This is a public statement on the murder-suicide of Dr. Robert Moore and his wife Dr. Margaret Shanahan.

And here’s the blessing that Dr. Moore sent me back in the days:


Thank you for your interest in my work.

KWML is helpful for understanding the depth dimension of cinema and other forms of culture. I appreciate your work on this. Perhaps we can link our websites. Perhaps you could invite others to contribute essays/reviews using kwml.

You might sponsor a chat room on this topic to give folk a chance to practice applying their insights on movies and other cultural forms. They do not all have to be “correct” or agree with each other, but practice will deepen their understanding and the discussion would aid everyone.

All i ask is that you acknowledge me as the person who decoded the structures of the archetypal self including the archetypal codes of the masculine and feminine psyche; creator of the KWML system of thought and that you refer/link to our website for the materials that folk need to study to improve their competence in interpretation of culture and personality using my work.

I will copy my webmaster and colleague christopher preissing on this. You can be in touch with him to discuss details of our cooperation going forward on furthering the use of this material more widely.

Thank you again for your work in applying my thought and aiding others in understanding how to use it.

Robert Moore

It was the first and last I heard from him. Perhaps he was already starting to succumb to vascular dementia. In any case, I’m thankful to have received these words as we carry his torch forwards.

I honor your memory, Dr. Robert Moore.