on repressing vulnerability, he goes into a reactive display of machismo every time his vulnerability rears its head. He will do anything to pretend that “he’s not a sissy-boy”.

And so the story of a world at war goes on its merry way. Fear and insecurity posturing as power.

Are you ready for something different?

Mankind’s current Story

Tell a better Story!

The Story behind the World

Life is an ongoing act of creative interpretation. It may seem like we perceive the world as it is, but for most of us, we merely see our own story about reality perpetuated in a million forms.

In other words, stories give rise to the world.

When we become conscious of the story behind our world, it becomes optional; we can choose another if it serves more. Until that time, we hold our stories unconsciously, identify with them as objective truth, and go to war against people with different stories.

Sean Wilkinson, co-founder of Circling Europe and expert on the initiation, claims that movies and literature are a window to the collective dream of humanity. We agree with him. And when we take but the briefest look at movies and literature these days, we can safely conclude that humanity’s dream is still dominated by war, conflicts of power, and the apocalypse.

That may be exciting at the movies, but as a psychic imprint for the world we are creating, it’s deeply troubling.

We desperately need a new dream.

We need a new story. If we are going to make it through this rite of passage that we’ve been forced into, there is no way around it.

And indeed, in the midst of the building chaos, a new world is dawning. Across the world, people like you are waking up to the madness. You are realizing that your time has come to reclaim your power and to take personal charge of the world you want to see. Donald Trump is doing a fine job of showing us that we cannot rely on outer figures of authority anymore to make us safe. It’s up to us now.

Reclaim your Inner Throne is a journey of awakening to that realization. A journey with us wakes you up to the severity of your addiction and the fragmentation of your psyche and soul. It’s hard, but it’s incredibly empowering and inspiring. For so many men, it changes their commitments entirely, and they start navigating life in whole new ways, with intuitive capacities and somatic wisdom emerging out of nowhere.

When this new north star comes online in men, our essential masculine Soul can finally shine through. Innate qualities like empowered service and commitment to truth start emerging. We move out of perpetual paralysis of analysis, and participate in life. These qualities are not something we need to develop; they’re pre-installed. But in so many men, they have been numbed.

As your system cleans up, and you become whole, a new world starts opening up inside of you. You may notice then life starts transforming before your very eyes. You may be overwhelmed by the intensity of the beauty and the sense of purpose that start to emerge, and with that comes a new realization: The World where People thrive is already here. You just need to choose to live there.


A World where People thrive

Reclaim your Inner Throne is not just another idealistic venture, where we gather to share Utopian dreams and talk dirty about those who oppose us.

We are not about ideology. What we are about is empowered and genuinely transforming action in the world. We want to bring the King’s archetypal field to the world, with its powers of blessing, unification, harmony, joy and wholeness.

Our philosophy goes beyond polarization – liberal/conservative, man/woman, East/West, I/we – into the beautiful, integrated and magical world of mystery and paradox.

“A World where People thrive” is our vision statement. Will you join us in creating it?

RYIT was a true rebirth experience for me. For the first time, I am able to look at and feel my entire self. I am able to embrace and allow my full being, my full spectrum of emotions and experiences, to be and show up in my life.

Thanks to that, I am giving myself to the world now in a full way, and it has changed my family and my business. My entire world, and my perspective of it, is rich and in blossom.

Continue your Journey…