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The psychological currents of humanity seem to be escalating towards a crisis point. This is deeply troubling for me and many of you too I expect. I have started seeing the words “World War III” in mainstream media coverage more and more lately. These are extraordinary times.

To my eyes, they are also times of great promise. The time of the Apocalypse (the unveiling of what’s been hidden) always is. Apocalypse is never about the end of the world, and always about its rebirth into deeper levels of truth. Essentially, we cannot get to the world we want without the Apocalypse.

In other words, what is going on right now is what has to happen for the new world to arise. It’s important for me to convey that. I don’t think it’s possible to trust these times without that insight.

Crisis seems to precipitate cultural shifts, and in Scandinavia right now, political correctness is taking a real beating. A worldview that’s been fairly dominant for decades seems to be starting to crack. Not just in the eyes of individuals, but in the eyes of the collective.

The immigration crisis has exposed Swedish naivete and systemic manipulation of facts, and in Norway, the gender discourse is seeing dramatic shifts.

For integralites, what we’re seeing here in Norway is that the shadow of the green meme is being exposed.

One symptom of this shift in consciousness, is that balance in the media debate on gender is being restored. Misandry and unbridled radical feminist aggression is increasingly unwelcome. (Misogyny remains frowned upon obviously, as it should be.)

This return of balance is encouraging to me.

I’ve observed this gradual transformation of human consciousness over several years, but over the last few days, an event in the news become symbolic of a definitive shift.

We have seen a massive media coverage here in Norway of a March 8 planning meeting that went sour. At this meeting, three young women politicians proposed to end the tradition of marching against the buying and selling of sex, and they argued instead that we should set up supervised brothels. From my understanding, they argued this would be better for everyone involved, and that it would fight organized crime.

The significant presence of feminist radicals in the room predictably responded violently, and told these young women to try sucking ten different c*cks a day and see if they liked it. The radicals really gunned for them, and in the end, these three young women had taken such a beating that they dissolved in tears, while other women left the meeting in protest against what they saw.

In the wake of this incident, there’s been a flood of comments in the Norwegian press asking how we can take these women seriously, and why it is that they so eagerly discriminate against and attack others when they themselves claim to be victims.

I’m interpreting this response as the symptom of a deep consciousness shift in Norwegian culture. This shift could still go both ways; progressing towards integral consciousness (which includes rationality) or regressing towards the cool orange rationality (which excludes sensitivity) that is happily tearing the planet apart.

Since it appears that we won’t be able to address the challenges of our times without collectively taking the leap into integral consciousness, I feel strongly that this is a dynamic of global importance. Regression now simply isn’t an option. It simply isn’t.

Anyway, what is obvious to me is that when someone attacks and vilifies others for behaviors and actions they systematically partake in themselves, a projection field and shadow material are both present.

Shadow material arises when our developmental journey goes awry due to trauma and unfortunate life events. Since carrying the psychic material involved with the wound is too painful, we must hire others to carry it for us. Projection is when we see our own shadow play out in others and we blame them for it. We may for example project rage into others because our own boundaries have been compromised, leaving us with a rage that we have still not allowed ourselves to consciously feel.

And that is how a radical feminist ends up the perpetrator of the very same actions they consider themselves, and probably are, victims of.

In every human being, we find an archetypal Self. This can best be described as the God-energy that lives in us all.

Author, and neo-Jungian Robert Moore is clear that we cannot escape the fires of this archetypal Self – he says that it is hardwired into us at birth. My work has confirmed his theory.

Rather than pretend it’s not real, we must find skillful ways of relating to it.

This is why it appears that the greatest challenge of a lifetime is to build a fully functional ego-Self axis. If you don’t know what that is, it is the bridge between the individual’s ego and the impersonal, archetypal God-force that burns inside of us.

The ego needs the life-giving energies of the archetypal Self, but if the ego gets too intimate with the archetypal Self, it will actually start being consumed by archetypal energy, much like a planet being pulled into the gravitational field of a Sun. This leads to the phenomenon called archetypal possession.

Let me put some more words to it: When the human mechanism is put under stress, through e.g. danger or adoration, an already fragmented ego structure may start getting unstable. When it does, the energies of the archetypal Self are no longer filtered, and archetypal energy starts seeping into our everyday life.

When this process is allowed to its completion, we cease being normal human beings and turn into avatars of archetypal energy.

In order not to be eaten by the numinous, we must accordingly learn to feel the “signature vibration” of archetypal presence in our consciousness. This is an important challenge for us all.

