Celebration Call Round #16

Reclaim your Inner Throne #16 was an intimate round run entirely by course leader Ruben Benjamin Gorseman. It started with 6 men, and ended with 4. In this joyful and authentic celebration call, the men share their stories. Note that two men arrived an hour into the call, so if you want to hear

Meet Emmanuel Wa-Kyendo from Kenya

Emmanuel Wa-Kyendo is a wonderful young man from Kenya who wants to experience Reclaim your Inner Throne starting March 28. Below is the bio he shared with us, so that you can get to know him better, and determine if you want to join our efforts to ensure he gets to experience his initiation.

Weeping for Ukraine

There's nothing as terrible and polarizing as war. As thousands of Ukranians flee their homeland, cramming into trains headed for the European continent, the rest of us scramble to come to terms with a war that has blindsided us. What on earth is going on? Did Putin just lose his marbles? Has he embarked on

The Death of Rationality

People often criticize me for being "too certain". That my claims are too big and confident. Yet I've often stood nervously on epistemic thresholds, feeling that I know, but failing to step across because "I don't have enough evidence". It took me a full year to start speaking out on the pandemic situation for this

Celebration Call Round #15

On December 22, we celebrated the men who just completed their initiation. It was a heartwarming and hopeful meeting, showing what is possible when a group of men comes together to transform, even in challenging times such as these. If this should inspire you to experience your own initiation with us, Americas #1 starts

Elefanten i rommet (Norwegian podcast)

Elefanten i rommet (the elephant in the room) is a Norwegian podcast run by Håkon Svendsen og Knut Normann. They are seeking to bring awareness to the less known sides of culture, and interviewed RYIT Founder Eivind about his men's work. It was an impassioned conversation on topics such as: being a man the

Celebration Call Round #14

On July 15, we had another heart-warming and inspiring love-fest as a new round of Reclaim your Inner Throne completed. This was the first round where I wasn't the course leader, and Ruben Benjamin Gorseman & team did a great job running it autonomously. We recorded the call for you, and you can watch

Moving beyond Protocol: My Mankind Project Story

Let me address the Mankind Project.   Sharing what I love about the organization.   Sharing why I'm glad I was involved.   Sharing why I no longer am.   And sharing why I created Reclaim your Inner Throne as the answer to the problems I saw in MKP.   My own MKP experience

Community Call: Integrate Anger to Heal Trauma

On Sunday June 20th, we gathered the community of men to explore the "red force" of anger and rage and the consequences it has for our health and lives when we repress it. We also explored a brief ritual container where we worked on integrating it. Are you interested in

The Three Types of Conspiracy Theorists

I take a more than average interest in conspiracy theories. Last May, I recorded a video on it that got quite popular, where I explored the archetypal dynamics of this fascinating phenomenon. In essence, I used my deep familiarity with the psyche and the collective unconscious to reject a lot of conspiracies as psychological projection.

Leaving the Cult of the Mainstream

As a student of the Collective Unconscious for more than a decade, cults are of great interest to me.   They are laboratories of archetypal phenomena, where groups of people gratefully project their sovereignty onto a leader, principle or idea, until one day the whole thing blows up.   The most prominent cults active

Have you discovered the Walking with the Archetypes Podcast?

Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum has launched the Walking with the Archetypes Podcast. Here's the blurb: Every weekday at 3am EST, 9am CET, join Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum on his morning walks in nature, where he takes you into a world of myth, current world events and

A beautiful Story of Father & Son

I would like to tell you a wee story about Fatherhood. It's a story of a wee boy suffering from separation anxiety, and a concerned father, wanting his son to find his feet. This father wanted to toughen up his boy, readying him for the real world, without using scolding, shaming or aggressive methods.

Happy International Men’s Day 2020

Happy International Men's Day, dear Brothers across the whole world! I'm happy today to see that November 19 is finally starting to gain some traction as a symbolic day of celebration for and of men. Posts celebrating the day have flooded across my Facebook feed today, and that is truly heartwarming. We men are not

Celebration Call #12

Dear friends, In this remarkable recording, more than 50 people gather to celebrate the incredible achievements and breakthroughs of the participating men in Reclaim your Inner Throne Round #12. You’ll hear stories of men kicking medication, rising out of depression, conceiving, starting businesses, finding their partner, doubling their income,

