Big change is afoot in Reclaim your Inner Throne. And as a man in our extended tribe, you’re bound to love what’s coming.

Reclaim your Inner Throne as an organization and brand has been entirely centered on the 3-month training since its conception in 2014. As powerful as the initiation is, we men need to continuously grow, and live inside of a life practice community even after our initiation is complete.

And indeed, over the years I’ve had several conversations with men who were totally pumped after the training ended, but who didn’t have a viable value proposition to stay connected. So begrudgingly they had to go elsewhere.

To ensure that this man can find a home with us, growing and kicking ass for years on end, our business & training models are about to be upgraded.

And to address the needs for a lifetime of growth, here’s what Reclaim your Inner Throne Phase #2 will look like:

Phase #2 Changes

  1. In autumun 2020, Reclaim your Inner Throne will become an initiation that happens in a big group, without my presence. Its purpose will be to help men who feel lost and adrift – or who simply need to uplevel their life a bit – regain their self-respect, inner peace and power, while moving them closer to their vision. This initiation will bring a new team of leaders into play, and leverage our mastery of the online medium to continue facilitating massive breakthroughs, all at a much lower price than previously.
  2. Also starting autumn 2020, a next-level training will be created for the men who are one step further along on their life path. This is a training develop for our Evolutionary Entrepreneur avatar (name not finalized), and is for high-achieving men who already have their self-respect, power, and vision developed. These men do however yearn to bring their fullest gifts to the world in ways that are sustaining them, their loved ones, and their teams in abundant and generative ways. The first version of this brand new training will be a pilot group, that utilizes much of the curriculum of the current training, though an all-new curriculum will be unveiled in 2021. If the initiation is about Reclaiming your Inner Throne, this is about stewarding the Kingdom.
  3. Whole new transformational models have been developed that will facilitate massive Clarity in your life and development. The models will be translated to men’s group protocols, new trainings, retreat experiences, and an overall personal life practice that supports you in kicking ass in life. These models are so powerful that even the curriculum for the existing 3-month initiation will be redesigned to accommodate for some of their power.
  4. Starting in summer 2020, we will open up a new life practice tribe for men who want profound and powerful support in their day to day experience for an investment that everyone can tolerate, even in these COVID-19 times. The tribe will be inspired by Viking mythology, and will give even soft men access to whole new layers of power, inner peace and self respect. This could be a gamechanger for you.
  5. In 2021, we will start transferring the new transformational models to Smartphone apps, so that you can have a complete infrastructure of generating personal power and sovereignty right on your phone.
  6. And the list goes on…

Our vision here at Reclaim your Inner Throne is to build A World where People thrive, and our Mission is to help one million men become Evolutionary Entrepreneurs by 2050.

Phase #2 is the first major evolution of Reclaim your Inner Throne since our conception, and will ensure that we become a one-stop destination for soft men who are ready to build resilience and power, until they catch on fire ? as Evolutionary Entrepreneurs.

These are the steps of your journey with us:

  1. A soft and disempowered man yearning for his power discovers increased self-awareness through our entry level trainings such as Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes.
  2. Soft man, now self-aware, moves into his 3-month initiation where he discovers his power, inner peace, and vision.
  3. Inspired and empowered man yearns to give all of himself into the world, and enters the path of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur, doing our high level training with me, and continues with world-class 1-on-1 support in becoming an abundant change agent.
  4. Throughout all of this, he lives his days and years inside a thriving life practice community of new world Vikings – We-Kings.

Reclaim your Inner Throne will thus become a one-stop solution for the man who is lost, anxious, depressed and confused to being on fire ? with purpose, creating the new and more beautiful world with fierce dedication. You will have to be honest with yourself and step into the journey at the appropriate stage, and reap the powerful rewards.

If you’re excited about this change, Brother, let us know more in the comments below what you need and where you’re at. We have been market leaders in the game of empowering men for years now, and we have the medicine you need to Uplevel your Life, whatever stage of the journey you’re at.

Welcome to Phase #2, and the start of a whole new Reclaim your Inner Throne, and a whole new destination for the man who wants to Uplevel his Life and become the change.