I visited Sweden earlier this month to donate a Reclaim your Inner Throne constellation work weekend to the Noden Men’s Group (just because I wanted to support them). 

It was a beautiful weekend with much male bonding, insights and profound breakthroughs.

Andreas R is a young man I had the honor of facilitating through my 1-hour breakthrough experience, which is an archetypal constellation work modality that I developed with my friend Paal Christian Buntz in 2012 (the 3-month initiation process is a result of the insights that emerged from that work).

He was so impacted by it that he wants to share his story with you all.

Andreas’ experience

Hello my name is Andreas R and in April, I experienced the Reclaim your Inner Throne process work for the first time. It helped me more than all the years of therapy I’ve done, and I want to share that story.

In my whole life, I have struggled with depression and I’ve also got Asperger. Growing up, I had Chaos everywhere and the only order in life was Tyranny. With nothing explained to me about what life is or why everything is happening, everything became unknown territory.

There were no safe havens and I had to figure out everything myself using my own knowledge and resources. It’s really hard to figure something out without knowing anything about the world.

The big problem I see with the psychological care I received is that it relies so much on my own words. Results depend on how much I know myself and how honest I am. I find it very strange that you need to have read and studied psychology to be able to explain on a good level what is going on inside you. I believe that when you are at the bottom of your life, it can help, but if you wanna build something, I found RYIT to be much better.

The thing that makes RYIT more powerful is that you can’t manipulate the process, as everyone will see what you are trying to do. The way your mind works is revealed for all to see, and the people in the room will see your weakness and your strength.

I am an intelligent person and in this process, it became very clear that I can’t use reason and logic for everything; everyone in the audience could understand my logic but they did not feel my passion and power, and that’s something I see now that I need to work with.

I love brutal honesty so to me this was very natural to do. After doing this work, I feel a clear direction on what I have to do and it feels very honest and pure to commit to that work. A lot of the confusion in my head has disappeared and I am filled with an inner spirit that let me know that I am on the right way!

I’m impressed that the one-hour long RYIT process could give me this breakthrough, when years of therapy could not.

It was a pleasure to facilitate Andreas and the other men through their processes, and I look forward to traveling to Belgium, Netherlands and Germany later this year to offer this work. 

Stay tuned!


More info on the RYIT Breakthrough Process