Phase #2 is coming! This is what it means for you…

Big change is afoot in Reclaim your Inner Throne. And as a man in our extended tribe, you're bound to love what's coming. Reclaim your Inner Throne as an organization and brand has been entirely centered on the 3-month training since its conception in 2014. As powerful as the initiation is, we men need

“The Forgotten Boys”, a revolutionary Documentary

On Monday Jan 20, Reclaim your Inner Throne was featured in a documentary on Norwegian Television called "De glemte Guttene" (The forgotten Boys). The documentary, produced by Oslo-based production company Novemberfilm for Norwegian TV2, featured stories and interviews of several young men and their struggles, asking questions such as "why does nobody talk about

The Archetypal Message of Christmas

As I attended the traditional Church service this Tuesday, singing psalms and carols that have been in my life since I was a wee boy, I was struck by how strongly the mythological narrative of Christmas mirrors the psychological work of reclaiming your Inner Throne. The deepening of that recognition, aside from sending a

Celebration Call #11

Dear Brother, Join us this replay to experience firsthand how Reclaim your Inner Throne transformed the lives of the men in the Fellowship of Round #11. Witness the connection and the deep love in this brotherhood through their stories, and be inspired to take the necessary steps to live

Sitting with Kings #1: Tony Fonderson

In our new show Sitting with Kings, we interview Reclaim your Inner Throne alumni about their lives, struggles and breakthroughs. These are powerful conversations telling stories about Evolutionary Entrepreneurs who are serving the world with their gifts. Enjoy this first conversation with King Tony.

Community Call #26 Grassroots Men’s Work to transform Communities

In this rich and beautiful call, the 20+ men present shared about their experiences with and desires from men's groups. We also explored Reclaim your Inner Throne's work in Pennsylvania in August, as an example of how to motivate communities. And the tragic and untold story of men across the Western world (and particularly

Celebration Call Round #10

Watch this replay of the Celebration Call of round #10 for a heavy dose of inspiration and heartwarming smiles. Our mission is to help men make lives of meaning, so that the next generations can grow up in a world of prosperity. Will you join our movement? Will you be the change in

Reclaim your (Primal) Masculinity – Podcast

Tune in with Eivind Figenschau Skjellum on Bryan Reeve's podcast episode 24: Reclaiming your (Primal) Masculinity. Hear Eivind's story of why he started doing men's work in the first place and why he believes it's the most important work of our age. Archetypes, nature, vikings and more! Enjoy!

Community Call #25

Hey guys, Welcome to our Community Call about the Role of the Feminine in Men's Work, hosted by Eivind and featuring Sarah Poet. If you would like to see more content, be sure to check out our calendar for more events like these, like our Reclaim your Inner Throne official Facebook

The Time for Truth – 3 Reasons to stop lying

Living truthfully is hard. Yet if you are a man who wants to respect and value yourself, you need to tell and live the truth. To the very best of your ability. Always. Now, if all we were talking about here is ceasing conscious deception, it wouldn't be so hard. As far as I can tell,

The Struggle to be natural in the 21st Century

Everyone who wants to live a peak performance life knows that there are myriad health trends washing over the world that seem to provide answers: The biohacking movement, intermittent fasting, wim hof, juicing, crossfit etc. If you are anything like me, you have big ambition in life and want to live the healthiest life

When our Wounds take the Wheel

Our wounds are fertile soil for our gifts. When we stop running away from our wounds, and turn instead to face them, the night-monsters which have chased us reveal their true face and, as they do so, crack open, like piñata dolls, with goodies.  Fun and playful as that image may sound, this path

Business as a Path to Sovereignty

Eivind Speaks column This blog post is taken from the Reclaim your Inner Throne Tribe group on Facebook. If you want weekly access to content such as this, join the group now. Money. MONEY ??☠️ *Horrific* word for so many of you. It elicits demonic entities ? from the cavernous places of your being. Fear ? Images of environmental

Merry Christmas 2018

Holiday Greetings from Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F Skjellum and the core leadership team – a bit of controversy, a bit of feelgood, and plenty too close frozen nostril shots :D

The Warrior must *rise*

Eivind Speaks column This blog post is taken from the Reclaim your Inner Throne Tribe group on Facebook. If you want weekly access to content such as this, join the group now. As I work with men, I see recurring patterns. And lately, one pattern has become very loud. Ready for a challenging read? Then

Celebration Call Round #9

Hey guys, I'm proud to present the heartwarming Celebration Call from Round #9, where the men share some of their stories with us. If some of you feel an inspiring 'hunger' for the work, the early bird for Round #10 will run out on EOD December 31st PST. Have fun, Ruben

Do Women have a place in Men’s Work?

