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    To meet the challenges of life, we need alliances with empowered Brothers. We commit to lift the veil of male loneliness, and move forwards together.

The secret to success?

We become better together

In the business world, companies that collaborate are starting to outperform companies which compete. It is the sign that a new paradigm is dawning. Trust, truth, connection and co-creation wins tomorrow. The same is true for men.

Do you believe that collaboration is a sign of weakness? Do you believe, on some level of your being, that it suggests you’re not capable on our own?

If you do, you’re in good company. This story is pervasive in our culture. So many of us are raised to believe that the moment we express our need for the help and presence of others is the moment we cease being a man.

For centuries, our culture has idealized the lone wolf role, equating it with heroism and great achievements. And so in your efforts to be a responsible, capable and impressive man, you too may have sworn allegiance to your loneliness.

It is a proud heritage too; history was in large part made by pioneers who strayed from the beaten path to make new discoveries. Thomas Edison famously made 1000 attempts at inventing the light bulb. Sitting on his own, manifesting ideas that would shape the collective future of humanity. We love stories like that.

And yet as the world keeps changing, it is increasingly clear that the days when being a lone wolf was evolutionarily beneficial have passed. As the economy changes, men who aspire to these old ideals increasingly get left behind. The evolutionary forces at play all seem to point to one thing: We can’t do it alone.

This is true for us as well: One man founded Reclaim your Inner Throne, but it was the many that ensured that we became a success.

What is our secret? Brotherhood. Empowered and intimate heart-alliances with other men.

And you are invited.

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While our trainings are online, we love each other so damned much that we fly across the world to hang out. We’ve had some epic times together.

Men and Wolves

Wolves have taught us men about two things: The Alpha Male and the Lone Wolf.

Being a lone wolf is a risky endeavor. As wolves hunt in packs, survival chances plummet drastically. To compensate, lone wolves have to become stronger and take greater risks.

The payoff is that the lone wolf can infiltrate an existing pack, and become the new alpha male, bringing his physical strength and courage to a confrontation with the pack leader.

But… that almost never happens.

It turns out that this prevailing idea of wolf behavior is outdated. According to Dave Mech, a leading expert on wolves, new data shows that in the vast majority of cases, wolves in the wild do not display behavior resonant with the alpha male theory (watch video). Instead, the “alpha” of the pack is the main breeder, or the breeding couple. In other words, wolf packs are often merely families of wolves, not Darwinian pecking orders.

The data is clear: Lone wolves have an elevated risk of suffering a miserable death. So as men pursue the lone wolf ideal, they inherit the risk of depression, loneliness and an early death. And for what? Alpha male status? If nature is to be trusted, your chances are slim.

Maybe it’s time to course correct?

For centuries, we men, in our pursuit of heroic feats of transcendence and conquest, have been loyal to our loneliness. Pursuing the heroic archetypes so enamored by culture, we have achieved great things, but at the price of isolation and early death.

Yet, there is something new in the air: Results from the business world, as documented in books like Reinventing Organizations, show that companies that think, work and organize within a frame of co-creation and collaboration are more successful than those stuck in the old paradigm of competition, divide and control. In fact, the extent to which they outperform old paradigm companies is shocking.

(A 2013 Gallup survey of international work happiness shows that 87% of workers worldwide are unhappy with work. In other words, the old paradigm isn’t just bad for business, it’s bad for people).

As we see old paradigm businesses starting to lose ground, it’s a safe bet that if you cling to the old paradigm battle for alpha male status, you too will struggle.

And struggle they do, most of the men who come to us. Having lived within, or in rebellion against, the old paradigm of alpha male masculinity for a lifetime, many men arrive with a deep distrust of other men. Many don’t like themselves. Many struggle with shame for their heritage (feeling personally responsible for the evils of history).

Yet when they encounter a Brotherhood which synthesizes the polarities of power and vulnerability, boundaries and openness, they start to heal. They discover a coming together of exiled parts inside of themselves. And their lives transform. (and those of them who are business owners transform their companies)

This is what we want for you as well. And if you want that too, the most powerful way is to join our next round of the Reclaim your Inner Throne initiation on March 13, 2022.

But if that’s not your thing – or if it’s simply too soon – you can always join a community call or our Facebook Community group!

We hope to see you soon, Brother!

Fellowship banners

Forming deep connections is a key to the Reclaim your Inner Throne work. To that end, each round has triads, small groups where men get really close.

On round #5, each triad created banners and gave themselves names. Then they wrote a vision for themselves.

It was very empowering for them to commit to that vision and to the two other men.

Welcome, Brother!

Messages to you from Team and Community members
(all team members started out as participants)

Max Warren
Max WarrenAssistant Course Leader round #2
If you find yourself here it is likely that you are seeking to go deeper. Welcome brother! I am here to Listen and to reflect back to you your own questions and your innate Wisdom. Together we can bring renewal and hope to the world.
Tom Kelley
Tom KelleyInner Circle North America co-leader
I’ve taken many of the great men’s work training, and this is the Gold standard. It brings out your greatness and audacity, and I hope you answer the call. Welcome!
Eivind Figenschau Skjellum
Eivind Figenschau SkjellumRYIT Founder
The other men on this page have changed my life, as I believe they will change yours. We truly become better together. I’m living proof of that. So welcome to our Community. Hope you stay a while.
David Schofield
David SchofieldThe Systems Guy
Hello, Brother. I’m a direct sort of guy, a warrior of truth. I will be that for you, helping you see your blind spots and growth areas. I hope you will help me with mine too.
Ian Altosaar
Ian AltosaarAsk Ian podcast host & Mystic
Welcome weary traveler. I’m glad to find you here. If it’s guidance and support you seek, then that is where we shall meet. Thank you for being so bold. Together we will go, digging for our gold.
Karl-Otto Sandvik
Karl-Otto SandvikCourse Leader Rounds #2–10
The shortcut out of loneliness is to reach out and connect. I welcome you into this brotherhood of men, where we share a desire to connect and serve with our gifts.
Richard Arsic
Richard ArsicCourse Leader Rounds #4–9
Welcome, Brother! Welcome to a place where all of you is welcome and desired. This is a place to step into the fullness of who you are. Your life will never be the same, nor will the world, with you fully giving your gifts.
Joseph Frankl
Joseph FranklParticipant Round #5
RYIT was a true rebirth experience for me. My entire world, and perspective of it, has become so rich. My family and business are transformed. My friends, this program is the place for true revolution. Take the leap!
Morgan Rich
Morgan RichParticipant round #4
There are few places I’ve found men as honest and authentic as the men in the RYIT community. We are together to transform – our selves and the world – and to have a blast doing it! Welcome! Welcome to the adventure and to the life you’ve been searching for!

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