There’s nothing as terrible and polarizing as war. As thousands of Ukranians flee their homeland, cramming into trains headed for the European continent, the rest of us scramble to come to terms with a war that has blindsided us.

What on earth is going on?

Did Putin just lose his marbles?

Has he embarked on a barking mad quest to restore past Soviet glory?

Then again, why are we learning that the Obama administration set up multiple biolabs in Ukraine handling “especially dangerous pathogens”?

Also, how influential are the ultranationalists in Ukraine, and how can they co-exist with a Jewish president?

For those of us looking into this conflict, these questions co-exist with the pain of watching the Ukranians suffer.

Now, I remember well a couple of years back when I asked Michelle “What will it take for humanity to wake up and change our ways? Do we need a third world war?”

When the pandemic arrived, I prayed that the struggles of the pandemic could replace that need.

Though with war returning to Europe, it appears that humanity collectively needs to be asked the question we often ask men who consider joining our 3-month initiation: “Have you suffered enough yet?”

I’ve found this to be a key question in my own life.

My present success in intimacy is a result of a past failures.

My present success with purpose is a result of past meaninglessness.

My present success in navigating uncertainty is a result of past confusion.

And when humanity finally discovers true peace – hopefully sooner rather than later – it will be due to a past of unending conflict.

So the initiation that started with the pandemic, continues with the war in Ukraine.

And as the ongoing revelations from Pfizer, Moderna, and myriad research findings tell us that the pharmaceutical companies have not been telling us the truth about the vaccines, I urge you to question the narratives around Ukraine as well.

“Truth is the first casualty of a war,” goes the saying. And when truth is lost, more people die. And we cannot afford that.

My heart is breaking for Ukraine, and her sons and daughters.

On several occasions lately, I have literally started crying as my heart took on board the terrible tragedies of Ukraine’s history.

This proud land has been wedged between Russia and Europe and has been the arena for some of the world’s worst atrocities of the past one hundred years.

And now it’s happening again.

May this conflict serve as a gateway to the process of awakening that will purge us of our addiction to war for good.

And in the meantime, may we come to understand what mysteries are unfolding under the surface.

For things appear to not be what they seem in Ukraine.

My spidey senses say that there is a massive web of entangled karmic knots playing into this war.

By the time it is over, do not be surprised if our understanding of world events & history will have completely and irrevocably changed.

Note: I have created a video series featuring my work of unpacking what is happening in Ukraine. You can watch the first video here.

Also, if you want to win the war inside, so that you can be a beacon of peace in this dark time, join us in the next Reclaim your Inner Throne initiation.