One of the recurring themes around Reclaim your Inner Throne is women asking if they can join our training. Or if there will be a similar training for women soon. I enjoy these questions. I enjoy them because they indicate that women recognize the quality of the RYIT work and want to experience it for

Community Call: Transforming your Relationship to Money

Community Call #23 happened on October 21 on the topic of Money (about time, eh?). Special guest Charles Eisenstein joined us for the first half and shared his wisdom with us. We did breakouts on our relationship to money and supported each other in growing up our relationship to money.  It was an interesting call

Celebration Call for Round #8

Hi everyone, here's the recording from a delightful Celebration Call for the brave men of Round #8 of Reclaim your Inner Throne. I hope you enjoy it. And if you get inspired, our early bird runs out EOD July 29 PST. Welcome!

Community Call: The Master Key

Community Call #22 finally happened and featured Eivind's presentation of his new work "The Master Key". It was a big call which featured some lively debate and back and forth afterwards. Thanks everyone for coming! I loved it and felt honored that you were interested. (and you will hear more about this work soon) Eivind

Andreas’ experience with the 1-hour breakthrough process

I visited Sweden earlier this month to donate a Reclaim your Inner Throne constellation work weekend to the Noden Men's Group (just because I wanted to support them).  It was a beautiful weekend with much male bonding, insights and profound breakthroughs. Andreas R is a young man I had the honor of facilitating through my

A Presentation of the Training

On the 25th of March, Karl-Otto Sandvik and myself gave an introduction to the Reclaim your Inner Throne training, mythology and course platform. We attach the video below for your viewing pleasure :) Enjoy!

Journey to the Inner Throne podcast with Charles Eisenstein

In 2016, visionary author Charles Eisenstein interviewed Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum for his Masculinity: A New Story training. It was never planned for Eivind to be part of that training, but Charles was so inspired by Eivind's work that he invited him to be part of it. The rest is

Meet David & Robert, alumni call leaders

This is a brief, frank conversation between RYIT founder Eivind F. Skjellum and alumni and business owners David Schofield & Robert Powell.  In it, Eivind explores with David & Robert what happened on their journey and why they have stepped forth to run the alumni calls. Apologies in advance for the low production quality of

Community Call: Why do we need Initiation?

We had a great community call yesterday February 11 on the topic of Initiation. We covered what it is, explored why it is important and what the consequences are of not taking it seriously. We had a colleague from America also involved in initiation come join us, saw many new faces, and explored what the

Reclaim your Inner Throne at the WE-Space summit

In this dynamic conversation, Assistant Course Leaders Richard Arsic and Karl-Otto Sandvik, former Assistant Course Leader Max Warren and founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum speak about Reclaim your Inner Throne and the way that we work with the field of the WE. It's a wonderful introduction to what some call a new paradigm in men's work,

The Problem with Modern Masculinity

In this recent podcast with RYIT founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum, the excellent David Newell of Inner Truth opens up a conversation about modern masculinity, archetypes and initiation. David is a man with real depth and facilitates a wonderful and challenging conversation about shadow, archetypes, initiation, masculinity etc. We think this is an hour that will challenge

How to be a Modern Man. Eivind interviewed

Hi everyone, Broderick Boyd, a young American men's and relationship coach, interviewed me a few days back on key questions of masculinity. We cover topics such as: How to be a good, empowered man Key misconceptions about masculinity Men's distrust of men Getting men to admit they need help The problems of repressing power and

Round #7 Celebration Call

Reclaim your Inner Throne round #7 has just ended, and the we hosted a Celebration Call in honor of the new Kings on December 14. The men brought their partners and came to share stories about their struggles and breakthroughs. It was a heartwarming 2 hours and several people shared that the experience gave them

Community Call #19 recording

On Sunday October 22, we hosted Community Call #19 on the topic "What do Women want from Men?'. Obviously #metoo became part of that conversation. If you want to see men and women really meet over these things, as opposed to attack and shame each other, you may enjoy the recording. (The first 25 minutes

Meet Richard and Karl-Otto, our assistant course leaders

Karl-Otto Sandvik and Richard Arsic are the assistant course leaders on the Reclaim your Inner Throne training. Karl-Otto joined the team after completing the beta launch and has been assisting Eivind as course leader ever since. Richard joined the team after completing round #3. I will gradually step down my involvement with the core men's