The emergence of such archetypal energe *can* be life-saving, such as when a mother finds the superhuman strength to save a child from being crushed by a rock (Warrior archetype) or the lightning reflexes and overview of a situation about to turn into a head-on car collission (Magician archetype).

It can also simply propose a painful challenge, such as when a young pop-star kills himself because he can no longer withstand the projection field of millions (his immature ego structure is compromised, and he can’t anymore distinguish between the projections of his fans and his core identity, leading to the collapse of his psychological center).

But at its worst, this dynamic can lead to terrible atrocities. In fact, this dynamic is at the root of all human evil.

When God-energy overcomes the human ego, a human being becomes incapable of wrongdoing in his own eyes. He becomes instead the righteous judge of others. By way of archetypal possession, the vulnerable human being turns into a wrathful, infallible god.

His ego is consumed by the archetype, and the human vessel accordingly becomes identified with it. This dynamic has given birth to all the Hitlers, Stalins, Idi Amins and Pol Pots of the world.

You cannot reason with such people, because you’re not talking to a human being, but an archetypal inflation, a Lucifer complex, and the only way back to sanity is through vulnerability (which is systemically repressed) or humiliation (good luck with that).

Let’s be clear right away that I’m not talking about tyrants only here. You and I too suffer from this dynamic. Unowned wounding combined with unhealthy expression of power remains a terrifying combination.

In observing radical feminists, I see that their actions arise from the same archetypal dynamic. It may be less malignant for many of them, but still highly malignant. Here we have a group of women (and a few men too) who are unable to carry their own pain, and hire others to carry it for them.

These invdividuals, as long as they don’t do their therapeutic work, are at risk of becoming triggered in their wounded parts, at which point the afflicted part of the ego will split off, leaving a structural opening. Up through that opening comes a flaming dragon, ready to rain destruction on those who would further trigger their wound by putting them face to face with themselves.

You can see this for yourself if you look up on Youtube the Toronto protest against Warren Farrel or SVT’s documentary “The Gender War”.

What we’re dealing with here is highly sadistic, manipulative behavior, which for too many radical feminists expresses itself in forms reminiscent of psychopathology.

With all that said, there’s no indication that what happened in Oslo recently was anywhere close to being this malignant. When the archetypal possession is mild, as it appears to have been in this case, serious and irreversible harm is not inflicted. These are everyday incidents. Some people get bruised, the media has a field day, some radical feminists hopefully become a little more human through humiliation, and everyone will for the most part be OK.

The real harm happens when people with power and influence rule or act from a state of archetypal possession. This is highly dangerous, and it happens a LOT.

In fact, Donald Trump seems to be in the process right now of being fully consumed by archetypal energy. The human being, a man who appears deeply wounded and unable to carry his pain, is spouting nonsense at such a frequency that I can see no other explanation. His statements have God-force in them. They are not statements of a man in touch with his human limitations.

Psychologically speaking, the adoring millions are putting up scaffolding for his grandiosity. The more he is adored, the more archetypal energy flows through him, which would lead to the breakdown of his psyche, had he not millions of people putting up scaffolding for his fragile ego.

Don’t believe for a second that this dynamic is different than it was for Hitler. It’s always the same story. Fragmented ego structures combined with archetypal energy creates time bombs.

The way I see Trump is that he will remain psychologically intact as long as he is adored, but the moment he is faced with reality, and his supporters pack together their scaffoldings and go home, he will collapse like a house of cards. And since this is a man clinically stripped of humility (evidence of his deep wounding), you can bet that he’d rather let the world go to hell than admit he has a problem.

Preventing Trump from coming into office is a challenge of planetary importance.

Archetypal possession is dangerous. It happens to us all. And it happens particularly often to those of us who are sensitive, traumatized, and unwilling to own our vulnerability. This seems to be the definition of the average radical feminist, and I can only breath a sigh of relief that their time appears to be over in this country.

Like extremists of any ideology, these people have taken an ideological core, which in this case has served our culture in many ways, marinated it in unowned trauma, and engineered a movement that is incredibly self-serving.

It would appear radical feminism’s main agenda – which appears wholly unconscious – is to function as a form of protection against unhealed trauma. And in that, they are exactly the same as any person of history who abused power for his own selfish reasons.

Norway is starting to look ready to leave that poison behind, and I hope similar trends will happen – or are happening – in other countries, in mostly progressive ways.

I hope this exposition of the archetypal dynamics at play has been helpful. Agree, disagree, love, hate? Let me know in the comments below.

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