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MONEY ??☠️

*Horrific* word for so many of you.

It elicits demonic entities ? from the cavernous places of your being.

Fear ?

Images of environmental collapse.

Faces of people you deem greedy and corrupt.

Some of it justified.

Some of it smoke & mirrors to keep you from the the risk and vulnerability of pursuing your own purpose in life, effectively robbing the world of your gifts.

Now, let me declare – as I have so many times before – that the money shadow in the Reclaim your Inner Throne community has been massive.

Partly because of the shadows in myself and the team.

Partly because of the way we have positioned ourselves to attract mainly men who are over-identified with the archetypes of Chaos (Magician and Lover) and under-identified with the archetypes of Order (Warrior and King).

The typical Reclaim your Inner Throne initiate is a good-hearted and creative man who has spent too much time in life holding back, for fear of the darker sides of his being.

For this man, the parts of his being he has exiled to darkness are entirely correlated with the archetypes of Order – the tyranny and oppression of the Dark King and the cruelty and abuse of the Dark Warrior.

Accordingly, he is lacking in capacity to step into the kind of leadership and decisive action required to become a true agent of change.

So right here we have a whole community of men who are overflowing with great ideas (creativity emerges from the chaotic, undifferentiated, limitless parts of us), but bereft of the power of discipline, uncompromising commitment, and the capacity to build thriving businesses with systems for product creation, marketing and delivery.

Of course, there are exceptions, but this is the general rule.

Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about!

Now, this is no less than a tragedy.

That incredible men like yourself are robbing the world of your gifts because the very qualities of being that would help you transform ideas to reality are deemed destructive.

And – gloves off time – this is where you guys in here need to f*cking get it together.

Well, maybe not all of you, but many of you. (you know if I’m talking about you ?)

Because you have conditioned yourself so deeply with the very thoughts and worldviews that enable you to squander your gifts.

All the while thinking you’re being noble!

No, no, no. You are not noble. And you know it so well. Because deep down you hate this feeling of playing it small.

(It’s not without reason that my column last week on the need for the Warrior to rise was my most popular so far)

Here’s the deal: If you want to be a truly Sovereign being – the kind of man who is a true agent of change – you must create your own systems and streams of revenue.

Or at the very least find someone to work for that serves the world in a beautiful way while blessing and enabling your own sovereignty.

Otherwise, you work for somebody else’s vision, perhaps a corrupt one.

(In 2011, as I found myself working overtime to build a website marketing an ammunitions manufacturer, that is when I went – “Fuck this! This is not the work I want to do)”

And so you will *have to* learn about business, money, systems etc. As far as I can tell, if you are aspiring to sovereignty in the 21st century, you don’t actually have a choice.

And so for so many of you, the very thing that you are pursuing with greatest vigor – ideas about how demonic capitalism is, how greedy the rich are, how corporations will destroy us all – is the very paradigm you need to master.

Hey, you guys in here…in my eyes, you are good men.

I’m constantly impressed with the quality of this community.

But lest you actually vow to master the very world that you may currently demonize, you will not be able to bring your gifts to this world.

(yeah, bummer I know)

So many of you hold essential parts in the fight for humanity’s future, but you cannot e.g. earnestly transcend capitalism until you have mastered its tools, just like you are unlikely to ever find TRUE peace in relationship with a woman unless you know there are other women in the world that you could ALSO be with, because you – as a purposeful and hence attractive man – are *at choice*

(this is the secret teaching of Buddhism that almost nobody gets – the Buddha arrived at enlightenment because he had first EXHAUSTED all worldly pleasures, thus finding them hollow. You too will likely have to do this, while causing as little harm to the biosphere, and bringing as much service, as humanly possible)

So, Brother, let’s get down to… Business.

For four years now, I have been delivering Reclaim your Inner Throne to men around the world. First on my own, then with an amazing team at my side. For most of that time, I didn’t feel truly sovereign in myself.

I was a powerful Magician – a master of transformation – who could identify and help heal traumas, wounds, integrity breaches etc, in ways few others can.

With the years, I have found my mastery with this, and the success rate of our flagship training leaves me proud.

But sovereign? No.

Because I hadn’t found a way to create a truly thriving business.

And since I didn’t have a thriving business, I couldn’t pay people as well as I wanted.

I couldn’t with integrity claim to be an example worth modeling.

I couldn’t treat my woman in the way I wanted.

The voice in the quiet hours of the day asked me “Seriously Eivind, why would any man want to listen to a guy teaching about masculinity who’s just barely making ends meet?”

Now, most of us are fond of giving the inner critic a bad rap.

But sometimes, he has a point. Sometimes he actually shuts up when his wisdom is acknowledged and assimilated.

Sure, there are other qualities for a man to aspire to than being rich. Being good at loving. Singing. Relating. Fucking. Reciting poetry. Solving riddles. Raising a child. The list is long.

Though most folks I have ever met who pretended that their lack of money wasn’t a significant issue seemed to be in some deep state of conflict with themselves (guilty as charged!).

And these days, we are trying so hard to redefine masculinity as someone who isn’t powerful, successful or rich, but merely empathetic, sensitive and vulnerable.

Yet when we dig deep down, most of us know this is partial at best, complete nonsense at worst.

(We are no better off exiling the Warrior out of our being than we are the Lover.)

In a moment of real honesty (one where you aren’t completely giving your balls away), you likely want to be rich, successful and powerful.


Yesterday, I re-opened Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes for pre-registration.

Last time I opened it, more than 30 men joined in 3 days.

Already, just a few hours after the second pre-registration launch, 12 men have registered.

Now, this is a training that will be fully automated, and given the kind of demand that has been present for the training so far – around 10 registrations per day – that is $176.000 per year just for this small training.

(and that’s for $49. At the intended price of $79 it’s $284.000)

And then, with the Inner Throne Academy growing, featuring trainings from many experts (maybe you are one of them?), Reclaim your Inner Throne is set to be a 7-figure business by the end of 2020.

I can feel that my true sovereignty has finally arrived.

I’m not saying that my sovereignty arrived just because of mastering business, but the felt sense of the benevolent King energy rising inside of me seems to coincide awfully well with this.

EVERYONE in my life, I do believe without fail, like me BETTER this way, when I have a business that is about to explode, serving the team and the customers in MUCH deeper ways than ever before.

And maybe, just maybe, this path I’m on will take me towards becoming part of the dreaded “1%”. (Having rejected money for most of my 20s, that has been a hard-fought battle of humbling, waking up and growing up.)

In order to start serving the world, I had to let go of the naive idealism that is now so popular which pretends that being poor is noble. (held by the kind of person who will now automatically think I’m a bad person because I have more money to my name – ignoring that I lived hand to mouth for most of my life, and only got here because of working crazy hard for a decade)

Maybe, just maybe it’s time for you to do the same.

Because you know what, the systems we have already are not perfect. But imagine that gift you have inside, that beautiful vision of service…and add a million dollars and a team to it.

Do you think the world would be a better place for it?

You better believe it will. (if it doesn’t, change your vision!)

So if you want to get your shit around money, entrepreneurship and business sorted in 2019, stay awake and active in this community, because I’ll share the journey I am on with you all, and help as many of you realize your goals as I am able to.

Stop playing it small.

Face your shadow and rise in 2019, Brother.

Are you in?

Let me know below.

Brother hugs,