Report from our Annual Convention

Last week, 12 men and one boy from the whole world gathered in the Norwegian Blefjell mountains for the first Reclaim your Inner Throne annual convention. What transpired there belongs in the history books as the most epic Reclaim your Inner Throne experience so far (and we've been through a lot). The transformations were so

Community Call #16 recording

We had a nice community call on Men and Power yesterday. Many women joined us for it, so clearly it's a topic of great interest to them. One woman shared about her need for women to show willingness to be fiercely angry and protective of her. Another spoke of how it seemed almost inconcievable for

The Kingdoms of our Lives

In the previous article, released in the summer of 2016, I explored archetypal possession as well as the Shadow King and his campaign of terror in the world. Tolkien's lord of darkness Sauron is one representation of this archetype that has left an enduring impact on the collective psyche. From deep inside the barren lands of

We have a new website. Do you like it?

As you can probably tell, we have launched our new website. We would love your feedback. Does it look good to you? Do our words resonate? Do you like our vision? We will keep launching new videos etc in the coming weeks. I hope you'll be back to check them out. Warm regards, Eivind Figenschau

Making Love in the Time of the Apocalypse Webinar recording

Listen in as Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind Figenschau Skjellum, and author, teacher and spiritual activist Terry Patten, share their thoughts on the forces of chaos and polarization that are moving in the world. Is it the end of the road, or are we in an initiatory process to the maturation of our species?

Community call #13

Hello everyone, This most recent community call was an intense one. It shows clearly how we as human beings tend to hide our most vulnerable parts and avoid expression, even when the desire to express has driven us to the edge. We had the privilege to witness one courageous man as he stepped over that edge,

Powerful Community Call recording

Hi everyone, We had such a lovely community call this Sunday. All of our previous Community Calls have felt great, though a little bit disjointed and fragmented. This is the first Community Call we've had where the group genuinely felt like a tight-knit community, and it was thrilling to experience. This is a group of

Trump as President: The end times, or a New Hope?

It's Inauguration Day in the USA. Donald "The Trickster" Trump, is about to ascend the throne of the USA, and many people are afraid. I was experiencing a lot of stress around this possibility at the beginning of 2016. Several nights, I didn't find sleep because of my worry. But then the worry vanished. At

Happy New Year! (Video Blessing from Eivind)

Hello Friends, 2017 is here and I'd like to send you my greetings and blessings. Hope you will join us in the world of Reclaim your Inner Throne in 2017.  (the next round starts March 27, and we also have the Inner Circle membership service) Much love, Eivind

The Great Undreaming

As 2016 draws to an end, it seems like Pandora has opened her proverbial box. We turn on the news, tune in to our social media streams, and cannot help but feel that the dream of humanity is collapsing. The Lord of Chaos is walking openly in the streets, and people are running scared. Whether

This Summer’s Podcast Interviews

I have been featured on several podcasts lately.  In the first one, I speak with Max Warren, a Reclaim your Inner Throne alumnus and assistant course leader of RYIT round #2. These days, he runs the Emergent Masculinity podcast, and we had a nice conversation on my background and the Reclaim your Inner Throne work.

Dialogue with Lissa Rankin: “Can Women trust Men?”

I was recently invited by Lissa Rankin for her training Relationships on the Spritual Path. Here's a blurb on Lissa from her website Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine, The Fear Cure, and The Anatomy of a Calling is a physician, speaker, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute,

Bringing Dr. Robert Moore’s Legacy into a new Paradigm

On July 31, we gathered our extended community to speak about the legacy of Dr. Robert Moore. We wanted to honor him for his profound contributions to depth psychology and men's work - particularly his work with the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover system of archetypes (co-discovered with Douglas Gillette). We also wanted to inquire honestly into

Statement on the death of Dr. Robert Moore

This is a public statement on the murder-suicide of Dr. Robert Moore and his wife Dr. Margaret Shanahan. And here's the blessing that Dr. Moore sent me back in the days: Eivind, Thank you for your interest in my work. KWML is helpful for understanding the depth dimension of cinema and other forms of culture. I

The Dark King in our midst

Part #1 in the article series "Personal Empowerment in the time of the Apocalypse" from Reclaim your Inner Throne In J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth1, the human realm of Gondor is without a King. Denethor serves as its steward, but Denethor has gone mad, Gondor is weak, and the forces of darkness are stirring beyond the mountains

Journey through the Archetypes

This is a very popular podcast where Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum is interviewed by Charles Eisenstein. In these engaging 90 minutes, Charles Eisenstein takes Eivind on a journey through the map he's created for the Reclaim your Inner Throne training.

Our first ever Community Hangout was AMAZING! :)

We had our first ever Reclaim your Inner Throne community hangout on Sunday. The hangout was an experiment in our new initiative to deepen our commitment to all of you. The event was so rich, so intimate, so full of hope. Almost 30 people from the whole world were there, men and women alike, and we

Reclaim your Inner Throne round #2 in numbers

Reclaim your Inner Throne Winter 2015/2016 has come to an end.Here's the journey in numbers.12 men started the journey.10 men completed the journey.3 men reclaimed their inner throne.7 men got close1455 forum posts were madeThe men rated the training 8.6/10.Average growth on life wheel (1.3; based on only 4 data sources)*On a life wheel of

Here’s a vision for 2016. Are you in?

Hello Tribe!I recorded this video for you to mark the beginning of 2016.This looks like it's going to be a very exciting year, and in this video, I talk about the new paradigm that seems to be arising around the planet, and how Reclaim your Inner Throne is an expression of this.Want to be part

Stop trying to be Superman, you Idiot!

When I work with my men on Reclaim your Inner Throne, one of the core concepts I bring to them is the Hercules Complex and how debilitating it is. The Hercules Complex (coined by James Hillman AFAIK) is the tendency in men to think we need to be strong, to muscle through it, to exert heroic

Tasting a new paradigm of grace-full leadership

Two weekends ago, I attended the first weekend of Circling Europe's SAS-training.Teachers John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson are my friends and colleagues, but I've felt drawn to taking them on as my teachers for six months, to learn everything I can from them.This feels important for my own path of stepping into ever-deepening levels of humility

Leadership and personal power on the beach

Hey guys,Reclaim your Inner Throne assistant course leader Karl-Otto Sandvik is in Oslo and we're meeting "in the flesh" for the first time. Today we had a walk on the beach to cool down after an intense weekend training Circling with John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson of Circling Europe.We've been inspired by our time with them and

The startling truth about addiction

I've seen a lot of fascinating videos and articles lately on addiction.They've been popping up in my Facebook news feed, and I've taken great interest in them.The overall message I get from them is this: There's a gradual change happening in how we see the nature of addiction.This week, a TED-talk by journalist Johann Hari showed up

Round #1 complete. Holy shit, what a ride!

We're through. The men have arrived in the land of the Eternal King, ascended the stairs to the Throne Room of their Interior Castle and reclaimed their Inner Throne*.Oh boy, what a ride we've been on!I could not have anticipated the level of intensity that I have experienced in these 3 months. In the role

Authentic power and my Illusion of having control

As you might have heard or read about I have met this women after finishing the Inner Throne training last year. Like in the last scene In the Lord Of The Rings the crowning of Aragon I had reclaimed my Inner Throne and finally my queen showed up.I have been single for about 13 years

Karl-Otto’s Inner Throne part #2

In this blogpost I will write about how I experienced the ascending of my true Purpose.The journey begins.During my "recovery" or my "human revolution" as it's called in my Buddhist practice I have traveled an unknown path for a long time in my life. I was lost in alcohol and other addictions, I was divorced,

Karl-Otto’s Inner Throne

Eivind asked me if I would like to write a blog post about my experiences from the first round of Reclaiming Your Inner Throne. Fall 2014. What had happend to my life according to the three pillars a new life.Joy, purpose and authentic power? First of all I feel like a new man.I feel seated

“Three pillars of masculinity” audio recording

On Thursday evening, we had a hangout for the Masculinity-Movies and Inner Throne tribes where we talked about what we call three pillars of masculinity Power, Purpose and Intimacy. I enjoyed the call and getting a feel for you men out there. I also really enjoyed teaming up with Max and Karl-Otto in

Team-meeting recording April 14

Here's a new team-meeting recording, raw, uncensored and uncut. In these meetings, we spend a lot of time just connecting, feeling things out and drilling deeper into the vision together. Still no video I'm afraid, but the audio should carry a lot of what went on. In this meeting, I touched into an emerging new

Listen in on an Inner Throne team meeting

In the middle of today's planning meeting, we decided to start recording. Unfortunately, tech problems means we lost the video, but the audio is still intact. I started the recording as I challenged Max and Karl-Otto to explain what they got out of the training - in concrete terms, not just fluffy emotional woo-woo. It turned impactful fast.

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